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Lost itunes after Windows 7 upgrade

Lost itunes after Windows 7 upgrade
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I lost my itunes when I upgraded to Win 7, is there a way to find them on my HD? tried a search for *.itl (itunes library) but found nothing. GF synced my ipod to an itunes without any songson it and everything was deleted.
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Apple ITunes conflict with Windows 7?

Apple ITunes conflict with Windows 7? Icon

I have reinstalled operating system. ITunes will save to a file in Downloads and Windows will not open it up.

Second issue - Java updates are a nightmare recently (dll) errors. And other times Java will update.

Tried turning off Norton, then uninstalling Norton while Itunes was downloading - all to NO AVAIL. SP2 is not listed in any of my updates, although ITunes says it is needed to download for Windows 7.


New Windows 7 computer iTunes doesn't see AppleTV

New Windows 7 computer iTunes doesn't see AppleTV Icon
I have done some searching around and it appears that part of the problem may be that a Windows XP computer and iTunes was used to sync with the AppleTV in the past.

Upgraded to Windows 7 computer and now iTunes does not see the AppleTV. Other than the addition of the Windows 7 computer (and deletion of the Windows XP computer from the network), the network has not changed.

Some folks have said you need to reset the AppleTV, setup the network again, and then look in iTunes and it should see it. Others say that hasn't worked for them and Windows 7 still does not see the AppleTV.

Is it necessary to reset and then sync fresh from iTunes to the AppleTV even though all the stuff is already there on AppleTV?

It would seem so since the computer that was used to sync originally is no longer there.

Windows Installer & iTunes

Windows Installer & iTunes Icon

I got a new iPod and I want to update the software on it, so I had to update to iTunes 10, the installation always fails for iTunes or more specifically Quicktime "The installation of Quicktime failed. iTunes requires Quicktime."

I go to uninstall all traces of Apple programs on my computer on Uninstall Programs. I do it in order like it says on the Apple support site. It always says "An installation for <Program etc, quicktime, bonjour, itunes> is currently suspended you need to undo the change made or something, I click yes and shortly after that the installation fails, usually leaving behind "the windows installer service could not be accessed".

I'm guessing that I just can't install Quicktime because Windows Installer always screws up. To make matters worse, my computers' Windows Explorer always crashes unexpectedly so I have to restore my computer to an earlier time, now I've restored it, I can't even use my old iTunes because it says "iTunes was not installed correctly, please resinstall iTunes.". So now I can't even use my iPod.

I think it's just Windows Installer screwing up so I can't install Quicktime.


Music folder is empty but mp3 files playable through Music Player and itunes

Music folder is empty but mp3 files playable through Music Player and itunes Icon

I appears to have lost visibility of all my mp3 music files, if I open the location of the files (previously) in my documents the folders for each music album are there but empty.

However if I go to windows music player the files are there are the properties of the files in windows music player show the file location as outlined above.the files play through windows music player and through itunes

I have run a virus scan which has come back with no problems


Lost OEM DVD: Can make clean install with upgrade dvd's

Lost OEM DVD: Can make clean install with upgrade dvd's Icon

About a year and a half ago I've bought a Windows 7 home premium 64x OEM version with my self-built PC. A while ago the internet convinced me to buy an SSD, so I did. I also thought it was time for a clean install since it would be a good riddance of all the junk collected over the past time slowing down my computer.

I then realised I have lost my OEM dvd but I still have my registration key. I also have some Windows 7 upgrade dvd's: both Professional 64x and Ultimate 32x. Can I use these to make a clean install of Windows 7 on my new SSD?

Can I use an upgrade dvd of either windows 7 Professional64x/Ultimate32x somehow to do a clean install of my legal Windows 7 Home Premium 64x OEM key on my SSD, whilst keeping the option to upgrade to Windows 8 sometime in the future?


Windows installer not allowed to install iTunes

Windows installer not allowed to install iTunes Icon

I can't install itunes? I can install Firefox but not itunes. I tried to do something else so I installed CPU-Z and that installed? could this be due to a virus?


0% volume doesn't mute the sound

0% volume doesn't mute the sound Icon

I'm having trouble with controlling the volume in windows 7. If I'm playing music through either Windows media player or itunes and drag the taskbar volume slider down to 0% I can still hear sound.

I've only noticed this problem last night so I thought a system restore to yesterday afternoon would fix it but I've still got the problem. There is a possibility that this problem there since the installation of windows and that I only noticed it last night though.

Some random details:

I've noticed that if I open the mixer, all of the levels claim to be on the same volume. Itunes, applications and system volume sliders are all at zero but sound is still playing. If I just click on the itunes slider, the sound disappears completely and 0% volume actually means just that.

The problem then is that the slider is then independent to the master volume slider and I have to adjust the volume for itunes every time.

System specs:
Dell Optiplex GX620 (Tower)
P4 3.2GHz
Windows 7 Professional 32-bit
SoundMAX integrated audio

My system doesn't even have official Vista drivers from Dell so if the problem was there since before last night then it's probably due to the drivers. If that is the case, is there anything that I could do (other than a system upgrade)?


Can't stream video to Apple TV

Can't stream video to Apple TV Icon

I have a Windows 7 Home Premium laptop and am trying to stream video from the laptop (using itunes) to Apple TV (3rd generation). When I try to do this, I get an error message saying that the connection timed out.

However, I can stream both music and pictures from itunes to Apple TV without issues. The video is in the proper format for Apple TV. The error happens both with a wireless connection between the laptop and router or a wired connection.

Why do I think this is a Windows 7 configuration issue? My xp laptop can stream the same videos, music and pictures without issues. I've uninstalled all firewalls and anti-virus software and updated all software and firmware for itunes, Windows 7, Apple TV and my router.

I uninstalled and reinstalled itunes and Bonjour. Also checked to make sure that the Apple ID is ok and consistently used. On Apple TV, I can see the itunes Library on the pc.

The Apple TV was replaced even though it was only a week old.same issue. The videos play just fine on the laptop through itunes.I just can't stream them to Apple TV. (These videos were downloaded from the itunes store).


Itunes.exe bad image: softpub.dll is either not designed to run on windows

Itunes.exe bad image: softpub.dll is either not designed to run on windows Icon
Every time I try to open itunes I receive the following error message.

"C:\windows\system32\softpub.dll is either not designed to run on windows or it contains an error. Try installing the program again using the original installation media or contact yoursystem administrator or the software vendor for support."

I have tried repairing and reinstalling itunes. I uninstalled every single apple product before retrying the install. I even tried replacing the softpub.

Basically, my only option seems to be restoring my machine to factory settings, which I am really trying to avoid. I'd say screw itunes and get something else but I have an iphone

I am running Windows 7 home premium edition service pack 1 on an Asus PC.

iTunes drivers for importing and burning CDs and DVDs are missing

iTunes drivers for importing and burning CDs and DVDs are missing Icon
Lately every time I open iTunes I get the following warning:

The registry settings used by the iTunes drivers for importing and burning CDs and DVDs are missing. This can happen as a result of installing other CD burning software. Please reinstall iTunes.

Reinstalling iTunes does not get rid of the warning message, but iTunes is working just fine. It appears the message is popping up for no reason. How do I get rid of this?