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PowerPoint Online tips and tricks to create better presentations

PowerPoint Online tips and tricks to create better presentations
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The desktop version costs money. If you do not want to spend money, the PowerPoint web version can do the same job for you free! You may not get as many features as the desktop version provides but you can still get along without them. Let us take a look at some Microsoft PowerPoint Online tips and tricks that will help you create better presentations.
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Build a Presentation

Build a Presentation Icon
Everyone who know tha basics, can create multimedia presentations using Microsoft PowerPoint. Microsoft PowerPoint is a powerful tool to create professional looking presentations and slide shows. PowerPoint allows you to construct presentations from scratch or by using the easy to use wizard. This tutorial will help you get started with Microsoft PowerPoint and may solve some of your problems.

Learning Microsoft PowerPoint

Learning Microsoft PowerPoint Icon
Learn how to create powerful presentations using PowerPoint. We will create simple presentations from scratch and using PowerPoint's built in wizards. We will learn how to use information in Word and Excel documents, spreadsheets and charts in the presentation, as well as how to add graphics, animation, and music to your presentation.

PowerPoint 2010 Getting Started with PowerPoint

PowerPoint 2010 Getting Started with PowerPoint Icon
PowerPoint 2010 is a presentation software that allows you to create dynamic slide presentations that may include animation, narration, images, videos and more. In this lesson, you will learn your way around the PowerPoint 2010 environment, including getting to know the new Backstage view.
We will also show you how to use and modify the Ribbon and the Quick Access Toolbar, in addition to learning how to create new presentations and open existing files. After this lesson, you will be ready to get started on your first presentation.

PowerPoint Tips

PowerPoint Tips Icon
Microsoft PowerPoint Tutorial: Very useful PowerPoint Tips and Tricks for you.

Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 Tutorial

Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 Tutorial Icon
PowerPoint is a presentation software package. With PowerPoint, you can easily create slide shows. Trainers and other presenters use slide shows to illustrate their presentations. This tutorial teaches PowerPoint basics. This lesson introduces you to the PowerPoint window. You use the window to interact with PowerPoint.

PowerPoint 2003 Tutorials

PowerPoint 2003 Tutorials Icon
This PowerPoint tutorial is just what you need to get up to speed using PowerPoint to create engaging and effective presentations. Whether you're creating a presentation for an informal gathering, a school or classroom assignment, or one for your business partners or associates, PowerPoint is a powerful tool that will help get the job done. Each PowerPoint tutorial features text and screen shots, and some include narrated multimedia tutorials in Flash.

PowerPoint 2007 Setting Up Your PowerPoint Environment

PowerPoint 2007 Setting Up Your PowerPoint Environment Icon
Before you begin creating presentations in PowerPoint, you may want to set up your PowerPoint environment and become familiar with a few key tasks such as how to minimize and maximize the Ribbon, configure the Quick Access toolbar, switch views, and access your PowerPoint options.

Fix: Powerpoint doesn’t play audio or video

Fix: Powerpoint doesn’t play audio or video Icon
PowerPoint presentations combine a variety of media into slideshows. Most PowerPoint users will probably add at least a little audio and video to make the presentations more interesting. However, PowerPoint doesn’t support every media format. So if the application isn’t playing audio and video in a presentation, that’s probably due to incompatible media formats or not having the required codecs for them.

Visual Clarity Rules

Visual Clarity Rules Icon
PowerPoint tutorial demonstrates how to define visual clarity rules for PowerPoint presentations. This helps to make your presentations more effective by following best practices for slide design.

Turning Off Windows 10 Notifications During Presentations

Turning Off Windows 10 Notifications During Presentations Icon
How many times have you attended an event and then watched the speaker apologetically turn red when a notification of a personal nature pop-ups on screen during the talk? I've seen it happen often. And, I've had this happen to me while speaking on more than a few occasions.
If you use PowerPoint for your presentations, you'll be happy to know that Windows 10 includes an option to turn off notifications during presentations. As long as Windows 10 senses that PowerPoint is running, notifications will be squelched.