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How can I tell if Windows is activated?

How can I tell if Windows is activated?
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To check your Windows activation status, do the following:
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Already activated and genuine but unable run Windows updates

Already activated and genuine but unable run Windows updates Icon

I have an problem with my windows 7.2 months ago I have installed and activated my windows 7 and it was genuine. But after a month it shows the message on startup like

This copy of windows is not genuine

But when I saw the properties of Computer it says that windows 7 is activated but when I want to check for updates it shows the message as

You may be a victim of software counterfeiting


Windows 7 ultimate on 5 of 6 computers - Installed on 6th but activation failed.

Windows 7 ultimate on 5 of 6 computers - Installed on 6th but activation failed. Icon

I have windows 7 ultimate on 5 of my 6 computers. Why is it that when I installed and activated 1 other computer, the operating system fail Windows Genuine validation? It activated just fine, then lost activation. Why?

The other computers on the network remain activated. Why just this one?


Activated but still getting Pre Release Messages

Activated but still getting Pre Release Messages Icon

I installed and activated my Windows 7 Ultimate OS but am still getting messages that there this is a pre release version and sometimes the system shuts down and restarts. However the Control Panel says that I am activated. So what gives? Is there a file left over on my external hard drives causing this?


Key Management Service (KMS) is unavailable

Key Management Service (KMS) is unavailable Icon

We use KMS activate our Windows 7. Nowadays, I hit a issue on a Windows 7 client. The problematic client has been activated by KMS but it has been turned off for a long time. when I start it, the system shows Widnows is not activated.

I tried to run "Slmgr.vbs -ato" to activate it with our KMS server, but Windows Script Host shows the following error message. 0xC004F074 the software licensing service reported that the computer could not be activated.

The Key management service is unavailable I noticed that the KMS server can be pingable when the client connect to network. How can I make this problematic client activated?


OEM Windows 7 Activation - not appear to be a valid key

OEM Windows 7 Activation - not appear to be a valid key Icon

I received two computers from a vendor. Both came with Windows 7 Pro, OEM edition. The vendor placed the key stickers on the back of the computers as instructed. One of the keys works and can be activated.

The other key cannot be activated. I get the message "The product key you have entered does not appear to be a valid Windows 7 product key. Please check your product key, and type it again." At this point the computer is on-line and there is no option to activate by phone.

Is there a phone number I can call to try to resolve why this product key says it is not valid? For testing purposes both computers have been activated with the same Product key.

Of course I would like them to have unique Products in the event I need to reinstall from scratch.


KMS activation - status 0xc004f038

KMS activation - status 0xc004f038 Icon

I have a few Windows 7 machines that are not activating with our KMS server. I believe the server is working properly because other machines have activated in the past, and even on the ones that won't activate Windows, Office 2010 is activating fine.

When I run slmgr.vbs /ato or use the VAMT tool on one of these Windows 7 machines I get error 0xc004f038. The Key Management Service log on the KMS server does not even show the request coming in, but if I run an Office activation I can see it come in and get activated successfully. Running slmgr.vbs /dli on the server shows:


Windows 7 MAK license activation queries

Windows 7 MAK license activation queries Icon

I would just like to ask about the MAK license. Our company has bought a MAK license for Windows 7 pro (50 available). As I understand, everytime we install and activate a computer installed with Windows 7 pro using the said license, it would deduct one from 50.

Currently, we have activated 7 computers so our stat is at 7/50.

1) What if the OS of one of those 7 computers got corrupted, forcing us to reformat it, will our available activation be deducted when we activate it again making 8/50 even though we are still using the same 7 computers?
2) What if the one of the computers broke down, bringing our active computers down to 6 so we bought another computer to complete the 7 computers, is there a way for us to transfer the activation from the broken computer to the new one?

Are there any procedures we need to do first before we reformat or replace an activated computer so we could save the windows 7 activation available?


KMS installed but not workling properly on 2k8 R2

KMS installed but not workling properly on 2k8 R2 Icon

Red network without access to the internet, one 2k8 R2 KMS Server wit several other 2k8 R2 servers in the network and a bunch (maybe 6-7) Windows 7 clients.

As I installed the KMS it worked fine, when I entered slmgr -dli at the KMS server's console it showed how many clients asked, what their licensind status is and so on. But suddenly the KMS Server stated that itself had to be activated, so I entered a MAK key from our volume licence program and activated it via Telephone.

But now no client or server can be activated via KMS. It always states "0xC004F074 The Key Management Server (KMS) is unavailable".

I do know it worked before, so DNS and firewall won't play a role with this issue What concerns me the most is that when I type slmgr -dli on the KMS console ist just states: Name Windows Server(R), ServerEnterprise edition

Description: Windows Operating System - Windows Server(R),
VOLUME_MAK_B channel
Partial Product Key: X
License Status: Licensed

As I said there was a list of queries before, now the KMS seems to be more lik a standalone server which is licensed but not able to license other OS in the network.


Preparing Your Desktop (Windows 7 RTM x86)

Preparing Your Desktop (Windows 7 RTM x86) Icon

Add me to the growing list of people having this odd problem (which seemingly dates back to the early days of Vista):

After booting up a previously working+activated copy of Windows 7 RTM, the message "Preparing Your Desktop." appears and eventually a blank blue screen with a mouse pointer appears, with a message that "This copy of Windows is not genuine" (It was activated and working normally previously).

I can type CTRL+ALT+DELETE to access Task Manager; I can run explorer.exe, but this results in a "you have been logged on with a temporary profile" message. This (non-Aero) profile only warns me that none of my settings will be saved, and none of my documents can be accessed.


Activation key does not work anymore

Activation key does not work anymore Icon

Apparently a retail key can only be installed a number of 3 times, even if it's on the same computer. Here's what's going on:

I have bought an OEM copy for my desktop, which had the Retail copy already installed and activated, and changed the product key on the desktop to have it activated on the OEM key, so this way I'd be sure I can use the retail on my laptop, on which I recently added the Crucial M4 SSD.

A month later, after being sure that Windows works without issues, I decided to activate it, Issue: I can't use my activation key that came with the Windows Pro Retail that I bought in 2009, because, supposedly, it's been installed on 3 different computers, which is simply untrue.