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Refining Your Design In Adobe Fireworks

Refining Your Design In Adobe Fireworks
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While certainly not as well known as Photoshop, Adobe Fireworks is a great tool for creating user interfaces, website designs and mock-ups, wireframes, icons and much more. However, most designers who have been using Photoshop for years may find Fireworks a bit awkward at first. Fireworks does have a slightly different workflow and requires a slightly different approach than you may be used to.
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Adobe is feature-freezing Fireworks

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Adobe is not offering a replacement tool for Fireworks... In this article, we’ll take a close look at Adobe Fireworks, explaining why it is a unique and powerful design tool, how we can continue to use it effectively, and what our alternatives are for the future.

Graphic Design Ideas

Graphic Design Ideas Icon
Using Adobe Fireworks you can create many unique Graphic Designs. The new version of Fireworks, Adobe Fireworks CS4, is va-va-voom. There are so many cool new features.

Fireworks Tips

Fireworks Tips Icon
Fireworks is a fantastic graphic design software for designing both websites and web graphics. The latest version released by Adobe Fireworks is just what you need if you are starting out in web design or need to save time on delivering your web.

Fireworks Tutorials

Fireworks Tutorials Icon
Check out our latest collection of top-quality free fireworks tutorials for design professionals. You'll find comprehensive help on all aspects of effective web-site and graphic design. Get great ideas and tips on current web design trends right here! Must Read tutorials:
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3) Photo Effects Tutorials
4) Text Effects Tutorials
5) Graphic Design Tutorials
6) Web Design Ideas and Tips

Interaction design and rapid prototyping

Interaction design and rapid prototyping Icon
In the following four short video presentations, I demonstrate how to use Adobe Fireworks CS4 for information and interaction design and creating interactive prototypes quickly, and how you can use Fireworks as a design tool that fits into your complete design process, from concept to development.

Designing a website application

Designing a website application Icon
This tutorial shows you the process of creating a website application in Adobe Fireworks CS4—from sketching the original page design to developing wireframes, to creating the final design. All the essential tools and instructions will be covered in this article to help you begin creating websites and designs within Fireworks CS4 right away. If you are already familiar with Fireworks, you'll get a tour of some new features included in Fireworks CS4 as you follow along.

How To Create a Stylish Navigation Bar

How To Create a Stylish Navigation Bar Icon
There are some times when I like to design using Adobe Fireworks instead. After all Fireworks was created with web-designers in mind and it allows us to quickly prototype and design for the web, so let's see what it can do.

Creating an Interactive PDF for the Review Process

Creating an Interactive PDF for the Review Process Icon
Adobe Fireworks CS6 / Adobe Acrobat Professional XI – In this lesson we will create an interactive PDF with Adobe Fireworks CS6. Starting with the iPhone mockup, you will learn the basics of working with the Web Layer and Hotspot tool. Exporting design comps for Adobe Acrobat Professional is a great way to start the design review and approval process.

Responsive redesign : visual design stage

Responsive redesign : visual design stage Icon
In the previous article in this series, I discussed our ideation and initial prototyping process. We covered details on how to use Adobe Fireworks to set up a responsive design wireframe, reusable components, prototypes and ways to share designs. In this article, we’ll share how we used Adobe Fireworks in our iterative visual design process, along with other useful tips.

Fireworks Web Design Tutorial

Fireworks Web Design Tutorial Icon
Adobe Fireworks Tutorial: Learn how to design a web site with Macromedia Fireworks.