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Create a vector icon in Adobe Fireworks

Create a vector icon in Adobe Fireworks
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Icons can communicate a message very quickly, occasionally in a way that is quicker than words. Most importantly, if well designed, they can be understood by everyone, no matter their language or culture. In this tutorial we're going to explore how to design a cloud icon for a cloud-based software to share and upload files.
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Create complex vector shapes

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Adobe Fireworks Video tutorial - duration 20-minute. A few visitors have asked how to create complex vector shapes in Adobe Fireworks. So the screencast is a of me taking you through the process I use to create complex shapes.

Easy Camera Icon Creation

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few weeks ago I decided to create a camera icon. Usually I would do that in Illustrator or Photoshop, however as I use Fireworks pretty much most of my time I chose to create the icon using it. The cool thing about Fireworks is that you have the vector features found in Illustrator with bitmaps features found in Photoshop, especially layer style filters.

How to add Old Grunge Polaroid photo effect

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In this tutorial we will show you how to create a grunge Polaroid photo using Adobe Fireworks and its unique ability to work with textures. The way Adobe Fireworks handles texture is substantially different to how Photoshop does things, and in fact it's one of the main things that stump a lot of Photoshop users when they first use Fireworks. However, with a bit of experience and experimentation, you can learn how to combine bitmap textures with vector drawing in Fireworks for an excellent result.

Adobe Fireworks CS4 Cool New Features

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Get to know all the cool new features available in Adobe Fireworks CS4. Adobe Fireworks CS4, the latest offering from Adobe for Fireworks is out and catching on like fire! The amazing new features that have been released with this version are sure to impress even hard core Adobe Photoshop lovers. Features: Pages Panel, Styles Panel, Path Panel, Smart Guides and Tooltips, CSS Export, PDF Export, Guide Measure and Measurement Auto Shape, Align Panel, Auto Vector Mask, SlideShow, Text Wrapping, etc.

Masking in Fireworks

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Adobe Fireworks video tutorial: Tom Green covers the basics of using bitmap and vector masks in Fireworks. You should download the files to follow along with this tutorial...

Create a 3D vector icon in Fireworks or Illustrator

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This tutorial will show you how to create a 3D-looking icon, adding fine details and shadows, using textures and making the illustration very realistic with gradients and lights. At the end of the tutorial it will be hard to say which software you used to create the icon because of its depth and stunning look and feel.

Creating a folder icon in Fireworks

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Adobe Fireworks is a familiar tool to a significant subset of web developers. There are many reasons for this. In addition to the benefits of integrating with Dreamweaver, Fireworks has an easy-to-use interface and includes a wide array of web-focused features. The image creation, slicing, and optimization tools make Fireworks extremely useful for both beginning and advanced users alike.

Creating A Fading Line Effect Using Adobe Fireworks

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ne of the most overlooked tools in Adobe Fireworks is the Eraser Tool. It is a neat tool especially if you want to manipulate bitmaps. Vector paths with fills have options to use fill colors that are gradients , or semi transparent colors.

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Using Adobe Fireworks you can create many unique Graphic Designs. The new version of Fireworks, Adobe Fireworks CS4, is va-va-voom. There are so many cool new features.

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Adobe is not offering a replacement tool for Fireworks... In this article, we’ll take a close look at Adobe Fireworks, explaining why it is a unique and powerful design tool, how we can continue to use it effectively, and what our alternatives are for the future.