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Creating jQuery Mobile website themes

Creating jQuery Mobile website themes
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Basic familiarity working with Dreamweaver and Fireworks is required. Prior experience building websites with the jQuery Mobile Framework, HTML, and CSS is also recommended. In this article you'll learn how to work with Adobe Fireworks CS6 to create custom jQuery mobile skins and use them in mobile websites based on the jQuery Mobile Framework.
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How to make jQuery Mobile Themes

How to make jQuery Mobile Themes Icon
Adobe have been using Labs as a testing area for features and extensions for some time. One such extension, which now ships as standard, allows jQuery Mobile themes to be built in Fireworks CS6 and exported as usable code. Let's take a look at the options we're given for developing jQuery Mobile themes in Fireworks.

What’s new in CS6

What’s new in CS6 Icon
Extract CSS object properties
Export slices as CSS sprite
Creating jQuery mobile themes
Performance improvements
Set opacity separately for fill and stroke
Color selection improvement
Set the angle for gradient or pattern fills
New fw.png filename extension
Miscellaneous enhancements
API enhancements

Designing a website application

Designing a website application Icon
This tutorial shows you the process of creating a website application in Adobe Fireworks CS4—from sketching the original page design to developing wireframes, to creating the final design. All the essential tools and instructions will be covered in this article to help you begin creating websites and designs within Fireworks CS4 right away. If you are already familiar with Fireworks, you'll get a tour of some new features included in Fireworks CS4 as you follow along.

Design a Mobile Device in Fireworks

Design a Mobile Device in Fireworks Icon
Design plays a vital role when developing user interfaces with the goal of creating rich immersive experiences for end users. Mobile application development involves many other factors besides setting the stage size to match small screens or mapping functions to a device's soft keys.

Build a Promotional iPhone App Website Wireframe

Build a Promotional iPhone App Website Wireframe Icon
Fireworks is a great tool for creating a wireframe and while it doesn’t work perfect with Photoshop, you can export over there and then build off your wireframe. We’ll cover the design process of creating a wireframe for an iPhone application website in Fireworks. For those of you not familiar with this program, it will be a good jumping off point for using it to wireframe your web design projects. This is a first part of a multi-part series and will be fun!

Create a Clean Website Template using Fireworks

Create a Clean Website Template using Fireworks Icon
The first instalment of this 2 part tutorial in which we will be creating a clean, crisp website homepage design from scratch using Adobe Fireworks, and then coding it with HTML5 and CSS3 in part 2 next week.

Website Design with Dreamweaver & Fireworks

Website Design with Dreamweaver & Fireworks Icon
Website Design with Dreamweaver & Fireworks
This free CSS website design guide teaches layout design with Fireworks and CSS/XHTML website conversion with Dreamweaver. Learn CSS Web Design by following these simple steps:
1) Layout Design : Designing the website's layout with Fireworks
a) Designing the website's header and footer
b) Designing the website's background and navigation
c) Placing photos and content into the website's design
2) Export Images : Slicing and Exporting the website images with Fireworks
3) Dreamweaver Site : Setting up the website in Dreamweaver
4) CSS Tutorial : CSS and XHTML website programming with Dreamweaver
5) CSS Styles : Formatting the web pages using CSS style sheets in Dreamweaver
This tutorial series teaches you how to create a full fledged website using Fireworks and Dreamweaver and thus assumes you are familiar with some design software and HTML editor, even if you are new to Fireworks and/or Dreamweaver.

Website Screenshots/Thumbnails

Website Screenshots/Thumbnails Icon
Adobe Fireworks Tutorial: Creating website screenshots & thumbnails in Fireworks.

Add simple textures to text

Add simple textures to text Icon
When you’re working in Fireworks — be it for a website design, mobile design or graphic asset for a project — one need you will undoubtedly have is support for textures. While Fireworks is an amazing tool in other areas, the usability of the textures feature could definitely be improved.

Slice & export the website's images

Slice & export the website's images Icon
As part of our free CSS website design guide this tutorial teaches you the very important step of how to slice and export the simple website layout designed in previous steps (shown on your left) to optimized images usable for your website when you build the web pages with Adobe Dreamweaver CS4+ in subsequent steps.