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Touchpad not working after installing a usb mouse

Touchpad not working after installing a usb mouse
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My touchpad stopped working after I had installed a usb mouse (and an IR remote). I searched numerous forums and tried everything out there with no success, including the following:
Tried the function key to turn touchpad on/off (the most obvious source of the problem)
tried reinstalling driver for touchpad from the manufacturer web site
removed the usb mouse and rebooted
went to Control Panel/Hardware and Sound/Mouse to enable touchpad - touchpad was no longer even listed
There were no problems showing up in the Device Manager
This all became a bit frustrating because I would have to reconnect the usb mouse to do any maneuvering around the system (since the touchpad was not working) to try something else.
The solution is ...
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Hows do i disable touchpad with function keys?

Hows do i disable touchpad with function keys? Icon

I just had my system reinstaled with Windows 7 64bit professional, and can´t find a way to disable the touchpad. I prefer to use a dedicated, and very handy usb mouse. I used to have windows home edition, on this hardware, and everything worked. just pressed Fn + F9, et voila: touchpad disabled, and just use the mouse

I noticed on device manager an unknown usb device, that keeps popping up. unpluged all devices (including the mouse), rebooted, and there it is again. because all usb devices (pendrives, mouse, usb harddrives, usb wi-fi modem), because of that, already updated the touchpad and usb drivers, to no avail

The computer is an asus n71 JQ


Disable touchpad for USB mouse

Disable touchpad for USB mouse Icon

My laptop's touchpad works fine, but I want it to disable when I plug in a USB mouse. There must be a button for this -- I've tried everything in Control Panel/Hardware/Mouse and no luck.


USB Mouse Not Working on Laptop

USB Mouse Not Working on Laptop Icon

I have an HP G6000 notebook that is working fine except that when I try to connect certain USB Mouse devices to it they are not installed correctly. The installation routine starts as normally but always ends up saying that the device has not been installed successfully.

Strangely, one wirelss usb mouse installs and works fine.

I have tried running Linux Mint from a USB stick and all the mice work fine, so that seems to rule out the hardware as the problem.

I'm guessing that an .inf file is corrupted but what one?

Incidentally, the touchpad device works fine as do the usb ports for any other device that is plugged in.


Disable Touchpad if a USB mouse is present?

Disable Touchpad if a USB mouse is present? Icon

My users have Dell Latitude D630s with Synaptics Touchpads. They run Windows 7 Pro x86, and I was wondering if there's a setting/option/app that will disable the touchpad if a USB mouse was connected to the system.

Many moons ago, the touchpads would be disabled when a PS/2 mouse was connected, but I haven't come across that functionality with USB mice.


HP Pavilion DV6 - Disable touchpad with external mouse

HP Pavilion DV6 - Disable touchpad with external mouse Icon

I use an external USB mouse most of the time. I must disable the touchpad via control panel each time I start or restart the laptop. I want to disable the touchpad except when I wish to reactivate it for temporary use without the external mouse.

The system is a new HP Pavilion dv6 with Windows 7. The touchpad is a Synaptics TouchPad V8.1.


Disabling Touchpad on Lenovo G570 Laptop

Disabling Touchpad on Lenovo G570 Laptop Icon

I have a Lenovo G570 laptop (Windows 7 64 bit) with a Synaptics touchpad I would like to permanently disable or disable when a USB mouse is plugged in. This machine doesn't have a switch to turn off the touchpad and I never remember to hit Fn/F6 until I screw up my typing because I dragged my thumb over the stupid touchpad.

I've tried programs that briefly shut off the touchpad when a key is pressed but they didn't work for two reasons: one, I often brush the touchpad before I hit a key, and, two, my USB mouse also temporarily shuts off.

The only selection in the driver is to permanently turn it off but when I select that, I get a popup saying, "You are about to disable the only active Synaptics pointing device." That makes me doubly nervous since programs that shut off the touchpad also affect the mouse and I’m afraid that if the touchpad is permanently turned off at the driver, it will also permanently shut off the mouse, effectively bricking my laptop.


Touchpad needs to turn off.

Touchpad needs to turn off. Icon
I want to turn OFF the touchpad on my laptop. I can't find where to do that. Ther are 3 drivers in devices and disabling one at at time, one of them can get the USB wireless mouse to stop but not the touchpad.
Where is that done? Used to be with the control panel mouse but I don't see it.

How to disable touchpad for external mouse

How to disable touchpad for external mouse Icon

Just got a new HP Pavilion Notebook. I didn't like using the touchpad, so I plugged in a mouse. Then, I went to the Control Panel and TRIED to disable the touchpad. The mouse works great, but the touchpad keeps enabling itself again.

It really gets ugly when I'm using the mouse and stop to type something in and the weight of my hands causes the screen zoom to adjust and jump.


Touchpad for the Acer Aspire 3000 Series

Touchpad for the Acer Aspire 3000 Series Icon
I have read through the forums on other Synaptic touchpad related issues and tried several of the items offered. So far neither the generic driver or the Acer specific driver as produced a good result. I still have no working touchpad. The software loads on boot and all appears normal till you attempt to move or scroll by touchpad. USB mouse still works fine and all other functions appear normal. I am open to any other suggestions. Hopefully someone else has had such a situation and found a solution.

USB Mouse - Freezing/stuttering/disconnecting/reconnecting

USB Mouse - Freezing/stuttering/disconnecting/reconnecting Icon

USB Mouse freezes/stutters every few seconds/minutes on some days. USB Mouse constantly disconnects/reconnects (with matching bu-dum sound) on other days. USB Mouse does not install properly at all on worst days. USB Mouse works perfectly on other laptops.

Other good condition Mice attached to my laptop show same symptoms
USB flash drives and other devices (except mouse) works perfectly
Windows will not boot when USB Mouse is attached during start-up (the second I remove the mouse, boot initiates)
Touchpad acts up every now and then (with or without USB Mouse attached)

I can't find:
"HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SYSTEM/CurrentControlSet/services/USB" in regedit all I find is "./usbccgp" "./USBCCID" "./usbhub" "./usbcir" "./usbehci" "./usbohci" "./usbprint" "./USBSTOR" and "./usbuhci"