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Word 2007 Review Tab

Word 2007 Review Tab
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In this tutorial we will be covering the Word 2007 Review tab. This tab is used for proof reading a document, adding comments, tracking changes made to a document and comparing documents.
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Word 2007 Comments

Word 2007 Comments Icon
This section in the Review Tab of Word 2007 is Comments. The Word 2007 comments section lets someone add a comment to your document. The comments work like sticky notes.

Word 2007 Tutorials Insert Tab

Word 2007 Tutorials Insert Tab Icon
In the Word 2007 Tutorials Insert tab edition we will go step by step through each section of the Insert tab just like we did on the Home Tab. We will continue to work on the greeting card we started. I know this is a long process to make a simple card but I want you to have a through understanding of all the functions of Word 2007.

Word 2007 Home Tab

Word 2007 Home Tab Icon
In the Microsoft Word 2007 home tab tutorials you will find most of your basic features. These are the tools you will find yourself using the most when creating a Word document. With this tab you are able to change the style, size and color of your font, align test, create bullets and numbers, and cut and paste text.

Word 2007 View Tab

Word 2007 View Tab Icon
The view tab in Word 2007 is where you can change the way your document looks on your computer screen. You are able to see grid lines, zoom in and out, or look at pages in a book view. This will be a fairly short tutorial. Some of the sections you will not use and we can cover them briefly. Lets get started with the first section.

Word 2007 Captions

Word 2007 Captions Icon
The Captions section in Word 2007 References tab can be used for Holiday letters to put a caption with pictures or to label tables and objects you insert into your word documents.

Word 2007 References

Word 2007 References Icon
The Word 2007 References tab is a feature I wish Microsoft had when I was in High School and College. These features would have been great for all those papers I had to write. I will go through each section of the References tab. You can select the section you would like to learn from the links at the top of this page or follow each one and click the next arrow at the bottom to move through them sequentially.

Word 2007 Page Layout

Word 2007 Page Layout Icon
In these tutorials we will cover all of the sections of the Word 2007 Page Layout tab. We will go through step by step explaining how all of the buttons in each section work. You can skip around by clicking the section you would like to learn about at the top of this page. The Page layout tab is where you can change the appearance of the entire Word document.

Word 2007 Editing Tab

Word 2007 Editing Tab Icon
Last but not least is the Word 2007 Editing section. These features are great for large documents. If you need to look for a specific word or section of your document.

Getting Familiar with Microsoft Word 2007

Getting Familiar with Microsoft Word 2007 Icon
Microsoft Word is a word processing software package. You can use it to type letters, reports, and other documents. This tutorial teaches Microsoft Word 2007 basics. Although this tutorial was created for the computer novice, because Microsoft Word 2007 is so different from previous versions of Microsoft Word, even experienced users may find it useful. This lesson will introduce you to the Word window. You use this window to interact with Word. To begin this lesson, open Microsoft Word 2007. The Microsoft Word window appears and your screen looks similar to the one shown here.

Word 2007 Finish

Word 2007 Finish Icon
Now for your final step in completing your merge document. The Word 2007 Finish section of the mailings tab.. When you click finish you will be given three options.