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Can't connect to "localhost" with wampserver

Can't connect to "localhost" with wampserver
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Today I've installed wampserver 2.0i to test a new cms I'm using and I wanted to work on localhost instead of the web server. After installing wampserver on my C: I tried to connect to localhost to install phpmyadmin and the cms.

Firefox 7 didn't allow me to connect to it. In fact, Firefox 7 keeps adding "w." and ".com" to localhost. The first thing I did of course is googling some answers. I found many topics providing many solutions.

Here's a list of what I've been dealing with (that didn't work for me):

1. Go to: \system32\drivers\etc\hosts
2. Open it as admin with notepad
3. Delete line: ::1 localhost
4. Save
5. Open command prompt as admin
6. type: ipconfig /flushdns
7. Done
1. Open Firefox 7; go to: about:config
2. Type: network.dns.disableIPv6
3. make it false
4. Done
1. Try to connect to instead.
2. Can't. I get the message: Connection to the server has been reset.
1. Try to connect with port :8080
2. Doesn't work either; same message.

I also tested the connection with IE8. Doesn't work either (Page cannot be displayed). I simply can't access to localhost. I opened to command prompt to test the ping for both localhost and and it worked well. Here's my specs:

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I'm using windows 7 and my localhost won't work !!

Every time I write in the address bar localhost I get this message "Could not connect to remote server" It was working great one week ago and I was using IIS 7


Localhost stopped pointing to \wamp\www

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I have been using wampserver 2.1 for about a week. I moved my client website files under \wamp\w\ and was successfully testing PHP/MySQL based sites until today. (I didn't use it at all yesterday, but it was fine 2 days ago.) Now localhost is pointing at \inetpub\wroot\ (IIS) and my testing environment is unworkable.

I have no idea how this change occurred or what to do to reestablish the pointer to wamp.

Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit with SP1
Wampserver 2.1 32-bit (need it for MySQL 5.5.8)


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On a Win7Pro-32 system running in XP mode, I'm trying to use ODBC (v5.1.9) to connect to a MySQL db on localhost. Interestingly, when using a username with remote host privileges I am able to connect to a remote db - this tells me ODBC is installed and working properly.

Yet when I try to connect to localhost with a user DSN using a login that works on the XP mode host I get a Connection failed error. So there's clearly something about ODBC to localhost.

[Why ODBC in XP Mode you might ask? I'm trying to develop an Excel macro in XL2003 for a client. This is my attempt to replicate their environment without creating a mess of conflicts in my own working environment.]


Cannot connect to any open port

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I have a desktop computer that I haven't started for around half a year. Last week, when I started it, it made a lot of updates and later when I wanted to connect my laptop to it, it didn't work. This used to work in the past, so I started to debug the issue.

I have Avast antivirus and the Windows Firewall enabled, so I disabled them, but still no luck. The ping works though and the desktop is able to connect to the internet (the browser works), but no incoming connections can be established.

I don't think it is a router issue because not even my attempts to connect to the local ftp server installed on the desktop via didn't work.

When I try to connect to the localhost on any port using putty I get a "Connection refused" network error.


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RDP over ssh. In my setup, RDP client seems to be able to connect to the remote machine but get's stuck in "Welcome" screen and eventually, getting the "The two computers couldn't connect in the amount of time allotted. " message. Here's my setup

Home PC ---- HOME LAN ----- Linux router ---- internet ----- work router --- work PC (Windows 7) using putty, I have a script that opens an ssh session from work PC to the linux router and opens a remote port (3389) and tunnels it to localhost:3389 which is on all the time to maintain the connection to my linux router.

This way, I can rdp from home PC to my work PC without having to start a VPN. So, the tunnel is from the "private" side of the linux router (, port 3389 to my work PC I launch RDP from home PC (XP SP3) and point it to LinuxRouter:3389, RDP window comes up, gives me the screen for username/password.

If I enter correct credentials, it goes to the welcome screen and sits there for a minute or two and then gives the "The two computers couldn't connect in the amount of time allotted. " messay.

Reading some of the other posts, I've tried changing the destination of the tunnel (on work pc) to

In general, my guess is that the connection works fine. the port (3389) is forwarded correctly from the linuxRouter over SSH to my work PC. However, it seems like RDP server on Windows 7 doesn't like to start the connection to itself.


How to change 127 0 0 1 to read localhost

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I somehow changed localhost in attempting to open it in a different port. But, can't remember what I changed it to and now can't locate localhost.


Apache/PHP - localhost stopped working

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I have installed Apache2.2 on my computer, PHP 5, and MySQL. Everything was working fine until last night. Suddenly, I could no longer connect to the localhost. I think my computer was infected with a trojan, but that has since been removed and I am unable to reconnect to my localhost.

I have updated my hosts file Windows(C/Windows/System32/drivers/etc hosts in notepad: see attachment hosts_updated 65kb PNG. I have tested my connection in the CMD prompt see attachment cmd_localhost 77kb PNG. You'll notice [::]1, but after updating my host file, it now displays as Additionally, port 80 IS LISTENING

Instead of my web browser loading the page as localhost/vote/home.php NOW it loads as file//CWebsites/Vote/home.php AND NOW my PHP no longer works I.e. not being pulled into my web page. .can't establish a connection to the server at localhost.

Why is my local host not working?


WampServer 2

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Has anyone used something like this on Windows 7 as I need to setup a server for an internal web site. I have one running at the moment on Win XP but I never used a packaged server software like this but rather installed each module independently.

Install PHP 5 Apache MySQL on Windows : WampServer


Error "The connection was refused...localhost:5918

Error "The connection was refused...localhost:5918 Icon

I was using XP Pro and backing up with memeo on an external 3 TB drive. That computer crashed. The backup is safe and I am currently using windows 7 on a new computer. When trying to restore a particular data file, either by import or restore.I receive this message, "The connection was refused when attempting to contact localhost:5918".

I have tried opening in compatibility mode and as admin. The files appear to be importing but after receiving the above message, I find only the title.

No contents. Could this be an issue with my firewall? I hesitate in telling you that this is a recipe program because I fear you will think it not worth your time.


Unable to find VPN Directory after log and connected to network

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I can log in and the network center shows me to be connected, however, I can't find the VPN directory.

My instructions are for a mac and read:
Choose the "Go" menu.
Click on "Connect to Server"
Type in "192.168.xx.5", then press "Connect".
Type in the server username: X and the password: X , then press "Connect" again.
Choose "X", then press OK.

I have tried putting in the 192.168. sequence in both firefox and IE and cannot connect.

What else should I try?