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Take Ownership and Change Permissions of Files and Folders

Take Ownership and Change Permissions of Files and Folders
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Switching to another operating system or importing data can lead to the impossibility of accessing your files and folders. This is result of the fact that your user has lost ownership of those files & folders or it no longer has the required permissions. Also accessing certain system protected files or folders involves sometimes modifying the file permissions for those resources. When you cannot read or change files/folders from your disk, it means that either you need to take ownership of them or you need to change your user's permissions. In this article you will learn how to change ownership of a file or folder and how to manage permissions for accessing and modifying them.
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Accidentally removed administrator folder permissions

Accidentally removed administrator folder permissions Icon

I had a TrueCrypt encrypted external drive mounted on my Windows 7 64bit system and was trying to change the main folder permissions using Properties/Security so that other users would not be able to access the folder.

However, I accidentally selected Administrators instead of Users and removed permissions. I aborted part way but not before I lost administrator permissions to thousands of folders/files.

I still have permissions to the top level folder and some of the sub folders (the ones that didn't get changed). I have taken ownership via Advanced/Owner and tried to set permissions (selecting Replace all child object permissions with inheritable permissions from this object) but get Access Denied errors for each folder and file. How can I restore administrative permissions to these folders/files?


Acess denied after taking ownership as admin

Acess denied after taking ownership as admin Icon

Is there a 3rd party utility that will allow me to change permissions of files & folders? I have done everything that should give me access to a dll file I am trying to copy. I have ownership of the file, and I am logged on as an administrator.

I can't open or copy the file.When I change permission to full access using the properties/advanced/permissions tab, all the checkmarks disappear when I click apply.

Windows will not let me change permission for the file or the destination folder program files(x86)\game. I should have permission. I don't.


Permissions wont change to subfolders and files

Permissions wont change to subfolders and files Icon

Does anyone know why certain files won´t change the permission I put on the parent folders? It is quite strange,as it is only about 5% of the files on a given drive,when I change the parent permissions.

I am running a server with all my media stored as mkv and iso,and I remove ALL permissions from all drives except boot,and replace them with the permission Everyone,which should allow me to manipulate every aspect of the drive from any terminall on my home network,however this is not the case,some of the files have weird permissions which locks me out,and I have to manually change the permission of these files even though the parent drive and folders have the "Everyone" permission alone.


Lost file ownership

Lost file ownership Icon
Some time ago, I was infected and after several unsuccessful efforts, ended up using Malwarebytes to remove it. Ever since, my file ownership has been messed up. Even though I have only everbeen the same user, the start menu shortcuts no longer show up, many folders cannot be written to, and many files cannot be updated.

Using the security tab in the properties box for many files and folders, I find that I cannot alter the permissions for the OWNER CREATOR, so it seems that either the virus or Malwarebytes has altered these settings.

Is there some way to fix this? I am not averse to editing the registry.

Picture, File, and Folder Permissions

Picture, File, and Folder Permissions Icon

I built a new Windows 7 box a while back, and copied all my Gigabytes worth of pictures over to an external drive. Somehow, and I have never seen or done this before or since, ALL the pictures permissions are NOT set to the new box.

I can't even access the folder until I right click it, and try to propagate the permissions down. Right clicking the Folder the pictures are in and trying to set the permissions that way, yields access denied errors on every picture in the folder, but then lets me actually go into the folder and see the picture files.

Thumbnails don't show until I go in, ONE BY ONE and right click each picture and set the owner and permissions to me.

Then the picture will open normally and the Thumbnail is visible. This is an incredibly TEDIOUS task, as I have over 20Gb of pics and files that need to be set manually just to see them. This is a nightmare!

Is there a way to FORCE the permissions on a given folder and all files in the folder? Is there a 3rd party app that could help me do this task en masse? Folder permissions are NOT working, as if I try to do it to the folder the pics are sitting in, it will error out on every picture in the folder, and I have to go in one by one and change the ownership and permissions. Somebody kill me please if I have to do this for over 20Gb of files

How can I gain ownership and access of all the files without having to open each file individually. We're talking well over 100,000 files! There HAS to be a way around this!


Setting Permissions Using the Microsoft Management Console in Windows 7

Setting Permissions Using the Microsoft Management Console in Windows 7 Icon

I have a dual boot Windows 7\Vista Home Premium OS on my PC. Have not yet started using Windows 7; am just beginning to understand "permissions." I want to set permissions on all my files and folders at once with a universal security policy for all.

Later, I may go back and change permissions on selected files and folders. If I were running Vista Enterprise, or if I were connected to an intranet, then the MMC Local Group Policy snap-in, and the Local Group Policy Editor would be available to me.

What is the equavalent when I am only a home user on a single PC? I have no clue whether I should delete existing user accounts which show up in my permissions dialog boxes to improve security.

I don't know what the "default" is for files and folders.

I want to keep my files and folders secure but not lock myself out from performing the usual tasks that people do when they create or modify or delete folders and files. The same Qs apply to the system Documents folder and drive permissions.


Remove lock from folders and files

Remove lock from folders and files Icon

I am copying over documents and media backup from my old hard drive (Win XP SP3) to my new Windows 7 install. I have read about the permissions issue. I followed these instructions and added the registry key to add take full control and permissions to the context menu.

After taking ownership and permissions, every file and folder has a lock icon. This is visually unappealing. How can I remove the lock icon, but retain access to my files?


Locked out of files

Locked out of files Icon

When I built a new comp I hooked up my harddrives and had access to some files but not all and made due with what I had and would eventually come back to figure out why I'm locked out of my files.

Yes. I have gone to the take ownership thread and did that and it seemed like it did something but I still have the padlock over a lot of folders and can access a lot files if I try to play a video it says that there is an error and can't play (gives file path) and that's all.

If there is a .rar file it can't open due to no permissions (did take ownership on the .rar and nothing happened) its only on the one harddive and idk why the other one is fine

The thing is is that I have messed with the security settings a bit and say my video folder I can get in the folder and can get in some folders to see a video but others I can not and I do not know what the problem is


Windows 7: have to change permissions for every file and folder

Windows 7: have to change permissions for every file and folder Icon
OK I just install windows 7 and I have to get change permissions on files and folders and I'm getting piss how can I change it for ever thing or what can I do any help

Sub Folder permissions issue. Owner not displaying

Sub Folder permissions issue. Owner not displaying Icon

We have a Windows 7 x32 machine in our office. And we have a shared folder, and sub folders within it. I am able to open the shared folder and sub folders from the machine where the shared folder is created.

But some of the sub folders are showing access denied while opening them. Even from the computer where the share is created. I tried to see the permissions but permissions are not displayed.

I also tried to see the owner of the sub folder, but it also does not display the owner. I am logging with administrative previlidges. I tried to delete the sub folder. I got the message access denied.

Our computer is on a domain. Does domain priviledges over rule local administrative priviledges.

I used Take ownership software but it failed.

My main issues are

1. I want to reset the owner of the folder and sub folder.
2. Give permissions to the folders.
3. If nothing works atleast delete the sub folder.