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Batch file program to copy folder from one drive to another.

Batch file program to copy folder from one drive to another.
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This script needs to be copy folder lets say D:\windows\*me* to C:\windows\*me*. The problem I'm having is the *me* being a variable. So *me* always changes to who ever logs into the machine.

So the real question is how to I make *me* in the file path change to whoever is logged in?
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Batch File copy files from CD to a folder

Batch File copy files from CD to a folder Icon
I'm using a batch file to copy files from a CD to a folder. This command works: copy *.doc foldername. But this command doesn't: copy *.docx foldername.

I even tried copy *.* and *.doc?, but nothing works. in other words, it seems that the batch processor doesn't recognize the newer word formats. Is there some work-around? Maybe I need to use a different batch processor.

Error copying file : error code -1073741502

Error copying file : error code -1073741502 Icon

I am running an operation under wcf service and part of the operation requires a batch file to be executed under a certain user account. It was working fine on my machine but when I deployed it, I got an exception : error code -1073741502

The user under which the batch file runs has also been added as administrator on the server and the batch copies a certain file from C:\program files (x86)\Myfolder folder into the same folder and renames it.

How do I sort out this issue ?


MD in batch file running under admin privileges doesn't work

MD in batch file running under admin privileges doesn't work Icon
When I run the following batch file in Win7 with admin rights the MD command wont work, but if I run it without admin rights the MD will work but then Drive Image wont work (because it needs to run under an elevated UAC).

L is a network drive (LaCie NAS box). I give the .bat file admin rights by creating a shortcut to it and giving the shortcut admin rights.

From grazing the web it appears this is a known problem in Win7 but none of the suggested solutions I could find worked with my situation.

A key thing is I need the code in the same file as the set command does not persist between different cmd sessions ie I use the %folder% variable in both the MD and the Drive Image lines.

set folder=%date:~10,4%_%date:~7,2%_%date:~4,2%
md L:\DriveImages\%folder%
"C:\Program Files (x86)\Runtime Software\DriveImage XML\dixml.exe" /bc /tL:\DriveImages\%folder%\ /c2 /r- /s- /l

Batch file or Exe to copy & rename directory and update files

Batch file or Exe to copy & rename directory and update files Icon

I require a batch file or free utility that I can redistribute from my web site to other users, (gamers) that will copy the contents of a directory inside their game to a new location and re-name the directory at the same time. Something like this;

Copy "Genesis\Vehicles\truck\diesel\4tonbaker" to "Genesis\Vehicles\truck\diesel\4tonbutcher"

The batch file needs to be run without the need for a command line box being opened, that is, if the user can double click on it or run it with a 'right click' that would be great. Problem there is, I maybe need an exe file not a batch file.

The other part of the problem is that the folder to be copied may or may not be in the same location on every PC that runs the file. It may be the case that the 4tonbaker folder is on;

C:\Genesis\Vehicles\truck\diesel\4tonbaker or

D:Genesis\Vehicles\truck\diesel\4tonbaker or even


And I require the end user to have no need to know, just for the directory to be copied and renamed when and where it is found.

If possible I then want the batch file to perform a second task. I want to distribute a folder, lets say it is 4tonbutcher and in that folder there are files lets say doc1.txt, doc2.txt and doc3.txt

On any given users PC 4tonbaker has these same named files but the content is different to the ones in my folder 4tonbutcher, I want to update the newly created folder, 4tonbutcher with the new txt files I distribute.

So, User downloads a folder called 4tonbutcher from my site.

Batch file copies and renames a folder from a location on the users PC, "Genesis\Vehicles\truck\diesel\4tonbaker" to "Genesis\Vehicles\truck\diesel\4tonbutcher"

Batch file copies doc1.txt, doc2.txt and doc3.txt from the downloaded folder to the newly created folder 4tonbutcher


Run batch file on selected directory through right mouse button

Run batch file on selected directory through right mouse button Icon
I have a batch file that cleans up any picked directory [removes files with specified extensions]
In XP I had it such that I picked a directory, RMB and chose the action.
The instructions to install this facility were: open any directory tools/ folder options.. /file types/file folder/advanced/new...
In Action type<name facility>, In Application used to perform action browse to location of batch file.
Now in Windows7 these instructions don't seem to apply as stuff is in different places. I can make the facility work by placing the batch file in a directory and running it, but this leaves the batch file to be removed and nothing as easy as it was.

Open a file or folder

Open a file or folder Icon
You can open a file or folder in Windows to perform a variety of tasks, such as editing the information in a file or making a copy of a file or folder. To open a file, you must have a program that is associated with it. Typically, this is the same program that was used to create the file.

How to create VBscript to copy folder to network Drive

How to create VBscript to copy folder to network Drive Icon

I have VBscript to copy folders or files to other location. But this doesn't seem to run on windows 7 machine.

Reason for this is we want take backup of just one particular folder every month on C drive to network drive. Now can set backup to do this but way it does it you have drill down to find the folder.

So if anyone has or knows a script to copy a folder over to network drive and overwrite the current one would be helpful.


Batch script for conditional copying and pasting

Batch script for conditional copying and pasting Icon
I came across the findstr batch command for searching for specific string in a file name. Can the same be used for reading folder names ? ie

I have folders like these:


these are all folder . the number after the '-' indicates a certain number which the user would enter . now I am taking two inputs from the user.

start = some_number

if start = 1 and end =3 . then my batch file should copy all files in these folders
to a certain location . ie the files in folder from 2001-001 to 2008-003

3 different "Program Files" noted under C drive?

3 different "Program Files" noted under C drive? Icon

When I go to start, click on "computer" then click on "C" drive I notice that there are 3 different program files, labelled slightly differently: "Program Files", "Program Files (x86)" & "PROGRAM FILES (X86) (X86)".

The file labelled: "PROGRAM FILES (X86) (X86)"

When I click on it, it has 1 file labelled "Dell V310-V510 Series", I no longer have that printer but when I try to delete the file I get a message of: "this action can't be completed because the file or a folder is open in another program".

The only thing I can think of is that there is 1 folder labelled "wireless", can I move that file to the "Program Files (x86)" folder without confusing my system as I do use this laptop for wireless printing & internet service? I do not see any other file that looks like it might be used with another program.

Do I need to have both a "Program Files", "Program Files (x86)"? Can I not move all the files from one into the other? If not, please enlighten me as to why both Program Files must be kept.


Copy Folder with the same Permission

Copy Folder with the same Permission Icon

I just want to share my problem regarding with the folder copying with the same permissions.

Here's the scenario I installed domain server in my company and create a users ofcourse and in client pc we make 2 partitions in it(hard drive) C & D on drive D I make a folder USERS with the permissions.

C Drive OS Installed and basic programs

D Drive(with USERS folder) this is were I want to put the profiling on every users login on a client pc.

My problem is.

1. how can I copy the USERS folder in every client pc with the same permissions so I don't need to set in one by one on a client pc.

2. if there's a software or simple program that can do such thing transferring a folder to another pc over network with the same permission.