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Mysterious Lightning

Mysterious Lightning
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In this tutorial you can learn how to make a fantasy scene with mysterious lightning...
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8 important tips for lightning photography

8 important tips for lightning photography Icon
Lightning photography is self-explanatory: photographing lightning. Because lightning is a very unpredictable force of nature, the actual process of photographing lightning presents unique challenges to photographers. It is, however, possible to be an outstanding lightning photographer if you are equipped with the necessary skills. Below are 8 useful tips that will help you capture stunning lightning shots:

Photo Manipulate a Mysterious Ghost Ship

Photo Manipulate a Mysterious Ghost Ship Icon
In this Photoshop tutorial we will learn how to create an emotional dark fantasy photo manipulation featuring a ghost ship with a mysterious figure By following this tutorial, we will have fun while learning how to compose our own ghost ship by combining various stock image through photomanipulation techniques like blending, lightning and using custom brushes.

Photoshop Brushes: Similarities in Nature

Photoshop Brushes: Similarities in Nature Icon
I was attempting to take a photo of lightning and create a brush from it, so I could have lightning when I needed it. However, in my pursuit of this, I had a “Eureka!” moment. When you look at the lightning image below, what does the shape of the lightning resemble? Read on to find out. Here, we’ll start with this simple stock image of a lightning strike. It’s always good to have a folder of images that contain generic elements like this. You just never know what you might be able to use them for.

Lightning Flash

Lightning Flash Icon
In this Photoshop effects tutorial, we'll learn how to easily create and add lightning to an image with Photoshop! There's a few different ways to create lightning using Photoshop. The way we'll learn here is my favorite because, unlike real lightning in nature, this technique gives us lots of control over where the lightning appears and what it looks like in our image. After we've created the initial lightning bolt, we'll learn how to colorize it and how to brighten things up with some highlights to complete the effect!


Lightning Icon
How to make a nice lightning background for perhaps a sig or other projects.

How to Put Lightning inside the Bottle

How to Put Lightning inside the Bottle Icon
This Photoshop tutorial can make everyone who wants to know how to create lightning in a bottle and you will be very surprised to learn how it is quickly and easy.

How to Create an Electrifyingly Patriotic Manipulation

How to Create an Electrifyingly Patriotic Manipulation Icon
Learn how to create this intense photo manipulation of a guy shooting lightning from his hands. In this tutorial you will learn various blending and lightning techniques. What you’ll be creating You will create an intense photo manipulaton depicting a guy who has the power of lightning at his fingertips.

Create Realistic Lightning

Create Realistic Lightning Icon
Adobe Photoshop Tutorial: Here you will be taught how to make realistic lightning. Its a quick and easy way to create realistic lightning in Adobe Photoshop.

Lightning in Photoshop

Lightning in Photoshop Icon
Here is a nice little tutorial to show you how to electrify your images with lightning in Photoshop.

Lightning Text

Lightning Text Icon
Learn how to add a lightning/electric effect around your text or object.