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Losing my wifi connection randomly

Losing my wifi connection randomly
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I bought an Acer Aspire 5733Z 4 months ago everything was going fine with my computer. then 2 months ago my WiFi connection dropped randomly the only way to get it to work again was restarting the computer...
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WiFi + Wired connection

WiFi + Wired connection Icon

I was getting upset with the performance of my internet connection via WiFi so I moved my router to the computer (Windows 7 64-bit) and plugged it in directly via ethernet. It then had a ethernet connection and a WiFi connection going at the same time.

Which connection was it actually using? I assume it would be smart enough to use the wired connection since it has 100 mbps potential and the wifi has 54mbps. Was it actually using both at the same time? I assume I would max out at whatever my wired connection could do.

I would only get the faster of the two. But what if I connect to my home router with a wired connection, and then connected to another public wireless network at the same time? Could you get extra speed this way?


Share WiFi via second WiFi adapter?

Share WiFi via second WiFi adapter? Icon

Is it possible to use ICS (internet connection sharing) to share a WiFi internet connection via a second WiFi adapter? I have a long-range WiFi adaptor which will pick up a local hot-spot, and I'd like to share it with my other devices, such as an iPad.

I've set up the long-range WiFi adaptor on the host PC to be shared as in the ICS details above, and selected the built-in WiFi adaptor as the connection. I expected to see a new WiFi network appear on my iPad, am I missing something?


How to use a ADSL modem's wifi with a fiber connection.

How to use a ADSL modem's wifi with a fiber connection. Icon

I'm trying to achieve something which I think most might not have tried, starting with what I have

1.Type 2 adsl2+ cpe/iad modem-It has built in wifi.
2.A fiber internet connection.
3.A samsung smart tv with built in lan adapter (40 inch LED-no wifi but wifi ready)

Now the modem which I have mentioned above cannot be used with the fiber internet connection.So,it is just lying waste but I want to use my internet connection provided by my ISP through fiber connection with the modem so that I can use my modem's wifi and lan ports.

What I have done was connected my laptop to my modem's wifi and also to my ISP's fiber connection so my laptop is connected to both the networks and now I have tried to establish a bridge connection between the lan connection and the wifi connection I was successful and I was also able to share my internet connection(as shown in my laptop) but when I have checked for the wifi internet connection it is not there(Checked on my mobile-one x and ipad).

So is there any way so that I can do this.?Please don't suggest me to use a application like connectify or virtual router to share my fiber internet connection.

Now there is a another thing that I have mentioned above my Samsung tv now I have connected one of my modem's lan connection to my tv and tried to use the all share application(my laptop is connected to the same modem through wifi) in my laptop I have found my tv and the laptop connected to the modem(Control Panel\Network and Internet\Network Map)but my tv is not at all recognizing my laptop and my laptop is also not finding my tv(in the allshare application).

If my first problem of getting my internet to the modem's wifi is possible then I also want to try that for the modem's lan connection so that I can avoid the pain of buying a samsung wifi dongle which costs more than 10% of my tv's price.


Connected to wifi but no internet

Connected to wifi but no internet Icon

Currently my internet is not working but was fine for the pass few weeks. The problem I'm having is that the wifi works for Iphone but not my laptop. I'm able to connect to my housemate wifi , just now the free wifi that was provided by the owner .

Is there any reason why my laptop wifi isn't working for this connection but works for other wifi connection ?


How to increase or improve wifi speed

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I am in hostel using collage wifi and sharing with 300 others . so the wifi speed is very slow. can I use external antenna to speed up my wifi connection. ? do you have something others ideas to improve my wifi connection in 300 others network?


Windows 7 keeps using wireless when there's a cable connection available

Windows 7 keeps using wireless when there's a cable connection available Icon

I'm connected to the router via an ethernet cable, but windows keep defaulting to the wifi connection.if I turn off the wifi, I can use the ethernet connection, but everytime I restart my computer, it defaults to the wifi do I make it prioritise the ethernet connection?


How to share cable connection by WiFi

How to share cable connection by WiFi Icon

Just curious if I could share cable connection by WiFi so it could be used by a smartphone as well. I don't have a hw router however I have a laptop connected to cable modem. The question is if I can somehow setup Windows to share the broadband connection by it's WiFi adapter.


Dell inspiron n5110 wifi drivers for Windows 7 64 bit free download

Dell inspiron n5110 wifi drivers for Windows 7 64 bit free download Icon

I want to use intenet with help of wifi connection,but I didn't have wifi drive ,so I can't able to connect the wifi.


Wifi keeps droping

Wifi keeps droping Icon

Ok in my windows 7 keeps droping my wifi signal but my ipad keeps connected the wifi button is on it just keeps losing the signal then connects for a few min then it drops again


PCI WIFI card as repeater?

PCI WIFI card as repeater? Icon

I have a switch box upstairs with my cable modem and a wifi router. Downstairs I have a PC that is hardwired to the wifi router. My PC has a WIFI N PCI card installed into it (was forced to use wireless connection until I had a cat 5 jack dropped).

Can I make the WIFI card in my PC act as a repeater to the WIFI router upstairs? Reason I ask, the WIFI router upstairs doesn't get great coverage all over my house and if possible, I would like to make my PC repeat the WIFI signal.