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How to Make Your Own Business Cards

How to Make Your Own Business Cards
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Even in today’s high tech world, business cards are a great way to stay connected. You may be tempted to do without business cards. After all, social media tools are how most people stay connected these days, right? Business cards seem outmoded. Plus, you don’t want to go to the expense of hiring a designer or going to a print shop to create a business card for your small business.
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The economy is in bad shape and this affects small business owners like yourself. You want to continue doing business but you need to save and cut costs whenever possible.

How to Customize a Simple Business Proposal Template

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Business proposals are an important part of your business. No matter what type of business you own—whether you run a design studio, marketing agency, or service another niche—your business proposals should look professional. Using a good proposal template can save you hours of work. More importantly, the professional presentation you achieve as a result of using a template could give you the competitive edge that wins a client's business. In this tutorial, you'll learn how to craft an effective business proposal. I'll also take you through the process of customizing a simple business proposal template with MS Word 2016.

Embedding and Linking to Excel Files in Word Documents

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If you're using Word to create business documents such as reports and business plans, it is inevitable that you will need to insert data created in Excel. While it is an easy process, you have to be aware of your options and the limitations inherent in each of the options.

Word 2007 Mailings

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I love this section of Word 2007. I use this all of the time to send holiday cards to my friends and family. In the Mailings tab you can create your list of contacts and print envelopes or letters automatically addressed to a whole list of people. What a time saver.

Bridal Pageant Boutique Flyer

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Learn how to create a Bridal Pageant Boutique Flyer from beginning to end using the Business Application - Microsoft Word 2007.

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If you are a busy person, like to keep your life organized, or you just simply need to remember important stuff sometimes, then you surely know how handy lists can be. No matter whether you are going shopping, getting ready for a trip or putting together a business plan, lists can help you stay organized by structuring information both visually and in a way that it makes sense. Let's see how to create all kinds of lists in Microsoft Word on Android!

Bridging Microsoft Word and the Browser

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There are plenty of WYSIWYG HTML editors in the software world, most built using JavaScript and JavaScript based libraries. These editors work fine for all HTML related formatting and for generating HTML source data, but they don’t have all the capabilities we require in business reports. For example, creating graphics, diagrams, tracking changes and inserting comments are useful while publishing with a typical review / approval life cycle; all of which come out of the box in Microsoft Word. Plus, Word inherently works offline.

Formatting and Layout

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Your first order of business is to sort out If the default font, view, and margins aren't to your liking in, they won't be in any documents based on it eitherwhich means all documents that you don't specifically base on another template.
The second half of the tutorial grapples with placing graphics where you want them (and making sure they don't get deleted by accident), controlling Word's enthusiasm for creating hyperlinks, using tabs correctly, and creating complex headers and footers.

Word 2007 Macros

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A macro is a series of commands and instructions that you group together as a single command to accomplish a task automatically.
Once a macro is recorded you will need to make the developer ribbon available to make any changes or work with your macro.

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Citations, footnotes, and endnotes are important for academic writing. Microsoft Word 2013 generates these items for the writer automatically. It can also make a table of figures and an index. It would take much effort to do this manually, which is what publishers did for many years. Here is how to make a citation, footnote, and an endnote.