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Windows 7 on Ibm Thinkpad R40?

Windows 7 on Ibm Thinkpad R40?
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I just got a 160 GB HD for a older IBM Thinkpad R40. I want to put Windows 7 on the HD but have run into some problems. I have a CDRW burner/DVD reader in it but because there are no DVD drivers, I can't install from the DVD.

Would I be able to install the Windows 7 DVD from my old HD (which has Windows XP) onto the new HD if I made it into a portable HD using an enclosure? And then would I be able to replace the old HD (with Windows XP) with the new HD (with Windows 7)?
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Thinkpad T43 Laptop freeze even in bios

Thinkpad T43 Laptop freeze even in bios Icon

I have ibm thinkpad t43 which is I'm trying to repair it but it seems I need to convince my self if its really a overheating issue. now heres the scenario, its started last week when everytime I turn it on after booting the OS(windows 7) after approximately 4-6 minutes it will suddenly freeze and then after how many days observing it.

Even in bios mode which is I observing it as well, it still freeze. I'm suspected my motherboard either but since theres some expert here I really need your opinion about this one .


Unknow driver on ThinkPad T60 Windows 7 32-bit

Unknow driver on ThinkPad T60 Windows 7 32-bit Icon

I recently purchase a IBM Lenovo ThinkPad T60. I installed Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit and then to update the drivers I used the Lenovo System Update software. It resolved all missing drivers except for one.

After going from thread to thread I think it is the Atmel TPM that has the missing driver.

Here are the details of the unknow device when I click on its properties: Location: on Intel(R) 82801GBM (ICH7-M/U) LPC Interface Controller - 27B9 Details:


I tried installing this(link below) driver however windows 7 ultimate 32-bit wont update the driver once I extracted it and it says it is only compatible up to Vista.


Touchpad Turns Itself On

Touchpad Turns Itself On Icon

I have a TouchPad and a TrackPoint on my ThinkPad and I prefer the TrackPoint. I go to the Control Panel, Mouse Properties, Ultranav and disable the TouchPad and all is fine. The next time I go through a cycle of sleep mode and wake up the TouchPad is enabled again.

I can keep disabling it but would like the settings to stay the way I set them. My ThinkPad is a T510 with Windows 7 Pro. I don't know if my problem is specific to ThinkPad or to Windows 7.


How to overclock old pentium m laptop

How to overclock old pentium m laptop Icon

I have got an old ibm thinkpad laptop with a pentium m cpu,I've put Windows 7 on it and it runs slow but steady and I would like to overclock the cpu a little bit and I've never done overclocking before on a pc can I get some basic help?

I've already overclocked my htc smartphone :ee k:


How to update my video card

How to update my video card Icon
I installed Windows 7 Home Premium on an IBM ThinkPad T40. I have been trying to get aero to work, so I did the troubleshooter and this came up: The current video card may support Aero with a driver that is compliant with the Windows Display Driver Model (WDDM). Contact the manufacturer of your computer or video card for a WDDM-compatible driver. So, all I know is that my video card is ATI some thing....where can I find out what I have for a video card?

EW-7326Ig PCI Adapter slow signal/speed

EW-7326Ig PCI Adapter slow signal/speed Icon

Today I've tried to switch a (Edimax) EW-7326Ig PCI Adapter from my old IBM computer to a new PC . After few minutes I managed to get my PCI Adapter from a computer to another . Now I installed a TP-LINK (TL-WN353G_WN353GD) Driver to get the wireless up and running .

The problem is that on the IBM computer I had the same driver it installed and it worked with a good speed and signal ( 350 Kb/s and 60-70% signal ) and if I try to connect from my new PC to wireless the signal si very poor and the speed is very slow ( 5-10 Kb/s 10-20% signal ) .

When I installed the PCI Adapter driver I made the same steps as on the IBM computer . Other specifications :

On the old computer : (IBM) I use Windows XP sp1
On the new PC : I use Windows 7 x64 ultimate edition

The (Edimax) PCI Adapter supports up to 54 Mb/s and a codification of 64/128 - bit WEP , WPA I WPA 2


Internet connected but router is not accessible

Internet connected but router is not accessible Icon

I CAN connect to internet just fine using my wifi BUT I CAN NO LONGER connect to! I'm using a Dell Insprion 1545 and Windows 7 32-bit. I never had this issue before, jut popped up when I tried using ICS on a different laptop, an IBM thinkpad T42 also using Windows 7 and connected to the same network via wifi.

Again I can connect to the internet just fine on all my laptops, but (for my netgear router) returns "unable to connect" page!

Have verified (via ipconfig) that my gateway ip is I have valid IPs on all the laptops, but cannot connect to router setup page.


One laptop out of four will not see network

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My Compaq Presario CQ61 sees all wireless networks available except mine. Sometimes, if I reboot, it will initially connect (at this point my network shows in the list), but then fairly quickly loses connection (at this point my network has dissappeared form the list).

More than often than not, it doesn't even try when rebooted. I've even tried it in safe mode.

I have a Samsung 200B (Windows 7), a Fujitsu (Win XP) and an old IBM Thinkpad (WIn XP), all of which connect with no problem. I also have two network media players and an Android phone, all of which also connect with no problem.

I have tried all the usual things such as power cycling everything and SSID is turned on. Recently I took the Compaq and Samsung away with me and both had no problem seeing and connecting to my girlfriends network.


Thinkpad X201i: Windows 7 Blue Screen which caused by "Tcpip.sys"

Thinkpad X201i: Windows 7 Blue Screen which caused by "Tcpip.sys" Icon

My Thinkpad X201i is running Windows 7 system with Nortel VPN and Lotus Notes. When I connect to VPN and run Notes.exe, the system may meet a blue screen and says: tcpip.exe error.


ThinkPad SL510 - BSOD on PPTP VPN connect

ThinkPad SL510 - BSOD on PPTP VPN connect Icon

Upgraded Windows 7 32-bit ThinkPad SL510 to Windows 7 64-bit (incl format). All newest drivers; Office 2010; Sunbelt Vipre Enterprise AV; etc. etc. Use several VPN connections to clients (MS PPTP, Cisco, OpenVPN) and suddenly (yes, they'd all worked) cannot get PPTP connection.

Raked through all drivers; removed OpenVPN (based on initial crash dump analyses pointing to their tap); disabled Cisco; recreated VPN connection profiles - all to no avail.

Reset IP; detached Sunbelt firewall from adapter settings (BSOD happens both wireless and wired). Ready to punt and return to 32bit but hoping someone can see something I've missed. Still crashes from 'clean boot' (RACM does not run in safe mode); disabled AV etc.