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PC won't start up: Press ESC

PC won't start up: Press ESC
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My wife has a HP laptop running Windows 7 and when she pushes the power key to start it up a black screen appears with the HP logo in the center and that's as far as it goes. In the bottom left hand corner it says "Push ESC.

key for startup menu" but when you push the ESC key, or ANY other key, nothing happens. No matter what you do it remains on this one screen.
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BIOS not loading by pressing F10, F8 or ESC

BIOS not loading by pressing F10, F8 or ESC Icon

I need to change the boot order of my pc to reinstall windows 7 from my flash drive, already have the service pack and OS, but when I try to load bios to change the boot order of my pc, the bios will not load, it automatically starts up, even after I press F10, or F8, or ESC.

I understand that I can also change the boot order from the Device Manager? PC also won't complete a restore point, or choose default settings.

Is this due to trying to reinstall windows and not formatting my hard drive?


HP G62 - 144DX won't boot past HP screen

HP G62 - 144DX won't boot past HP screen Icon

I can't get into the BIOS options to see what's wrong or to boot from a flash drive or CD, either. It just sits at the startup screen with the HP logo and says something to the effect of "Press the ESC key for startu options". Pressing ESC, however, does nothing (none of the F keys help either, I tried that).

Anyway, here's how I messed things up. I was trying to install openSuse to my Windows 7 computer. First I went into my start menu and searched partitions, so I could change those. When I was first installing openSuse told me it was going to format all of my partitions, so I backed out to change those manually.

I shrank my largest partition, which has the Windows operating system on it by the maximum it allowed (16,142 MB or something like that. It was a little under 16 gigs).

After doing that openSuse told me it was going to install to sda6, I believe, and when I checked the memory of the partitions it seemed to match up. When I went to install it after making the changes, it didn't say that it would format my partitions.

I figured that this meant I was good and everything would install fine, and it definitely appeared to. I didn't change any settings or anything, but instead just installed everything as default from my flash drive using the 4.7 GB DVD download for a 32 bit PC (mine is a 64 bit, but I wasn't paying attention).


bitlocker requests PIN. Change the screen?

bitlocker requests PIN. Change the screen? Icon
Using Windows 7 Enterprise laptops that have Bitlocker running, with a PIN required at startup. All's fine.

Is there a way to customize the startup screen with a simple message: "If found, call x. Reward for return"

Currently the screen just says:

Windows Bitlocker Drive Encryption PIN Entry
Enter the PIN for this drive.
Drive Label: PCName c: 5/1/2011
Use the HOME and BACKSPACE keys to clear incorrect characters.
Press ENTER after the PIN is typed. Press ESC for recovery.
ENTER=Continue ESC=Recovery

I looked at manage-bde.exe, but that doesn't seem to have any such option. Really - even a screen that comes up before the PIN entry screen would be fine.

HP PC - Status; 0xc000000f - won't start

HP PC - Status; 0xc000000f - won't start Icon

I have formatted my Hp Envy 17 PC, and now, when I try to get into My PC, it tells me that I have to use an installation disc, that I've never had.

It tells me the following;
Status: 0xc000000f

I have tried to push F8 and F11 and F12 and Esc and Ctrl+Alt+Delete but nothing has helped so far.


ESC key not escaping

ESC key not escaping Icon
I find that the ESC key on my relatively new HP dv7t with Win7 Home Premium is not doing it's job. I have seen that when attempting to get out of "full screen" mode, while watching a video or running a powerpoint presentation, the ESC key doesn't do it.

I can bail out in other ways (right-click, hit appropriate key) but that doesn't make up for the fact thatsomething seems to be wrong here.

Press laptop power button twice to power ON

Press laptop power button twice to power ON Icon

I have dell 1558 laptop. Each time I press start button it does not start than again I press start button than the laptop get start normally. during first press nothing happens, even the start light does not glow.


Black screen on starting Windows 7

Black screen on starting Windows 7 Icon

Trying to start windows 7 but all I get is a blank black screen with the cursor that moves, nothin else. I can press the f2 f8 options at the start but I have been through every option on the f8 menu - safe mode and so on but it still ends up at the black screen no matter what.

My last hope was to download a startup repair disc but even with this I still get the same screen, it loads up all it needs to then just goes to the black screen with cursor.

Theres no way of restore it wont let me, no way of repair, roll back, safe mode, ctrl alt dlt or esc .I'm just stuck.


How to restore when keyboard does not respond?

How to restore when keyboard does not respond? Icon

I have created a dual boot with Windows 7 as the computers "native" OS together with openSUSE 12.2. It worked fine yesterday directly after the installation. Not even "Esc". Mouse pad do work.

My idea is to start over by restoring the Windows 7 part, but how can I do that when the keyboard does not work? I just end up in Linux login screen. As "Esc" does not work I can't even reach BIOS. As the arrow keys does not work I can't switch to Windows during the startup.


Workstation service won't start

Workstation service won't start Icon

This is my first time here. I'm having a problem with my workstation service. The service won't start, so the services depending on workstation won't start neither. I get error 1068, but the network store interface service is started.

I've tried to run sfc /scannow, but there are no problems there. I'm running Windows 7 64bit


Windows 7 not starting-up - hangs on Windows Screen

Windows 7 not starting-up - hangs on Windows Screen Icon

I have a laptop and I cannot get it to start. When I go into start-up mode (Esc key at start-up) I have two options:

Start-up Repair (Recommend)
Normal Start-up

When I do Normal Start-up, it lockes up on the Windows Screen. When I do Start-up Repair it locks up on a black screen.

I don't have the back-up discs that were created for this specific computer at the moment (they are at another location at the moment). However I do have Windows 7 upgrade discs here from another computer.