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Can't move files/folders in a folder?

Can't move files/folders in a folder?
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I reformatted my laptop yesterday and now I can't drag my files/folders around in a folder. There used to be a vertical line that appears whenever I drag a file/folder but now it doesn't show up anymore.

I used to be able to do that before I reformatted my laptop. How can I fix this?
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Consolidating folders??

Consolidating folders?? Icon
I am trying to consolidate a number of folders into a "Master" folder. I know I can do an "Select All" for files by selecting the first file and then scrolling down to the last file and pressing "Shift" and all of the intervening files will be selected.

I do not seem to be able to duplicate the same process for folders. I want to know if there is a way to do this, or do I have to move each folder,

otherwise, it becomes a pain to do this for a significant number of folders.

Unable To Delete Folders Containing Files or subfolders?

Unable To Delete Folders Containing Files or subfolders? Icon

It started out as being unable to delete folders on my Desktop which contained any files. I am the administrator. The permissions are correct; verified against another install. In order to delete the folder, I have to delete all of the files in the folder.

If there are subfolders, I have to start from the bottom deleting the files, then folders. Then it starting spreading to other drives.

Is 'oh, well, you have to empty the folder first.' NO. That is not the default behavior. I move A LOT of folders and files around every day. I want to fix the problem. I have scanned and scanned again, no virus/infection.

The issue is so random. I've thought that maybe a program I use frequently is not releasing a Handle or something, locking a file, is that a possibility?

How do I fix it? What is broken? Is it a setting?

Does anybody have any idea what program/etc to use to monitor for open handles etc, so I can try to spot the problem?

I'm seriously considering a re-install, with the days worth of backup copying and program installation.


How to recover the program files folder ?

How to recover the program files folder ? Icon

I accidentally deleted the program files folder in Windows 7 platform as I found there were two program files folders under C: drive and one of them contains a list of folders having zero file size. After I deleted one of the two program files folders, the other one was removed as well.

As I cleared the deleted folder in Recycle bin, I found quite a number of programs unable to launch now. Is there any method to recover the files for program files folders ?


WIN2K3 users files disappearing

WIN2K3 users files disappearing Icon
We are having a problem with files in users home folder disappearing. None of the folders or files in the folder disappear. Only files directly under their user folders disappear. We are able to recover them by restoring a previous version.

I have corrected it from my folder by placing all my files in folders. The files are not hidden, rebooting the server does not fix it. And it is random.

It happens to one user, maybe a month later another. Now it has happened to the CIO and he wants a fix not a work around.

Saving and moving files and folders - problems

Saving and moving files and folders - problems Icon
I am using Windows 7 Home Premium in a Toshiba NB305-N410BL Netbook. Sometimes when I try to save a file in certain program subfolders, I cannot do it. Instead I get a message box, "You don't have permission to save in this location. Contact the administrator to obtain permission. Save in My Documents instead."
When I go to Control Panel>User Accounts, it shows only account - mine, and I am the Administrator.
1) What could be causing this problem - the inability to save files in certain folders?
2) How do I solve this problem - the ability to save files in whatever folder I want?
3) How do I obtain permission from the Administrator? I am confused since I am the Administrator.
When I try to move a folder, sometimes a message box appears stating that I need to provide administrator permission to move this folder. If I then click on the "Continue" button, I am still able to move the folder in spite of the message box.
4) Why does this message box appear and how do I prevent it from appearing?
5) How does one provide "Administrator permission?"

Navigating and Customizing Folders

Navigating and Customizing Folders Icon
The Windows 7 folder allows you to store files, other folders or a combination of files and folders. Like files, folders occupy a certain amount of space (rated in KB or MB) on the particular drive.

