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8 Things You Didn't Know You Could Do In Windows 7′s Task Manager

8 Things You Didn't Know You Could Do In Windows 7′s Task Manager
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One thing the article doesn't mention is that you get a better picture of whats running on your PC if you click on the "show processes from users" button in the Processes tab.
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Easily Enable or Disable the Task Manager Using TaskMgrED

Easily Enable or Disable the Task Manager Using TaskMgrED Icon
When getting infected with a virus, one of the most common things that can happen is for the Windows Task Manager to be disabled. In such a scenario, every time you try to launch it, you will receive a message saying that the 'Task Manager has been disabled by your administrator'. In this case, the first thing you should do is to install a good antivirus solution and disinfect your PC. If you need recommendations on good security solutions, check our 'Security for Everyone' series. After you disinfect your PC, you can enable your Task Manager again by using a free tool called TaskMgrED, developed by one of our team members. In this article you will find out how this tool works and also receive the download link.

Can't start Task Manager

Can't start Task Manager Icon

I have a problem with task manager. In Windows 7 when you press ctrl+alt+del you get a screen offering 5 options. One is Start Task Manager. When I click on Start Task Manager nothing happens. In the Windows Application log I see this error.

"The Windows logon process has failed to spawn a user application. Application name: taskmgr.exe. Command line parameters: taskmgr.exe /2 ." Google searches have turned up many hits. Generally it seems to be a problem with a windows update.

Most recommendations are to use system restore or reinstall Windows. I just re-installed Windows for another issue.


Open Task Manager

Open Task Manager Icon
Task Manager displays the programs, processes, and services that are currently running on your computer. You can use Task Manager to monitor your computers performance or to close a program that's not responding .

Windows locks up until launch Task Manager.

Windows locks up until launch Task Manager. Icon
Just recently Windows (Win7 x64) has started locking up not allowing me to do anything (getting the audible click you get when you try clicking on an application when there is a popup you have to deal with first, though there is nothing that needs dealing with) until I press "Ctrl+Alt+Del" & then select "Launch Task Manager".

As soon as Task Manager Is Launched I can just close it without the need to do anything else & Windows is once again responding normally.

MsMpEng.exe Not in Processes but Windows Defender is Active?

MsMpEng.exe Not in Processes but Windows Defender is Active? Icon

I messed around with Windows Defender some time ago and now its screwed I think. I have Windows 7 Home Basic, Windows Defender came with it.

When I first installed Windows 7 there was always a process in Task Manager for Windows Defender "MsMpEng.exe" and maybe another one.

Windows Defender is running properly if I check it in Control Panel but it is not appearing in Task Manager > Processes.

Services.msc > It is set to Automatic (Delayed Start) which I think is correct. How can I get the processes back running in Task Manager > Processes?

Between I have selected All Users and still not there.


Windows not responding

Windows not responding Icon

I was gaming and turning everything off for the night but when I tried to close some windows I had open that they weren't responding.

Some things I had open were Google Chrome, Steam, and some some folders in my C: drive. I could navigate and look through webpages fine on Chrome and Steam could load up games and I could chat and such but I could NOT close the windows.

I couldn't minimize, maximize or exit out of any window I had open. I then noticed that the taskbar was not responding either.

The weird things is that usually when this happens is that it's only for a second or two with a (Not Responding) at the top of the window and then everything would work fine.

This time it didn't work that way. I opened task manager and closed all windows through there. I also ended explorer.exe and started it up again. Everything seemed to work well and then I went to bed.

I woke up the next day to boot up my computer and a little while after use the same thing started happening. I researched some things to try and I caved and backed up all my things and made my computer go through process of going back to it's factory defaults.

When it ended all was well and I started to re-install some programs. Then it started again. At this point I have no idea what could be causing this seeing as I used the minimal knowledge to attempt to fix it.


Mouse cursor moves all the way left by itself

Mouse cursor moves all the way left by itself Icon

The mouse cursor moves all the way left by itself (and keeps moving after I move or lift the mouse), usually when I'm clicking in task manager or event viewer or anything to do with system monitoring.

If I'm clicking or doing anything in a browser, or windows explorer, it normally doesn't happen.

The only way I can stop it, when it moves left to the edge of the screen, is by clicking on either the browser window or the taskbar. after installing Windows Updates.

Even worse, the number of processes in task manager sometimes randomly jumps from 49 to 67 or higher, without anything running to warrant such an increase. I scanned the computer with Malwarebytes and Microsoft Security Essentials, they both didn't find anything.


Windows Task Manager has stopped working

Windows Task Manager has stopped working Icon
Strange issue. When I attempt to start task manager, the application starts but I get an immediate error message:

Windows Task Manager has stopped working

Followed by:

Windows Task Manager has stopped working
A problem caused the program to stop working correctly.
Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available.

The only button available is “Close program”. No other option but to take it.

I have researched this on Microsoft sites but they attribute the problem to malware and really don’t give any solution to the issue. I have a full Zone Alarm suite and the security scanshows no issues so I don’t think malware is the problem.

I’ve tried modifying the registry entry and letting it create a new one but that doesn't’t help, either.

Windows 8 task manager in to Windows 7

Windows 8 task manager in to Windows 7 Icon

Exe (windows 8 task manager). I would try to launch it or patch it so that it works under 7 (with replacement of taskmgr.exe). notice: the file is (think I) located in Cwindows/system32/TM.exe.


Only services on task manager

Only services on task manager Icon
I am running Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit. I noticed recently when I brought up task manager all I had was a window with nothing but services. There were no tabs for applications, processes etc. What gives?