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Windows 7 "custom views" how to clear admin events log?

Windows 7 "custom views" how to clear admin events log?
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My question is regarding the "events log" found in Administrative tools. I can clear every log in events under "WINDOWS LOGS", however the one I cant find a way to reset or clear is the one known as "CUSTOM VIEWS" (the one that looks like a folder with a funnel on it. This folder has a drop down icon, that looks like a funnel with the name "ADMINISTRATIVE EVENTS" next to it.
When I click this it shows all the warnings and errors going way back to the day I originally installed windows 7 which was four months ago!
No one has come up with an answer to my question or clearly understands which log I am referring to.
How do I clear this part of the log? Nothing I do shows any clear or delete options to remove those old way out of date error messages.
Is there a way to clear this part of the log and if so, how is it done?
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Remove "Log off" from Windows 7 RDP session

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I'm RDP'ing to a Windows 7, and don't want the option to "log off" I have disabled "Log off" through GPO, and it's working when I log on to the machine direktly.

But when logging on through RDP I get Log Off as the "Default button" in the start menu, the ctrl+alt+del "Log off" is removed.

Any one knows how to remove the "Log off" when connection through RDP? Regards Lars Mortensen


Can not log into Windows with passwords

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I have been running my Windows 7 Ultimate x64 system for over a year now with no problem. I have 2 Admin accounts and one Std. user account set up. I usually use one of the Admin accounts I will call Admin-1. When I entered my password this morning to log in I get an "Invalid Password" message so I try all the normal things - is caps on, scroll, etc.

I am sure I am typing it in correctly so I try logging in with the backup Admin account - Admin-2.

I also get an Invalid Password error even though I KNOW I am putting in the correct PW. Finally I go in with the Std User account which does NOT have ANY password on it (luckily).

Once in I go to User Management in the Control Panel and I get prompted for an Admin account and PW. I use Admin-1 account and the password which WORKS. I reset the PW on Admin-2 to a new password but when I try to switch users to the Admin-2 account I still get Invalid Password.

Next I remove the password for the Admin-2 account then I am able to switch over to that account. I try changing the password on Admin-1 but when I try logging in I still get Invalid Password.

I do not want to remove the password on my primary Admin-1 account due to the warning message I get when doing so to the effect that I will lose all saved passwords and other goodies. One other thing worth mentioning is that when the PC was last on my virus scanner found and 'treated' a slew or trojan/viruses in my temp Web directory.

It looked like everything was honkey dory when I logged off. I also did another scan from the Admin-2 account this morning and nothing was found.

At this point it seems that I can not log into any account using the password for the account even though I know that the password is correct.


windows explorer always shows a folder when logging in

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Here's my issue:

* Running Windows 7 Pro
* When I log in to the admin account on my PC, Windows Explorer always shows the following folder
* C:\Users\Dad\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Sta rt Menu\Programs\Startup\Plugins

Dad is the account designated as Admin on the PC.

If I close the folder, log off, and log back in, the folder still shows up. (I do not have the Folder Options View option "Restore previous folder windows at logon checked.)

Permissions not saving across Users

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So I have a problem that I just have been wracking my brain on. So here it goes. Currently there is a program that my company uses that needs access to the "Special" permissions, allowing Delete and Delete Subfolders and Files (all located in Security->Advanced->Change Permissions->Add).

These permissions are being set on the folder CUsers/Public/Public Desktop, and are affecting Subfolders and Files.

The problem is, when I set these options for our user JohnT (from an Admin account, on that machine), they do not show up when JohnT logs on.

Even when I log back on to the Admin account, the permissions I just set up moments ago are no longer there. so I know there is a way to do it.

He is part of the same security groups as the other users who are set up this way. This permission is set up just for this machine, and should persist through all User who log on to that machine.

It only needs to be set this way for this machine. I have tried making these changes as both Local Admin and Domain admin, but they revert once I log off of one of the admin accounts and the user logs onto his own.

Windows 7 Machine, Windows 2008 R2 Server


Windows Startup Sound?

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How can I change the Windows Startup Sound to a different wav sound? There is no "Windows Startup" in the sound>program events list. There is Windows Log On and Windows Log Off. Also, there is a "check" in the box for Play Windows Startup Sound.


Log in screen for administrator account

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I've got Windows set to automatically log in to a standard user account, bypassing the log in screen. When I am booting in order to do some admin tasks, is there a way to make it show the log in screen so I can choose the admin account?


Run a batch file at logon without admin password?

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I have a Truecrypt file container. For some reason, TC will not automatically "mount selected volume on start up," a "feature" of TC that doesn't seem to work for me.

I created a batch file to do what TC is supposed to do:
d:\TrueCrypt\TrueCrypt.exe /a favorites /quit

This is in my Startup group. However, when I log on as a standard user, it always demands an admin password before running TrueCrypt.

exe to start up on logon without having to enter and admin password?

Windows 7 Ultimate, sp1

Admin password change

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OS: Windows 7 Home. There are two user accounts: an admin account with password and a std account with password.

The following happened when I changed the password of the admin account. I gave in the old password,

When I clicked on a program to run it with admin rights I logged in with the new password and, as expected, the program could be started.

However, after restarting the computer and trying to log in to the admin account the new password was not accepted but neither was the old password!

I then logged in via the std account and did a system restore. When asked for the admin password I used the new password which was accepted. After the system restore the old password was valid again and was accepted when I logged in to the admin account on the welcome page.

I am compltetely at a loss. Could it be that all this is due to the user account control being set at "always notify"? Somehow I doubt it but what could be the cause that no password was accepted any longer by the admin account on the welcome page wheras the new password was accepted anywhere else once logged in via the std account?


Force Log Off, Restart or Shut down from a non-Admin user by GPO

Force Log Off, Restart or Shut down from a non-Admin user by GPO Icon

Is anyone aware of any way for a non-admin user to force another peer user off a Windows 7 session if the terminal is locked. This is also making sure that one ever 1 user can be logged onto that machine at a time.

Disabling Switch User could help towards this but if it is enabled it would have to be configured to allow only 1 user on at a time.)

So for example.

"Standard User A" logs in and locks the terminal at the Ctrl-Alt-Del screen. "Standard User B" then wants to use that terminal and needs to force "Standard User A" off.

It is possible to achieve this without administrator privileges?


20 Minute boot time on fresh Windows 7 x64 install

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Yesterday I installed Windows 7 on my brother's PC. He had been using Vista previously. Upon booting to the installer, the "Starting Windows" screen would appear with the animated windows logo. This screen took 20 minutes of waiting to get past, Eventually I left it on long enough to get through to the first stage of installation.

Everything went ok during install, I formatted the single partition on the HDD and told Windows 7 to install there. The next two times the install had to restart the computer, the huge delay on getting past the "Starting Windows" screen remained (keep in mind this is before/during the install).

Vista had no such issues with boot times. And now that Windows 7 is installed, the boot issues remain, even after installing all available windows updates, updating graphics/mobo/sound/mouse/keyboard drivers, etc.

I have checked the Event Log as I have read that you can diagnose possible boot problems in there, but there doesn't appear to be any Boot Events logged, all I see in the Diagnostics-Performance log are Shutdown events.