Unable to cancel auto arrange of folders in library, pictures and document

Unable to cancel auto arrange of folders in library, pictures and document Icon
cannot move folders or items in folders to other locations within 'pictures' or 'documents'. The black, vertical location bar does not appear when I click on a folder to move it around , and on releasing the mouse button the folder returns to it's origional position. Tried both left and right clicking on folders and in spaces in between but no option to deselect 'auto arrange ' appears, - only variuos options within an auto arrange system

"New Folder" missing but only in certain Places

"New Folder" missing but only in certain Places Icon

I have a Library called "work". Its actually located in my documents folder. In this folder I have \Work\Discs\ubuntu. As you may have guessed I work with linux on occasion.

I wanted to create a new folder here but the new folder button was missing from the toolbar and the context menu.

I thought as an easy workround I would create a new folder in the parent directory and simply move it. I created it in \work\discs and then moved it into "ubuntu" only to find it wasn't there.

If I navigate to the real location of this folder the new folder is there ok. Then I thought if this folder is playing up I will create a new one and just delete this one so I created \work\discs\ubuntu2 and moved all of the contents of ubuntu to here.

I then created 3 new folders here "1004" "1010" and "1104" I then moved all the files from ubuntu into these folders.

To be clear now \work\disc\ubuntu2 should now contain 3 folders and no files. I then deleted ubuntu and renamed ubuntu2 --> ubuntu.

I then double clicked on the new "ubuntu " folder expecting to see 3 folders yet I see the contents as it was before I started. If I call it anything other than ubuntu I see the contents fine but if I name it ubuntu it reverts to its old state.


Automatic unwanted folders

Automatic unwanted folders Icon

I have a problem with the folders in windows explorer in windows 7. Often windows explorer automatically creates unwanted folders who I can't recognize. Often some folders have been splitted in 2 or more folders.

One example is that it had been created 2 folders of my "bon jovi"-folder. One of them has the original name "bon jovi" and the new folder has the name "jon bon jovi". Strange behaviour by windows explorer.

Or just one file is saved in a folder and a subfolder, which have names based on the files name, often the artist and album. If I download one file, I want it saved in "my music"-folder "bare", not hidden in 1 or 2 folders.

I tried to fix the problem by cut and paste some files in the folders to get it as I wanted it

Suddenly, after 15 mins or so, a lot of new unwanted folders appeared in "my music" with subfolders and just one mp3-file. The new folders were created just some minutes ago. The numbers of folders in "my music" has increased much.

Many of the mp3-files are downloaded from dc++, but the settings in dc++ is correct. The files are saved in "my music"-folder

I've tried to change the foldersettings in windows explorer, f.ex organise -> reset folders,

Something has to be very wrong in th windows explorer system!


Questions about installing Win7

Questions about installing Win7 Icon
I am finally moving from XP to Win7 and would like some advice on the following before I move. I have a 60GHB SSD, a 1TB HDD and a 2TB HDD.

What I want to do is put the Windows and the Programs Files folders (I will use XP terminology throughout because I don't know what the equivalent Win7 names are yet) on the SSD, theDocuments and Settings folder on a partition on the 1TB HDD and move some of the default folders in the D&S folder to other locations.

The Documents, Music, Pictures and Video folders (which tend to be large) for each user and Users onto the 2TB HDD, the rubbish files (TIF, Temp, Cookies, Recent Files, various caches etc) for each user and Users (where applicable) and Windows onto a separate partition on the 1TB HDD, all for ease in the way I backup my system.

I have more than enough USB externalHDDs (of various sizes) for this purpose and to create images.

Can I do this during the install of Win7? And do it in such a way that when or if I create a new user the folders go to the locations I have pre-chosen, ie, empty Documents folder etc straight onto the 2TB HDD, the empty rubbish folders onto a second partition etc.

Or set up a single user this way during install and then get Windows to do this in future and in eithercase create a modified install disk so that if I re-install at a future time this will happen automatically?

If so, what additional steps do I need to take, before and/or after the installation


I am assuming the Libraries will effectively be going where the Documents and Settings folder and the Windows and Program Files folder will be going, that is the 1TB HDD and the SSD (respectively).