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Windows 7: System freezes after waking-up from sleep

Windows 7: System freezes after waking-up from sleep
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Windows 7: My system always freezes after waking-up from sleep.
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System lock on waking from sleep mode

System lock on waking from sleep mode Icon

I get intermittent freezing on waking from sleep mode, and indeed occasionally it wakes up immediately after sleeping. I looked in the event manager and after 2 separate occasions of it freezing on waking up, it's come up with vwififilt as the culprit.

I hope I've uploaded a screengrab correctly. I can't find anything online which distinguishes why this file is not loading and causing a freeze on waking from sleep mode.

And also why I might be getting this sporadic problem of the system waking immediately after sleeping?


Windows freezes often after waking up

Windows freezes often after waking up Icon

So as some of you may remember, I had problems getting Windows to sleep before. Those got fixed and have been running fine for awhile now. Goes to sleep on its own now. However, the problem I had before is back and has been going on for awhile.

When I wake up the computer, whether it is scheduled in the morning for back up or I do it on my own, more often than not, it freezes a few minutes after waking. I can get logged in, start doing stuff, and then it freezes.

Doesn't do it every time as I've had it go for days between freezes with several wake ups in between.

I doubt it is hardware related as I have checked the memory, I have turned down my overclock a bit in case it is processor, and Ubuntu will go to sleep and wake up with no issue. I doubt it is hard drive related as when I had to fix the sleeping issue, the whole hard drive was wiped and then reinstalled so the file structure is different.

As the same stuff, services and applications are turned on with each restart, that shouldn't be the problem.

Firefox causes script issues in Ubuntu on both my desktop and laptop so I am going to back to Chrome and see if that does it, but I doubt it because I have awoken the computer with Firefox off.


Laptop shuts down randomly or freezes while in sleep mode

Laptop shuts down randomly or freezes while in sleep mode Icon

Recently I've noticed that my laptop has been shutting itself down after I put it to sleep. Usually when I'm about to call it a night, I put it to sleep as well. Sometimes when I wake up in the morning I see that it's shut down so I have to turn it back on. Then I see a warning that it was shutdown improperly.

I have run memory and processor tests and neither have come up with any issues. My latest theory was that iTunes was causing the issue. I use an airport express router which allows me to use AirPlay to stream from iTunes to my stereo.

I was under the impression that this could be the issue because I noticed a correlation, so I began quitting iTunes before I put the machine to sleep. This seemed to fix the issue but a similar issue has returned.

Although this doesn't happen as frequently, sometimes when I put the system to sleep it takes a long time or just freezes up. Also sometimes after the delay it will sleep only for a few seconds before waking itself back up.


Windows 7 freezes after sleep?

Windows 7 freezes after sleep? Icon

So I've tried many things, I've tried turning off hybrid sleep, installed all of the windows updates, and for whatever reason when I put my computer to sleep and wake it up the screen pops up, but once I click the computer becomes unresponsive and then later freezes.

I don't know what can be the Problem, when I go into my BIOS and change it to sp1 it works but my pc isn't off fully. When it's on sp3 it freezes up. and I have a fresh windows 7 64 bit installed.

Also Hibernate works, but when you wake it from sleep it boots back up, but once you click it becomes unresponsive and when you click a couple more times it freezes completely


BSOD after from sleep

BSOD after from sleep Icon

I got a BSOD after waking from sleep mode. I tried my system to be in sleep mode, as wanted to know whether its working properly because, earlier when I tried my computer resume from sleep mode, my monitor didn't lit up, so I resetted my computer and it showed resuming windows. wat cud b the problem. ?

NB: and also yesterday wen I tried to resume my computer from sleep mode, I noticed some colour patches r there in the login window.


Freezing after sleep/idle

Freezing after sleep/idle Icon

Running 7, 32bit on my laptop. Whenever I go idle of sleep and return, the entire system freezes. After the system starts and I click on the user everything is normal for about 30seconds - 1 min, then the entire screen freezes and I have to restart. This happens every single time.


USB mouse and keyboard dead when waking from sleep mode

USB mouse and keyboard dead when waking from sleep mode Icon

As the title says after putting PC to sleep (menu or key on keyboard) upon waking it with mouse buttons neither the keyboard or mouse works. I then have to use the reset or power button to reboot and upon rebooting I get the resuming windows message not the starting windows message.


After waking up from the Sleep mode can not: shutdown, restart, detect cd/dvd etc.

After waking up from the Sleep mode can not: shutdown, restart, detect cd/dvd etc. Icon

After waking up from the Sleep mode, my computer:
1) can not enter into sleep mode again (It hangs in the process),
2) can not restart or shut down (It hangs in the process),
3) can not detect insertion of DVDs, USB flash drives and USB card readers,
4) can not, from the sound driver, "make front and rear output devices play back two different audio streams,"
5) can not do System Restore.

It all seems to happen after I connected my car camera with my computer on the USB port, and read some AVI files in the car camera's MicroSD HC card. But I'm not sure. Nothing is wrong in the Device Manager, either before my computer enters into the Sleep mode or after it wakes up from Sleep.


Computer Randomly Freezes on sleep and reboot

Computer Randomly Freezes on sleep and reboot Icon

I have been having issues with my Gaming Computer for the last few days. It freezes everytime I put it into sleep mode, and also when I reboot it. In sleep mode, the monitor turns off, but the computer continues to run (fans and lights are still on).

But then it started to hang during games and it also freezes while booting the computer. The first time it froze mid-bios, then it froze a couple of times after the bios (when loading an OS), and it is now frozen on the windows boot screen (The logo and "Starting Windows").


Dell Latitude D630 BSOD/freeze after sleep/hibernate

Dell Latitude D630 BSOD/freeze after sleep/hibernate Icon

Every time after sleep or hibernate, it either freezes/hangs or BSOD crashes. BSOD about 1/4 of the time, freeze/hang 3/4 of the time.

Usually runs okay for a short time immediately upon waking from sleep/hibernate, ranging from ~2 seconds to ~1 minute, with 5-10 seconds being most common. Only been happening for about 1 or 2 weeks, and I can't think of anything that I changed immediately prior to it starting.