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How to Stop Reboot on BSOD?

How to Stop Reboot on BSOD?
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When I set my Onboard SATA Ctrl Mode to AHCI (from IDE) I get a BSOD that I can't see because the system immediately reboots.
How can I get it to hold on the BSOD error?
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BSOD a few minutes after reboot

BSOD a few minutes after reboot Icon

I'm receiving a BSOD (unreadable) everytime machines boots up. I have attached results of the SF diagnostics along with screenshots of the BSOD that is unreadable, along with the Windows has expected an error seen after each bootup after the BSOD.

In addition, the SF diagnostics report does not seem to complete fully before the BSOD happens.nly have a minute or two before the BSOD. So, there's not much time to do anything.

Windows 7 Home Premium 32-bit.


BSOD With STOP error 0x00000101 from ntoskrnl.exe or MXMM64.sys

BSOD With STOP error 0x00000101 from ntoskrnl.exe or MXMM64.sys Icon

One of my clients have this weird problem where his server would have a BSOD randomly. It did not crash in 2012, but crashed 9 times in about a month. Looking at the .dmp files using BlueScreenView and doing some research did not help me, since the drivers that causes the BSOD usually vary.

However, ntoskrnl.exe caused the crash on 4 of the 9 BSOD, and MXMM64.sys on 3 of the 9 BSOD. In these occurrences, the STOP error was 0x00000101

At the time of the various BSOD, the computer was not under heavy load; sometimes, the BSOD occurred during the weekend, when no one was around. No particular event occurred before or after the BSOD. The server is not connected to the Internet.

I verified the hard disk using the Windows Hard Disk Drive checking utility and it did not find any errors. Also, we verified the board using the Asus Diagnostics Utility and it did not reveal anything unusual.


Windows services restart issue on reboot

Windows services restart issue on reboot Icon

When I stop any windows service using net stop <service name > from command prompt and reboot my machine,then a particular service that is set as automatic by default shouldn't start.


BSOD when cold boot but not with warm reboot

BSOD when cold boot but not with warm reboot Icon

I have had the BSOD w/a cold boot recurring for several weeks. It does not occur w/a warm reboot. I haven't installed any new hardware and this issue seems to have arisen spontaneously (something I'm sure you've heard many times before).


BSOD's PFN_list, Power_Management, Memory_Management

BSOD's PFN_list, Power_Management, Memory_Management Icon

I'm having some BSOD's since maybe 1-3 months now. It first started with the Power_Management BSOD a month or maybe more before which was occuring once a day. Now, since a week or so the Memory_Management BSOD is occurring as well.

Still 1 BSOD a day, Memory_management more often. Today I checked some forums with possible solutions and found someone with the same issue so I followed the steps there with repair tools. It didn't fix anything, it just added another BSOD: PFN_List.

I decided to stop fixing things since I don't know much about computers. I just looked up the way to make a minidump file and I'm waiting ight now for the BSOD's to happen. A soon as one occurs I'll be posting more info and the dump file.


BSOD when play any game

BSOD when play any game Icon

I have had these BSOD for 4-5 months now, I will get one within 10-20 mins of me playing a game for the first time that day (after that I can do a 12+ hour session without a BSOD), the game with start to stutter and the sound will be distorted, if I close down the game my mouse will stutter on the windows desktop until I get the BSOD or manually reboot.

I am suspecting it is hardware related, either motherboard or graphics card, although I did swap the graphics card into different slots to try and rule out the motherboard.


BSOD error 0x0000007f

BSOD error 0x0000007f Icon

I am keep getting BSOD no matter what I do to try and fix it. I keep getting the message below from the Event Viewer:

The computer has rebooted from a bugcheck. The bugcheck was: 0x0000007f (0x0000000000000008, 0x0000000080050031, 0x00000000000406f8, 0xf80002e3c798). A dump was saved in: C:\Windows\MEMORY.DMP. Report Id: 091411-26816-01.

I have ran Verifier on the drivers and have uninstalled Daemon driver since it kept BSOD on start up.

When I run Verifier again it will BSOD saying that a device driver attempting to corrupt the system has been caught. STOP 0x000000c4.

I can't seem to pin point the driver that is faulty and I don't know if that is the only reason for my BSOD.

I have updated all the drivers I can think off. please help me as the BSOD is more frequent now than before.




I just got myself a Sony Vaio S1511V9E about a month ago and it's been working exemplary until one week ago. I have started getting a BSOD - PFN_LIST_CORRUPT and some 04e-something for the stop code. A friend told me that this forum was the way to go to analyze what driver is giving me this BSOD.


BSOD while browsing with Windows Explorer and using Flash

BSOD while browsing with Windows Explorer and using Flash Icon

So basically I booted up today started browsing the web and was listening to a youtube video when internet explorer seizes up and stops working and then BSOD. I attempted to browse the web using ie. but this time I just played a music video while I was surfing then BSOD.

I searched some forums and uninstalled flash and surfed with ie. BSOD after 5-10 minutes. Then afterwards I decided to test the integrity of the hard drives one after another.

1st drive is os so I had to reboot
2nd drive is 1tb western digital black BSOD
3rd drive is 2 tb samsung eco drive BSOD

I went right click properties tools and then error checking with both boxes it works for a minute then BSOD I tried again two more times with the same result. any help would be appreciated I checked the BSOD posting guide and put up my BSOD Dump & System File Collection but I don't know how to put up my ie9 version 9.0.8112.16421


HP Pavilion DV7 - BSOD

HP Pavilion DV7 - BSOD Icon

I have a 4 month old HP Pavilion DV7 with windows 7 64 bit (latest updates installed 4/12/13). Today random/multiple audio streams started playing at startup, and after a few minutes the BSOD. Rebooted in safe mode, and ran malware which quarantined/removed what appears to be a virus.

Rebooted in normal mode and audio streams/BSOD continue. Also tried system restore to 4/13/13 (earliest restore point), and audio streams/BSOD persist after reboot.

Attached last two minidump files created by BSOD. Any help or advice would be appreciated to get rid of whatever is causing this would sure be appreciated.