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What is UpdatusUser in C:\Users folder

What is UpdatusUser in C:\Users folder
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I have just discovered that a new folder has been created in my C:\Users folder, named UpdatusUser. The subfolders of that new folder do not appear to contain anything that is not in my C:\Users\Roy folder.The folder was created 2 days ago.
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Startup repair loop error - log in as "updatususer".

Startup repair loop error - log in as "updatususer". Icon

I have looked into the startup repair loop problem a bit and have tried the advanced repair option but when it prompts me for a login and password, it only gives the option to log in as "updatususer".


Accidentally lost Documents folder

Accidentally lost Documents folder Icon

An SSD for the OS and a HDD for everything else. I have moved everything that isn't needed on the SSD to the HDD. Now, I created a users folder on the HDD, to hold all the Desktop and Download folders and such so they don't clog up the SSD.

However, in one particular case I had to have my My Documents folder on the SSD. So I attempted to move it back on the users folder that was on the SSD, but the My Documents folder completely replaced my User folder on the SSD (which was Michael).

So then I had a users folder named My Documents instead of Michael. I managed to SOMEHOW move a folder that was supposedly My Documents back over to the HDD, but all my things still get redirected to the users folder on the SSD that was replaced by my Documents.

How to I restore my original My Documents folder (or create a new one.?) and stop things getting redirected to the users folder?


Unable to rename Users folder

Unable to rename Users folder Icon

I have migrated my Windows 7 OS to a SSD, but my Users folder is too large to migrate. I am going to set a junction between C:\Users on my SSD and F:\Users on the HDD where my OS was originally.

The instructions I have read indicate that I need to rename the C:\Users folder in order to set the junction, since it will not work if there is still a folder named C:\Users. However, there is no ""Rename" option available when I right-click on C:\Users.

In fact, several of the folders in the root directory of C:\ have no "Rename" option.

How do I get the option to rename this folder back?


Copy Folder with the same Permission

Copy Folder with the same Permission Icon

I just want to share my problem regarding with the folder copying with the same permissions.

Here's the scenario I installed domain server in my company and create a users ofcourse and in client pc we make 2 partitions in it(hard drive) C & D on drive D I make a folder USERS with the permissions.

C Drive OS Installed and basic programs

D Drive(with USERS folder) this is were I want to put the profiling on every users login on a client pc.

My problem is.

1. how can I copy the USERS folder in every client pc with the same permissions so I don't need to set in one by one on a client pc.

2. if there's a software or simple program that can do such thing transferring a folder to another pc over network with the same permission.


How to lock down Users from changing properties of the Documents folder

How to lock down Users from changing properties of the Documents folder Icon

I am creating a Windows 7 Pro build and was wondering how to do the following: I have the Documents folder redirect to the \\Servername\%username% folder, and want to block the users from modifying the Documents properties.

This includes adding or modifying the library locations. I want to know if there is a way to grey this out, so "curious" users don't accidently delete their Documents redirection settings.


Robocopy or Windows 7 renames backup folder automatically

Robocopy or Windows 7 renames backup folder automatically Icon

My Robocopy script creates either a folder named ODD or Even (dependin date) on a usb backup drive (say E When robocopy carries out the backup of c:\users (All profiles) to E:\ODD into it somehow renames and displays this folder in Windows 7 Explorer as "E:\Users" in a command window E:\ODD is present but E:\USERS doesn't exist ?

If robocopy is run the next day (EVEN) it again creates in Windows Explorer a folder called E:\users - that makes 2 "Users" folders merrily displayed together. In Command a window this is correctly named as EVEN and E:\USERS doesn't exist - Explorer displays multiple indentical dirs. Simplyfied Script line: %robo_path% c:\users e:\%backupday%

Tried creating autodate based folders - E:\20120211 Next day E:\20120212 etc now I have 7 folder displayed as e:\users This is confusing folder naming is potentially dangerous when restoring data - any idea's?


Users folder named DefaultAppPool

Users folder named DefaultAppPool Icon
My OS is Win 7 32 bit with SP1 and all updates installed.

There is a "User" folder in my Users folder named DefaultAppPool. As far as I know it was not there when I installed Windows, and I don't know why or when it appeared.

My local computer technician thinks the folder may act as a template in Win 7 in connection with the creation of new User Accounts, but he's not sure about this.

Powershell script to create user folders and set permissions

Powershell script to create user folders and set permissions Icon

I am grabbing a text file with a list of users in it. I want to then create folders for all those people and then set explicit permissions on those folders to only allow the users and admin access to it. So for the create user folder, I have.

$Users = Get-Content "C:\Users.txt" {
$newPath = Join-Path \\mycomputer\Users$ -childpath $user
New-Item $newPath -type directory

This works great as I now have 100 folders created. But how do I use something like.

$acl = Get-Acl "\\mycomputer\users$"
$permission = "mydomain\$users","FullControl","Allow"
$accessRule = New-Object System.Security.AccessControl.FileSystemAccessRule $permission

$acl | Set-Acl \\mycomputer\users$\$user

When I try to loop these together it says the folder already exists or the setaccessrule identity references could not be translated.

Anyone know how I loop it in with creating the folder? Or is there a way to just say.create folder based on this username, then take that username and make it the only admin on the folder along with the system admin?


Administrator Permissions Compressed Folders

Administrator Permissions Compressed Folders Icon

Send To Compressed Folder: Access is Denied
Create new Compressed Folder: Allowed
-Permissions for Created Compressed Folder: original permissions
Full Control (Domain Admins, Computer Admins, Power Users, Users, EVERYONE)

Copy/Move Contents into Created Compressed Folder: Denied
-Permissions for Newly Created Compressed Folder: CHANGE!
"No groups or users have permission to access this object. However the owner of this object can assign permissions."

Edit permissions-back to original-for Created Compressed Folder:
Full Control (Domain Admins, Computer Admins, Power Users, Users, EVERYONE)
-Mysteriously, the contents that were denied from being Copy/Moved to the Compressed Folder, APPEAR SUDDENLY in the Created Compressed Folder.
-If you try to open the folder before changing the permissions back to original, you will get: Denied

On any Network Drive - Send To Compressed Folder: Allowed
On any Network Drive - Create new Compressed Folder: Allowed
On any Network Drive - Copy/Move files to Compressed Folder: Allowed


What is EurekaLog folder

What is EurekaLog folder Icon
My friend and I both use Win 7 Pro with SP1 and we both have a folder named EurekaLog in our Users\AppData\Roaming folders.Does anyone know what the Eureka folder relates to?