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How do I get additional display languages?

How do I get additional display languages?
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You can add display languages by installing additional language files. When you install language files, you can view wizards, dialog boxes, menus, Help topics, and other items in Windows in a different language.
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Install or change a display language

Install or change a display language Icon
You can change the language Windows uses to display text in wizards, dialog boxes, menus, and other items in the user interface. Some display languages are installed by default, while others require you to install additional language files.

Changing language in Home Premium

Changing language in Home Premium Icon

I have in Home Premium multiple language and I use two languages. Can I add Display Languages in Regional And Language Options, Keyboards and Languages


How to Uninstall a Display Language with Vistalizator

How to Uninstall a Display Language with Vistalizator Icon
It is time to continue our series on working with display languages by showing how to remove a display language installed using the Vistalizator tool. As you will see in this tutorial, the procedure is not very complicated.

Cannot change Display Language

Cannot change Display Language Icon

I would like to change the display language of Windows 7 to English. Currently all software installed e.g. Microsoft Office display Thai Language in the command buttons.

And the tips pointed me to Control Panel/Region and Language/Keyboard and Languages/ and to Display Language. However, the display language does not show up on the tab.

1. How do I make the Display Language option to show?

2. Is there any other way to change the displayed language I.e. use registrations or command line?


Change the system locale

Change the system locale Icon
The system locale determines the default character set (letters, symbols, and numbers) and font used to enter and display information in programs that don't use Unicode. This allows non-Unicode programs to run on your computer using the specified language. You might need to change the default system locale when you install additional display languages on your computer. Selecting a different language for the system locale doesn't affect the language in menus and dialog boxes for Windows or other programs that do use Unicode.

New Display Language

New Display Language Icon
In a previous article, we covered how to Install and Change to a New Display Language in Windows 7 Home and Professional using the only method provided by Microsoft. Even if that solution works without problems, it is limited because it supports a small number of display languages and it is also a bit complicated to get things done. Fortunately there is an alternative which allows you to install any display language. However, it involves using a special tool to hack your Windows 7, called Vistalizator. This tutorial will show how to use this tool to install any display language you want.

Add an additional clock in 24 hour format?

Add an additional clock in 24 hour format? Icon

In Windows 7, I can add up to 2 additional clocks to display when I click on the clock in the taskbar. Is there an ability to have one of the clocks just display the local time, in 24 hour format? I prefer to see 12 hour format most of the time, but when I do want to know what the 24 hour equivalent is, it would be nice to click and see it, instead of counting on my fingers.


Add and Arrange Language Preference for Webpages in Internet Explorer

Add and Arrange Language Preference for Webpages in Internet Explorer Icon
This will show you how to add and arrange multiple languages in order of preference (priority) in Internet Explorer 8 to display webpages and Address bar text correctly. If a website is available in multiple languages, the content will be displayed in the language that has the highest priority.

Add or change an input language

Add or change an input language Icon
You can make it easier to enter text or edit documents in multiple languages by changing the input language. Input languages are included with Windows, but you need to add them to your list of languages before you can use them. Watch this video to learn how to add or change an input language.

How can I add additional parental controls?

How can I add additional parental controls? Icon
In addition to the basic controls that Windows provides, you can install additional parental controls from other service providers that can be used within Parental Controls to manage how your children use the computer. For example, even though web filtering and activity reporting aren't included in this version of Windows, you can install these additional controls through a separate service provider. To add them, you must first download and install the additional controls.