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Slow booting - took 30 minutes to start normally

Slow booting - took 30 minutes to start normally
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One day my machine started acting strangely after booting. It would take 30 minutes to start running normally.

I tried Task Manager (TM) to see what was running. It would only show me my and Local processes. not all the others. When I clicked on Show All Processes, it froze the TM screen. I started another TM and End Processed the first.

TM showed almost no CPU usage, but the CPU gadget on the desktop showed 5-25% usage.
Something was going on I couldn't see.

I checked for virus/malware. I disabled MS Essentials and SuperAnti Spyware with no change.

When Win 7 finally started working correctly, all the processes then showed in TM. I looked for the highest CPU time and that was for SERVICES. I looked that up and found it was for sharing devices/printers.

I had previously installed a shared printer to one of my routers and subsequently gave that printer to my son for college. I checked my win7 printers and it was still there. I deleted it and rebooted.
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Slow boot - took 10 minutes - everything open in slow motion

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It boots really hard . like 10 minutes. Even in bios it runs in slow motion. Even after a format it opens my computer windows in slow motion.

I've never seen anything like it. No hdd errors or anything. Processor is like 10% load. Chrome flash games and etc work fine!


Laptop became slow after custom installing Windows 7 ultimate

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I recently have windows 7 home premium and I custom install windows 7 ultimate . After installing and booting

To windows 7 ultimate my laptop became so slow there a black screen after windows logo and pauses for almost 2 minutes and slow on everything. I thought deleting windows.old folder using disk cleanup will help me , but it didn't solved any of my problem my laptop is still slow. What do you think should I do?


Can't ping Windows 7 machine during logon

Can't ping Windows 7 machine during logon Icon

I'm testing a slow logon issue after a roll out. We average about about 5 minute logons, with profile/redirected folders of around 400Mb on a 100Mb network. While testing, I noticed that if I ping my machine from another during boot, it pings on loading, the ping replies stop.

If you wait until they start pinging again(between 2-5 minutes), you can log on in 40 seconds. If you try and log on straight away, it will take 40 seconds from the moment you start receiving ping replies again(so 5 minute logons).

I've tried replacing the network card drivers, shifted the machine out of it's OU to stop receiving Computer Config GPOs, all with no luck. I'm running through clean booting at the moment, I'm guessing it is something to do a service stopping network activity, safe booting minimal drops no pings.


Very slow starting up of laptop takes around 30 minutes

Very slow starting up of laptop takes around 30 minutes Icon

My Sony VAIO laptop is very slow when I start the laptop. it takes around 30 min. to come to the page. and sometimes it boots automatically after giving a blue screen saying new software loaded etc.etc.

I have closed all the new softwares but still the same problem is appaering.


Windows 7 slow startup

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Of a sudden my PC has gone on a go-slow on start up. The only remedy I have found is to disable all start up programmes and then open them manually as required. Is this a common problem as it only started yesterday out of the blue? Start up was taking at least 5 mins before disablement.


PC is very slow in normal mode

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Its very slow. The only time I can run it is in SafeMode. Otherwise its not usable after 2 minutes of loging in. I have an HP G60 series laptop.

Sony Vaio VPCF11Z1E slow performance

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I never had this kind of a problem in my life where I used almost over 10 Pc/laptop . One day when all my laptops performance was very fast and such, windows failed to start.and 15 16 times in row it failed.My laptop is Sony Vaio VPCF11Z1E between - i7 8Gb ram bla bla bla basically it has almost top performance hardware

I said ok and removed my personal data with the help of recovery center and using recovery discs I reinstalled Windows 7 (which is home premium between). Anyway for 2 days it was ok STİLL SLOW but at least managable.but now it takes minimum 5 minutes to startup.

Another 4 minutes to load taskbar , desktop antivirus (avira antivirus) keeps shutting down and start up again. double clicking a file is like 3 minutes to open.

And when I try to browse the web (doesn't matter if its chrome opera firefox happens to all) it just not responding ASAP. I mean its brandly new installed windows and its like a billion times slower perfomance.I don't understand startup is not full at all .I turned off the ones that I don't need on startup. I mean nothing can cause any problems.

Checked everything on task schedule and all that .even now I've been writing this post over 34 minutes (keeps giving "not responding" for 3 mins and giving me 45 seconds to 1 minute to type). basically its this.

- pressing power button to turn on
- windows this takes minumum 4 5 minutes
- Welcome screen .3 - 4 minutes minimum
- desktop bacground screen .4 to 6 minutes

I mean what the hell I had that process under 2 minutes not 2 3 weeks ago and I just can't get this thing figured.


Advent laptop running windows 7 won't boot up

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I have been experiencing trouble booting up my laptop.

So the issue is I was running a game and Firefox and the computer was running quite slow. I tried to exit the game and Firefox but both were not responding. I just held the power button to shut in off. Now when turning back on it gets stuck on the windows 7 symbol screen?

I have tried to use the options in the f8/f11 and delete menus. Try to solve start up problems says could not fix the start up fault.

System restore wont work as it says there is no restore point. Checking hard drive in boot up solutions gets stuck at 5% checked. Booting from last know good point gets stuck at windows 7 screen.

Computer slows down when playing ANY video file

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So I have been having a persistent issue that I can't seem to fix. It started when I would watch a video on YouTube; ANY video! I would start to watch a video and within a few minutes, it would start to stick and playback would slow down on the video and anything else I would be doing on my computer, and then even the audio would be filled with static (as if it were a radio station).

I was always able to "X" out of YouTube, but then I realized any video I watch anyway on the internet would do the same thing, (if it played long enough).

Sometimes I was able to play a whole video without this issue, but now, it is becoming persistent.

Sometimes this problem would start a minute after the video commences, other times, it would start 10 minutes later, or 30 minutes later. At this point I have not been able to watch any video file from any site on the W.

I have run scan after scan, Last night, I resorted just to listening to audio files (on WMP) and now it is acting up too! (sounds like I have 'bad reception on my music files all of a sudden). I ran the Microsoft FixIt program last night, and it suggests I should delete some codecs?


Laptop is slow - took 3 minutes to boot

Laptop is slow - took 3 minutes to boot Icon

My computer(laptop) is really slow. example it took me 3minutes to get this page to load. Need help to make my laptop fast and keep all my files