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Explorer shows list of files in Documents regardless of which subfolder they're in

Explorer shows list of files in Documents regardless of which subfolder they're in
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If I use Windows Explorer to navigate to C:\Users\[username]\Documents, then everything shows up fine. But when I open the Documents folder under Libraries, I'm getting a list of every file in my Documents regardless of which subfolder they're in.

The subfolders don't show up at all. I've never seen anything like this in Windows before. I don't remember changing anything aboutthis, and I can't find any options to change it back.
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Windows 7 unable to see the libraries files in the explorer

Windows 7 unable to see the libraries files in the explorer Icon

I have all programs on C: and all documents on D:. This itself are a bit annoying due that some programs assume you have your documents on C:, but that's another story.

The problem I have now is that in order to e.g. save a Word-document I need to access my documents direct via explorer link D:\. BUT! now suddenly I can only access my documens on the D:-drive via the my documents link and the D: is empty in explorer (see lowest picture).

But the documents are there, the space is occupied and the files are accessible.

Is there some way to make the explorer re-searhce files it can't see?


My Documents Tree

My Documents Tree Icon
I just realized that I have a mess in my My Documents and its very confusing. I thought I had the tree under control but at this point I'm afraid to do anything with it. It appears that the My Documents on the start menu is perhaps not the same My Documents under my username.

I may end up losing files if I try to delete one or the other. This probably occurred, and I'mguessing, when I imported my backed up My Documents from my old XP OS.

So the My Documents from the Libraries has thousands of files in it including dlls, nx.x files, sound files, program files, etc. I don't know what happened, but I do want to clean it up.And at this point I'm not sure where I have been placing new files--which My Documents.

Documents Library with Redirected Docs

Documents Library with Redirected Docs Icon

I'm having a problem with the Windows 7 Library feature with redirected My Docs to a file server. For a variety of reasons, we have offline files disabled on these machines. When a laptop user logs into their account on location the PC shows the redirected My Docs no problem, but if the laptop is offsite and the users logs in using cached credentials and then connects to the VPN, they can't see their My Docs from the Documents Library in Windows Explorer.

If I delete the Documents Library and rebuild the default libraries, it then displays appropriately and the same is true if I simply kill explorer from task manager and restart. Also, any other program running (Word, Excel, etc) can pickup on the Documents library with the My Docs redirection and read it just fine, it just doesn't display in Explorer.

This can also be replicated using a desktop or VM by logging in with the network disconnected and then connecting after login.

I've also tested on a couple other domains and this doesn't seem to be specific to my environment.

Does anyone have any idea how to correct this behavior so that a remote user can simply open their Documents Library from the Start Menu after connecting to our VPN without having to use offline files?


Automatic unwanted folders

Automatic unwanted folders Icon

I have a problem with the folders in windows explorer in windows 7. Often windows explorer automatically creates unwanted folders who I can't recognize. Often some folders have been splitted in 2 or more folders.

One example is that it had been created 2 folders of my "bon jovi"-folder. One of them has the original name "bon jovi" and the new folder has the name "jon bon jovi". Strange behaviour by windows explorer.

Or just one file is saved in a folder and a subfolder, which have names based on the files name, often the artist and album. If I download one file, I want it saved in "my music"-folder "bare", not hidden in 1 or 2 folders.

I tried to fix the problem by cut and paste some files in the folders to get it as I wanted it

Suddenly, after 15 mins or so, a lot of new unwanted folders appeared in "my music" with subfolders and just one mp3-file. The new folders were created just some minutes ago. The numbers of folders in "my music" has increased much.

Many of the mp3-files are downloaded from dc++, but the settings in dc++ is correct. The files are saved in "my music"-folder

I've tried to change the foldersettings in windows explorer, f.ex organise -> reset folders,

Something has to be very wrong in th windows explorer system!


Managing your documents

Managing your documents Icon
An easy way to keep track of documents on your computer is to use the Documents library. By default, the Documents library shows all the documents located in the My Documents folder, but you can include other folders in your Documents library, too.

Selecting certain video files - explorer.exe fills up free RAM

Selecting certain video files - explorer.exe fills up free RAM Icon

I have an annoying problem with my Windows 7 x64 Ultimate version.

I have a folder acting as a "video dump" with videos encoded in different ways. The problem is that when I select (single click) on some particular files, explorer.exe will start filling up my available ram up to 98% which obviously slows down Windows a lot.

The interesting thing is that explorer.exe does not behave this way on every video file, only on some which makes me wonder if there's some sort of codec setting or something causing explorer.exe to act up like this (why does explorer.exe even bother going through the files anyway when marking them?).

I have turned of search indexer and I have also optimized the folder to "General items" and also tried optimizing it to "Documents". Each file is over 4 GB and if someone is interested.


Slow Folder Redirection with Offline Files enabled

Slow Folder Redirection with Offline Files enabled Icon

We have redirected a user's My Documents folder to a network share which is mapped as a network drive ("S:\My Documents"). Accessing the directory directly (via the mapped drive or by typing "S:\My Documents" in the address bar) is instantaneous.

Accessing the directory from the user's redirected folder (ie by clicking on his user folder on the desktop, or by clicking the librairies on the taskbar) is painfully slow. Explorer can take up to a minute to list all the files in the directory.

This is obviously not a network problem, as there is no problems accessing the directory on the mapped drive directly.


Jump Through Files in Open Explorer Folder Using Keyboard

Jump Through Files in Open Explorer Folder Using Keyboard Icon
Let's suppose that I have an open folder in explorer that contains a very large number of file. Let's suppose that these files are sorted alphabetically, as is usually the case. It used to be that I could highlight on a file at the top of the list, and then press a letter on the keyboard, and the highlight would jump to the first file starting with that letter.

Now what is happening is the cursor jumps to the search box and tries to initiate a search with the letter I just typed.

Explorer is assuming that I want to do a search rather than scroll down through the list of files.

Somehow a switch has been changed since the initial install of windows and I can't find that switch.

How to Use Jump Lists in Windows 7

How to Use Jump Lists in Windows 7 Icon
One of the big changes in Windows 7 is the redesign of the taskbar with its Jump Lists. You can use the Jump Lists like shortcuts to the files you use most frequently with an application. For example, the Internet Explorer Jump Lists shows frequently visited sites and the Media Player shows the songs you listen to most. You can even customize the files that appear in a Jump List.

Windows Explorer has stopped working while scrolling files/folder

Windows Explorer has stopped working while scrolling files/folder Icon

Of a sudden, when I go to this one particular directory on my computer and try to scroll down the page, Windows Explorer shuts down and restarts. All is well until I get to the last page in the list of files. When I page down to that last page, I get "Windows Explorer has stopped working" and Win Explorer restarts.

This is so strange because from all I can tell, it's only that one directory. It has about 15 subdirectories/folders and then about 200 files listed below. I tried switching the order from ascending alpha to descending and it throws me out.

I tried viewing medium icons - throws me out. I can open a different directory with 1700 files, and no problemo!!?! It's just this one directory.

I've run a virus scan - no threats.
Running Windows 7 Home Premium x64