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USB mouse and keyboard stop working

USB mouse and keyboard stop working
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I just purchased a new PC with 16 GB of Ram and installed Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit. My USB mouse and keyboard stop working randomly and when the PC goes to sleep causing me to have to do a hard reset.

I have researched this on the web and updated the USB hubs the devices to wake the computer but this has had no effect. My computer shop thinks that the problem is the 16 GB of RAM with Windows.
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USB Keyboard and Mouse Stop Working

USB Keyboard and Mouse Stop Working Icon

Recently my USB keyboard and mouse has been stopping working randomly every once in a while, and only working again after I restart my laptop. Putting them in different usb slots doesn't help, and other devices like mp3 players still work in the same usb slot. I can't see a pattern in when they stop working, and there's no recurring events.

I have windows 7, mouse is a wired optical Logitech, keyboard is a simple wired microsoft one. I have updated and uninstalled and re-installed the drivers, ran anti-virus and malware scans.


USB keyboard and mouse stop working at login

USB keyboard and mouse stop working at login Icon

I just bought a new mouse and I wanted to install it. I couldn't remember which usb cable was my mouse and which was my keyboard so I unplugged one, wiggled the mouse, unplugged the other, the mousewasnt moving so I plugged it into that one.

After that I noticed the new mouse worked but the keyboard stopped working. I restarted the computer and the problem I'm having now is that the keyboard works in BIOS etc but once windows 7 loads to the login, it stops working as does the mouse.


Acer Aspire 5920G Keyboard stops working

Acer Aspire 5920G Keyboard stops working Icon

I seem to be having an issue with my laptop's keyboard at the moment, after a while it will stop working but USB Razer mouse will still work, I've plugged a USB Keyboard in while this has happened and still it wont let me type but I can use my USB Razer Mouse. I have to restart the computer so the keyboard works again.


Keyboard And Touchpad Not Working - but external keyboard mouse works

Keyboard And Touchpad Not Working - but external keyboard mouse works Icon

Today my laptop keyboard and mouse stop working for some odd reason because some weird anti vurse popped up on my computer freezing it so I restarted it . I thought my computer frozen so I would restart it , but I just hooked up my keyboard and mouse and they work just fine on the laptop , but when I unplug them I can't use my keyboard or mouse to my computer.I am not sure if I pressed something to make the touchpad and keyboard stop working .Maybe I could have put in sleep mode or something.


USB ports/devices stop Working when Windows 7 Boots

USB ports/devices stop Working when Windows 7 Boots Icon

I have a HP Pavilion P6204Y Special Edition running Windows 7 Home Premium x64 that has been having issues with the USB ports for the last few weeks. I am using a USB keyboard and mouse, which both power up/light up as soon as the computer is turned on.

They work fine when I enter the BIOS, but as soon as Windows starts loading, the keyboard and mouse turn off and stop working. USB memory stick and any other USB devices totally don't show up at all either, the computer doesn't even notice that a new device has been plugged in.

I attached a PS-2 keyboard and it worked fine and I was able to go to the device manager. I checked and all the USB drivers were installed and reported that everything was working correctly. I uninstalled them all and then restarted the computer, same thing happened again.

I used the PS-2 keyboard again and ran a system restore to 5 days again (May 10). After the restore was done and the PC restarted all the USB devices worked again.

*(This is the second time this has happened now. The same thing happened on the 8th of May and I fixed it with the same procedure.)


Dell optiplex 390 - Keyboard and mouse stop working

Dell optiplex 390 - Keyboard and mouse stop working Icon

I have dell optiplex 390 computer. I used it for 6 month without having problem. But now I have problem on keyboard and mouse. Every time turn on the computer it work correctly for 2 or 3 minutes. After that it stop responding.

Then I installed windows. But now also it happen as before. When it happen I change the port that mouse and keyboard are connected. Then it again work for 2 or 3 minutes and stop working. I check whether the port I used before can used for other devices so I insert USB flash drive. It detected.


