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How to add a video to a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation

How to add a video to a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation
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Microsoft PowerPoint has built-in features that allow a video to be played from a slide. Users can insert a video into the slide itself, or link to an external video source on the Internet. To proceed, select the option that best suits you and follow the instructions.
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How to convert PowerPoint presentation to video

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Microsoft has several high-standard and time conserving tools for their consumers and PowerPoint is one of them. Although you have to purchase Microsoft Office, it is worth the money. PowerPoint makes it easier to make a stunning presentation within a few moments and without having any graphic designing knowledge. Having said that, if you have created a PPT file and wanted to convert PowerPoint presentation to video, do follow this article.

Audio and Video does not play in PowerPoint

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Some of the problems that you may face while working with Microsoft’s PowerPoint application can be audio and video problems. PowerPoint users report, sometimes, that when they send their presentation through e-mail, the recipients are unable to play the presentation. It just refuses to load. Although the problem is rarely experienced it can be a cause of concern in certain cases. If your Audio and Video does not play in PowerPoint then this post will walk you through the process of troubleshooting audio and video playback and compatibility in PowerPoint.

PowerPoint 2010 Inserting Audio

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PowerPoint allows you to add sound to your presentation, which opens up a lot of possibilities. Perhaps you want to add background music to one slide, a sound effect to another, and maybe even add some narration or commentary to a few slides. You can either add an audio file from your computer, or you can browse PowerPoint's collection of Clip Art Audio. You can then edit the sounds within PowerPoint so that they are tailored to your presentation.
In this lesson, you will learn how to insert sounds into a presentation and edit them.

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There are many things to keep in mind when giving a presentation. How long will your presentation last? What will you say? If you're not in the same location as your audience, how will they view it? Fortunately, PowerPoint 2010 offers a number of tools to help you ensure that your presentation goes smoothly.
In this lesson, you will learn how to Rehearse and Record slide shows in advance. You will also learn about alternative presentation options, such as creating a video of your presentation or broadcasting your presentation to remote audiences. Finally, you will learn how to create handouts of your presentation or customize it with hidden or rearranged slides.

Learning Microsoft PowerPoint

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Learn how to create powerful presentations using PowerPoint. We will create simple presentations from scratch and using PowerPoint's built in wizards. We will learn how to use information in Word and Excel documents, spreadsheets and charts in the presentation, as well as how to add graphics, animation, and music to your presentation.

How to Add Comments to a PowerPoint Presentation in 60 Seconds

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Comments are a great tool for collaborating in PowerPoint. When you're preparing for that big presentation, using comments and leaving them for your colleagues to trade feedback is a great option. I'm working in a PowerPoint presentation here and I wanna add a comment to this slide design. Learn how to do that in this quick tutorial.

Reuse slides

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We often work with different PowerPoint files and each one has a different theme or Template. There may be times when we would want to use a particular slide or background of one Presentation in another. In this tutorial you will learn how to use the theme of one PowerPoint slide in a different presentation or use the slide itself in a different presentation using Microsoft PowerPoint 2007.

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Before presenting your PowerPoint presentation, you might decide to ask someone else to look over it. The two of you might even collaborate on a presentation. If you were revising a hard copy of a report, you might add comments in the margins or compare your rough and final drafts side by side. You can also do these things in PowerPoint using the Comments and Compare features.
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PowerPoint 2007 Presentation Basics

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PowerPoint includes all the features you need to produce professional-looking presentations. When you create a PowerPoint presentation, it is made up of a series of slides. The slides contain the information you want to communicate with your audience. This information can include text, pictures, charts, video, sound, and more.
Before you begin adding information to slides, you need to know the basics of working with slides. In this lesson you will learn how to start a new presentation, insert new slides, modify a layout, move and copy slides, how placeholders work, as well as how to save your presentation.

Fix: Powerpoint doesn’t play audio or video

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PowerPoint presentations combine a variety of media into slideshows. Most PowerPoint users will probably add at least a little audio and video to make the presentations more interesting. However, PowerPoint doesn’t support every media format. So if the application isn’t playing audio and video in a presentation, that’s probably due to incompatible media formats or not having the required codecs for them.