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PacMan that Runs and Gobbles Pills

PacMan that Runs and Gobbles Pills
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In this tutorial, you will use the basic animation techniques in Flash to create a moving pac-man! There is no better way of learning a technique than by working on a real-world example.
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Creating 3D pills with vector graphics

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Adobe Flash Tutorial: Learn creating 3d pills with vector graphics.

Creating A Simple AIR Application

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Learn how to create a simple clock application that runs on AIR.

Create a Flash ball game with visual from above tutorial

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In this tutorial I’ll cover two types of gameplay: one with the ball that runs on a static stage, and one with a fixed ball with a scrolling stage. We’ll see the pros and cons of both type of games. First of all, let’s start with the aim of the game: you have to take your ball to the exit of each level avoiding any kind of traps.

Making an Auto Run CD

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Making a Flash Movie that will Auto Run when you create a CD is remarkably easy. AutoRun is a feature that enables CD to start a program automatically. If you want to create a Flash Movie that runs automatically from a CD you would use the AutoRun feature. You simply have to add a small file to the CD at the time when you burn your CD. On Windows is made by putting an INF file in the parent directory of the CD. This tutorial explains the few simple steps you need to achieve this.

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How to Clear Recent Documents Jump List on Shutdown

The Jump Lists feature in Windows helps you to quickly open a recent item or do some pre-determined action without moving back and forth between drives and folders. As you can tell, Microsoft Office makes a good use of these Jump Lists and displays your recent documents so that you can open them quickly. As good as it is, sometimes you don’t want your recent documents to appear in the Jump Lists. There may be any number of privacy and security reasons for this. No matter what the reason is, using a simple registry edit or a group policy setting, you can make Windows automatically clear your recent documents list when you shut down your system. Here’s how.

Introduction to NPM (NodeJS)

In this article, I introduce you to a very useful tool - NPM, the official package manager for NodeJS. Before learning about NodeJS let us see why we need a package manager. It is time for a different HelloWorld application.By the way NPM doesn’t stand for Node Package Manager (as is misconception with many). NPM is just NPM.

First NodeJS Application

Previously we saw what NodeJS is and what all we can do with it. That all is fine but HOW DO I WRITE CODE on NodeJS????? See the name NodeJS. The “JS” in its name stands for JavaScript. So yes, you write your code in JavaScript. I guess you knew this. So I hope you are familiar with basic JavaScript. Whenever you start learning a new language it is customary to write a Hello World Application. It is the rule. So here we write the code for Hello World Application which will display “Hello World” in the output.

Introduction to NodeJS

Servers are everywhere. Yes everywhere. Even your PC or mobile is a server on its own. Many technologies are available at the present which enable us to build web servers for every purpose. But somewhere developers felt that these technologies like Ruby on Rails or Django do not offer much required support for high number of concurrent connections nor they were fast enough when under heavy traffic. This is where the need for developing a new platform came from and this way NodeJS was born. NodeJS is a runtime environment which runs JavaScript on a system as a server without the need for a web browser.