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Windows Updates install but fail to configure

Windows Updates install but fail to configure
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I have a strange problem that has only recently started. I have Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit, and normally my windows updates download and install without any problems, but as of last Thursday, the updates not only wouldn't configure but they wouldn't install.

I went to the Microsoft FixIt site and downloaded the diagnostic and repair tool which was able to correct thedownloading and installing problem, but I still have the problem of windows updates failed to configure, and I've tried the FixIt tool for that problem as well only for it to have no effectat all.
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Error code 80070002 and unable to install Windows Updates

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Updates for Windows 7 systems failing!

I have been trying & trying to download & install these 2 updates below. Upon the restart, it will try to configure the update, but both say "failed to configure". So, the update will fail. The updates & error codes are:

Security Update for Windows 7 for x64-based Systems (KB2807986)

Installation date: ‎8/‎18/‎2013 3:01 AM
Installation status: Failed
Update type: Important
Update for Windows 7 for x64-based Systems (KB2863058)
Installation date: ‎8/‎18/‎2013 3:01 AM
Installation status: Failed
Update type: Important

I also have noticed that even though my "download & install Windows updates are turned is not doing it. Also if I try to install more than one update manually at a time, they will all fail. Not sure what is going on anymore. It's stressing me out!


Windows Updates Fail, System Update Readiness tool errors

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I have been trying to get windows updates to load on 64bit home premium system. Updates fail, I ran the update readiness utility and the fixit utilities, nothing works. I tried downloading SP1 to install, it still fails. The system is not on SP1 now.

The checksur log is as follows, it shows manifest all zeros and mum missing errors, I have run sfc/ scannow, chkdsk, etc.


Updates: frequently asked questions

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Here are answers to some common questions about updates. What are updates? What are software notifications? Where can I find updates? How do I let all users on my computer install updates? What do the different types of updates mean? Do I need to download and install updates? What types of updates can Windows install automatically? How often should I update my computer and my programs? What happens if I forget to install an update? Can I get updates automatically? How much do updates cost? Why do I need to install some updates separately, before or after installing other updates? I share my computer with other people. Do we all get the same updates? I have a home network. Can I update all my computers at the same time? Can I remove updates? Why couldn't I install an update?

Driver install fails when installing and repeats install on every boot

Driver install fails when installing and repeats install on every boot Icon
I just installed Win7 32-bit on a new PC. I then applied all the Windows recommended updates - approx. 100 of them, including SP1. Now I am installing vendor supplied drivers (not from Microsoft). All have installed except for the VGA driver. Here's what is happening:

The vendor shows three separate installation files. Not knowing which one I should use, I (foolishly) tried each of them. One appears to have installed successfully.

The other two are partially installed and require a re-boot to finish the install - which is standard procedure. When I restart I get the standard "wait while Windows prepares the update" messages during shutdown and rebooting.

Then the updates are applied but fail due to missing or invalid files. Windows starts up and there are six error message windows on the desktop showing the error along with an "OK" button. I press all the OK's and the system runs fine.

Because these two installs fail they are never removed from the "got to be installed" queue so every time I boot or restart these two attempt to install and fail.

So, how do I kill these two installs?

Unable to configure windows updates

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I just installed a new ssd on my computer I installed windows on my new drive along with the rest of the programs I will using but when I go to shut down the computer it says I have 95 updates to install (witch it does) but when I turn the computer on it fails to initiate the updates and reverts back (then windows starts). when I turn the computer off again I still have 95 updates.


Windows 7 update fails to install

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I recently purchased Lenevo laptop but unable to install critical windows security updates which is downloaded from Microsoft site. It is showing as failure to configure windows reverting with changes in booting.


Install Windows updates

Install Windows updates Icon
If you'd like Windows to install important updates as they become available, turn on automatic updating. Important updates provide significant benefits, such as improved security and reliability. You can also set Windows to automatically install recommended updates, which can address noncritical problems and help enhance your computing experience. Optional updates are not downloaded or installed automatically.

Windows 7 stuck at preparing to configure windows

Windows 7 stuck at preparing to configure windows Icon

I have windows 7 professional 32 bit on a lenovo think pd 420s that I got brand new yesterday. yesterday, after installing some programs (evernote, dropbox, anki) and then downloading the windows updates I restarted.

A "preparing to configure windows" screen popped up and I decided to go to sleep and let it work itself out. I woke up 4 hrs later to find out the screen was STILL at preparing to configure windows.

I have searched the net and everyone tell me to do a system restore, but for some weird reason system restore was not active on my computer, so I cannot reset from an older time.

Is there some way to do this without having to fully restart everything? I do not have a windows CD and for certain reasons I cannot re install windows.

Safe mode with network boots up perfectly fine. I'm just wondering if there anyway to bypass this preparing to configure windows by somehow telling windows to just leave it be.


Updates for Windows 7 Home Premium Clean Install

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I am trying to do a clean install for Windows 7 Home Premium, and chose the "ask me later" option during install. Now I need updates and it hasen't asked me if I want updates. I went into Windows update and selected my settings I need 59 important and 3 optional updates.

The list is extensive and I've been trying to check for issues with the updates, patches, are there any that I should absolutly not install.

I have a laptop from Gateway about 2 1/2 years old. 2GB memory, AMD Turon64 but not sure about the other stuff. and also should I install the MSE first?


trying to install visual

trying to install visual Icon
I am trying to install visual and it asks me to install the windows component updates. My cd containing those updates produce an error that the .net framework could not be installed.

I did try to bypass the installation of the component updates with the command, f:\setup\setup.exe /NO_BSLN_CHECK. That also produced errors. What I did do was download all the latest windows updates and installed them. what I would like to know besides a solution to the problem is possible is also to know is there is a difference between the windows updates that is downloaded from the internet and the windows component updates.

I thought that by downloading the windows updates from the internet. It would have downloaded the component updates as well.