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microphone static need help

microphone static need help
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I get static on my microphone when recording and i don't know what is making it static. my microphone is sm58 so its not a cheap one and my cable is a monster cable so i know its not the mic or the cable(they work fine on my old computer). the problem is that i get static from both the front and back microphone jack but NOT when i use the line in jack.
I've tried everything i know from uninstalling/reinstalling the sound card drivers, making sure they are up to date and even just plugging in a adapter so my computer reads a mic being plugged in without there being a real mic in, and it still gives statics but if i use line in i don't get static at all. any advise on what is making both my front and back mic jacks create static but not the line in jack that is 100% clear when i use it.
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Sample rate - microphone static

Sample rate - microphone static Icon
I upgraded to windows 7 some time ago, and got a new microphone with it.
Every time I test or use my microphone, I get static in the background with it. The problem isn't with my microphone (I've tested it on windows xp), and seems to be with windows 7. Note that I only hear the static when replaying the audio from my microphone.
If I change my microphones sample rate (In the windows 7 microphone properties) from '1 Channel, 16 bit, 44100 Hz (CD Quality)' to '2 Channel, 16 bit, 48000 Hz (DVD Quality)', it fixes the static. This would all be fine, except when I restart my computer, or the device - it changes it back to CD quality, and brings back the static.
I've installed the latest realtek high def audio drivers to try and fix it, but my computer still seems to be running off the windows 7 high def audio drivers.
I need to know:
a) How to keep the sample rate on DVD.
b) How to force windows 7 to use my realtek drivers, rather then the default windows drivers.

Realtek not detecting Microphone

Realtek not detecting Microphone Icon

I have a problem , I have headset with microphone, speakers work but microphone doesn't, realtek doesn't detect microphone, dunno whats the problem, searched everywhere on the web and still no answer all drivers are updated and microphone worked earlier.


Microphone doesn't work when headphone is plugged in

Microphone doesn't work when headphone is plugged in Icon

I am an advance user, but this got to be one of the funniest problem ever. First of all, I got 2 headsets with microphone.

1) An old brandless headphone with microphone
2) A new A4Tech HS-100 headphone with microphone I just bought

* Using the new headphone I just bought, when I plug in the microphone (same pink jack) it works, but when I also plug in the headphone (same headphone jack), the microphone stops working (can't receive any sound, although it is clearly detected as already plugged in) and only the headphone works.

The funny thing is:
* The old headphone works fine when I plug both the microphone (pink jack) and headphone (headphone jack) into my ASUS N81V notebook.
* When I plug in the microphone to my notebook, and plug in the headphone to my iphone, both the microphone and headphone work!
* To experiment more, my notebook has an HDMI output connected to an external HDMI monitor, when I connect the microphone to my notebook only it works, but once I connect the headphone to the headphone jack on the external HDMI monitor, the microphone stops working again!


Microphone keeps disabling itself when plug in the webcam

Microphone keeps disabling itself when plug in the webcam Icon

I have had problems with my microphone since I installed Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit. MB - ASUS M3N-HT Deluxe

Webcam - Creative Livecam I'm Pro
Microphone - Logitech headphose with microphone.

My microphone keeps disabling itself when I plug in the webcam.

I have tried both front & rear mic jacks and different USB port for camera, but the problem remains. The problem occurs with Camtasia, Audacity and seemingly random other software. I have tried removing the webcam software, updating it and unplugging the webcam and deleting the software. Any gusses about wher I should even start? Hardware or software or both?


Microphone doesn't pick up my voice

Microphone doesn't pick up my voice Icon

A while ago I remember doing some configurations with my microphone to be able to record my guitar by just plugging it in, but I don't remember what I did, and it seems to have messed up my microphone. now, when I try to use skype, my microphone doesn't pick up my voice, saying that it "can't access my sound card".


Have to run Skype's setup to make microphone work

Have to run Skype's setup to make microphone work Icon

Installed the latest version of Skype and used it happily. However, everytime the pc is restarted/awoken from hibernation, I have to go into Skype's setup and choose the microphone device to get it to work. I went to Control Panel and basically tried to remove and then put back references to the Microphone with the result of me now not having a responding mic!

I tried adding a new device but the detection part of this just sat there and did nothing. Is there a guide to doing a 'clean' install of the microphone?


Internal microphone does not work

Internal microphone does not work Icon

I installed Skype and my microphone does not work. Skype system check says all my devices are working properly but when I try a record test or video chat my voice does not process. I can hear the other person.

In my system preferences the microphone tab says it is not installed. I don't understand what is going on.


Microphone on Headset not working

Microphone on Headset not working Icon

I have recently purchased a headset. (Logitech H150) The microphone didn't work for a few days, then I managed to fix it. After 1 day the microphone stopped working again.

-Checked the jacks and they are correct
-Checked the sound controls
-Restarted the laptop

The headset jack is not broken because whenever I plug the jack in the IDT Control Panel comes up The sound control panel says that the microphone is plugged in but no sound bars come up on the side when I speak The headphones on the headset work fine

The box says they included noise cancellation. I am afraid that the microphone is cancelling my voice (how would I fix that?) I don't think the microphone is broken because when I first got them the microphone wasn't working and then it worked after a couple of days and then stopped again.

The control panel and sound controls don't look any different from the day I first got them

How do I fix this problem?


Set up your microphone for Speech Recognition

Set up your microphone for Speech Recognition Icon
Before you can start using Windows Speech Recognition, you need to set up a microphone. For specific information about installing your particular microphone, check the information that came with it or go to the manufacturer's website.

Crackling/Static noise

Crackling/Static noise Icon

It's making static/crackling sounds when I listen to music, or play games anything that makes sounds is getting disturbed by some kind of interrupting sound that makes crackling sounds. Things I've tried:

1. I tried switching the cables (bought new ones)
2. I tried different speakers
3. I tried 2 different headphones
4. I tried cleaning my computer (dust)
5. I tried to get rid of any disturbing devices (phones, radios)
6. I tried uninstalling my device (HD audio device) and test it, and reinstall it, and test it again
7. I tried a reset boot (holding button for few seconds)
8. I got rid of my webcam it contained a microphone.