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Excel Formulas Simply Explained

Excel Formulas Simply Explained
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Learn the basics of formulas in Excel: how to write and use them, using absolute and relative references, and using the fill handle with formulas.
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10 Most Used Formulas

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Excel is important for beginners, intermediate and advanced users alike, there are 100’s of formulas in excel which you can learn but in our regular usage the following 10 formulas are the most used excels formulas... In this post we'll show you the list of most used excel formulas...

How to Show Formulas in Cells and Hide Formulas Completely in Excel 2013

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If you are working on an Excel worksheet with a lot of formulas in it, it may become difficult to follow and keep track of all your formulas. Excel provides a simple way of displaying formulas in the cells in addition to the formula bar. This feature also displays the dependencies for each formula in the cells (when selected), so you can track the data being used in each calculation. Displaying formulas in cells helps you to find cells containing formulas and to quickly read through all your formulas and check for errors. You can also print the spreadsheet with the formulas in the cells to help check your work.

29 ways to save time with Excel formulas

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Formulas are the bread and butter of Excel, and If you use Excel on a regular basis, I bet you're working with a lot of formulas. But getting formulas working properly is tricky, and too often a problem that seems simple ends up taking far too long. In this article, I share some good tips to save you time when working with formulas in Excel.

Microsoft Excel formulas with examples

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Can Microsoft Excel formulas be easy to learn? Yep! This tutorial explains the very basics of Excel formulas for beginners, with detailed steps on how to write and use them. It also provides a number of advanced formula examples for experienced users. You will be amazed how simple creating formulas in Excel actually is.

Excel Math Formulas

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Knowing the best Excel Math Formulas to use allows you to crunch those numbers quickly to get the results you need. The formulas you can use vary from simple computation to condition-based criteria. Excel even provides you with specific error messages when data is entered incorrectly. Let’s get started with some of the most used simple formulas.

Audit Your Excel Formulas Easily

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If your workbook contains more than just a couple of formulas then it can eventually create a web of relationships that can soon become somewhat confusing as to which cells contain the values to specific formulas and which formulas depend on values calculated by other cells. You can however use a couple of tools within Excel to track your formulas. These commands are Trace Precedents and Trace Dependents. Pretty self explanatory as to their function. Let’s take a look how we can use these to untangle and web of formulas we have in an Excel workbook.

Simple Time Sheet Calculator

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This example teaches you how to create a simple timesheet calculator in Excel. Cells that contain formulas are colored light yellow. If you are in a hurry, simply download the Excel file. (Step 1): To automatically calculate the next 4 days and dates when you enter a start date, use the formulas described in the tutorial.

Excel 2007 Formulas

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Excel can manipulate your data by using formulas. Formulas can be as simple as adding two or more numbers together or as complicated as determining the calculation of a second-order differential equation.

Fix: Excel Formulas don’t update in Power Query tables

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If you’re new to Power Query, chances are you’re more comfortable doing tricky mathematics using Excel formulas, rather that Power Query formulas. No shame there, but you’ve probably run into a situation where you set up the formulas, refresh your query and the Excel formulas don’t update in Power Query 's output table. I’ve worked with this issue for a long time, and it’s actually caused me to avoid using Excel formulas in tables generated via Power Query all together.

Edit Multiple Formulas

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Sometimes, you just need a faster way to do stuff in Excel, especially when it comes to creating and updating formulas. So, here is a way to update multiple formulas in Excel really fast using a method you have probably used before, but maybe not for updating formulas.