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Fix: Printer queue stuck when deleting

Fix: Printer queue stuck when deleting
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The printer queues documents before they’re printed. However, print jobs within the queue can get stuck. When that happens, some users might try manually canceling the document listed in their printer’s print queue. But then Windows might still not delete the selected print job. This is how you can fix a stuck printer job that isn’t deleting within the queue.
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How to Cancel or Delete a Stuck Print Job

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Sometimes, documents you’re printing get stuck in the printer’s queue, preventing further documents from being printed. Here’s how to fix it when that happens. Whether you’re using a local or shared network printer, sometimes printing doesn’t go quite right. If you’ve tried troubleshooting obvious printer problems—paper jams, no paper, low ink or toner, or simply restarting the printer—it’s time to turn your attention toward the print queue.

5 Ways To Clear Print Queue

5 Ways To Clear Print Queue Icon
When you print a document or picture, Windows places the document/picture in a queue and it’s called print queue. In short, print queue is nothing but a list of document(s) waiting to print. Windows 10 automatically clears the print queue when the printer completes all pending jobs. At times, you might need to manually clear the print queue to resolve a stuck print job. Clearing a print queue is fairly easy in Windows 10. Use one of the given below methods to clear print queue in Windows 10.

Printer not working : error while print remains in queue

Printer not working : error while print remains in queue Icon

On 2 pc's with win10 home 64 bit, there is no printing. Both say the printer is on line, have deleted, reinstalled (again) the printers, drivers. HP troubleshooting says everything is ok. Windows built in troubleshooters, same thing.

It scans and copies fine too. All print jobs go to queue where it says "printing" but nothing happens. After a minute I get "error" in the print queue.

One of these is a desktop and the other is laptop. Homegroup troubleshooter shows no problems and I even connected the printer by usb and still nothing. My wife wonders if the printer is done, but I'm not ready to give up just yet.


Fix: Default printer keeps changing

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When you use more than one printer, it is extremely annoying when the default printer keeps changing all the time. Before hitting the print button, you always have to check which is the current printer available, so that you don’t use the wrong printer.

Fix: Can’t remove printer

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We frequently use printers to print important documents, but problems with printers can sometimes appear. To fix printer problems we sometimes need to remove the printer, but Windows 10 users reported that they can’t remove printer on their PC.

How to take advantage of the hidden VBScript print utilities

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Tap into the power and convenience of these obscure VBScript tools. They're easy to use, customizable, and offer a quick way to knock out printing tasks. For example, suppose that you have a printer that's used so heavily it frequently needs to have its ink cartridges replaced.
Rather than shutting down the printer and alerting everyone that you'll be replacing the ink cartridges, you could create and run a customized script that temporarily puts the printer in offline mode, during which users could still send print jobs to the print queue.

Kodak 3.2 printer drivers

Kodak 3.2 printer drivers Icon

I recently upgraded to Windows 10 (upgraded in the loosest sense), first it was no sound which after hours of messing about I managed to fix, but now I have no printer at all.

Windows 10 does not recognise my printer, it is a Kodak 3.2 wifi printer on my home network, it was perfectly fine in Windows 7, but even after trying to add device it finds nothing, I updated the driver to Kodak's latest and still it won't recognise the printer.


Fix: Canon error B200

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The paperless office isn’t yet here for many of us, and printers are still a fact of life. If your printer isn’t working quite right on a Windows PC, here are some simple troubleshooting tips that can fix it. Obviously, the first steps are the most obvious. Verify your printer is plugged in, powered on, and connected to your computer (or the Wi-Fi network, if it’s a Wi-Fi printer). These may seem obvious, but sometimes we forget to check the simple things before checking the more complex ones.

Windows: Clear Print Queue

Windows: Clear Print Queue Icon
If you have a long list of hung or corrupt print jobs in Microsoft Windows 10, 8, or 7, you can clear the print queue easily by using either of these methods... You can clear the print queue using commands like this. Click Start. Type Command...