USB keyboard and mouse combo stopped working

USB keyboard and mouse combo stopped working Icon

I have an issue with my USB keyboard and mouse combo (and the issue seems to apply to any USB mouse or keyboard). They have stopped working on my PC (windows 7 self built PC). They don't even function to enter the BIOS.

I recently upgraded my PC with a new motherboard (Gigabyte), CPU and RAM. After the install everything was working fine. I was using a USB connected controller that controlled both a wireless mouse and a wireless keyboard.

This combo set worked fine for a few days after the installation. Suddenly (for no reason I can figure out) the USB mouse and keyboard stopped working.

I have an old keyboard that connects via PS2 connector and it works fine. I have a mouse that has a USB connector and it doesn't work. Other USB devices pull power from these same USB ports with no issue. I'm able to charge my Kindle, my Andriod cell, my Sansa MP3 player and it will recougnize USB thumb drives with no issues at all.

When I plug in the USB mouse I notice that the light on the mouse will come on at first but dies and windows gives me a message saying that it failed to recougnize the device and then that it failed to load drivers.

I've been told to check the Legacy USB support setting in the bios and I have. I've enabled and disabled the setting a number of times with no difference. I was also told to go in to device manager to delete the current drivers and that Windows 7 will automatically reinstall the drivers thus fixing my problem.

I was able to get a PS2 mouse that I can use. I can get the PC to recougnize a PS2 mouse or keyboard (the motherboard only has 1 PS2 connector).


Usb mouse and keyboard not working Windows 7 64bits

Usb mouse and keyboard not working Windows 7 64bits Icon

I bought Logitech m185 usb mouse and I was using it two day for my laptop

But one day I plug in my iphone to charge my phone as usual,suddenly it pop up the unrecognized USB Mouse it keep pop up even I didn't plug anything. then I uninstall all the usb port,and restore windows.

Now my mouse was install successful,but it doesn't function at all. Even I plug usb keyboard also not working. But if I use usb port plug for external hardisk or iphone or pendrive.

It working normally
Driver Software Installation
Unidentified Device - searching preconfigured driver folders
USB Composite Device - Ready to use


Wireless keyboard and mouse combo (mouse not detecting)

Wireless keyboard and mouse combo (mouse not detecting) Icon

Using a wireless keyboard and mouse kit (one dongle for both devices) at first the mouse would only work in a specific usb port (when I change it to another usb port, windows would recognize the kit and say its working, but the mouse doesn't work) after uninstalling it in the device manager the mouse no longer works in any usb port (the combo kits keyboard will work when used in any usb port)

The mouse works fine on other pc's and notebooks (same dongle with xp/vista/7) (its not a battery issue)

Device manager shows a keyboard, but no mouse. A ps2 mouse works, in device manager it is listed as other devices, a yellow ( ! ) but atleast it works iv rebooted several times. Tried other wired and wireless usb mice none of them work

Bios will say 1 keyboard and 1+ mouse found ( + if more are plugged into usb on boot, reporting the correct number) in bios usb legacy devices are enabled (tried with it disabled same problem) if its not a hardware problem it must be a driver/software problem of some kind..


Keyboard and Mouse unusable for 30 seconds after boot

Keyboard and Mouse unusable for 30 seconds after boot Icon

So my keyboard and mouse are completely usable in the bios and during boot, but once the windows login screen opens up, there is a 30+ second delay before the keyboard and mouse become active. This doesn't appear to be a freeze or lag of any type, just like the keyboard and mouse hasn't been recognized yet.

I have a printer and several external drives connected to my computer's USB ports, so I tried unplugging everything but the keyboard and mouse. The time goes down to about 5 seconds, however, the last few times I've tried, there was about a 10 second wait for the mouse to work after the keyboard worked.

With only the mouse and keyboard plugged in, I feel this must be either 1) an issue with drivers loading or 2) a specific issue with my USB drivers.