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Links: No Underline

Links: No Underline
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Styling links with CSS tutorial: Get the underlines off of your links!
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Links Without Underline

Links Without Underline Icon
In this article we teach you how simple it is to create links with no underline.This is done using CSS Styles.

Tutorial on Links Without Underline

Tutorial on Links Without Underline Icon
Learn how to create links without the underline in Dreamweaver using stylesheets.

Underline Horizontal Menu

Underline Horizontal Menu Icon
This is a sleek CSS horizontal menu with a popular "underline" effect shown whenever the mouse rolls over a link.

Styling Underlines on the Web

Styling Underlines on the Web Icon
Styling the underlines that sit beneath links can be a tricky business, and I constantly forget what’s the best approach depending on the situation. There are a bunch of different ways to style underlines. So what are all the different ways we can underline text on the web?

More Control over Text Decoration

More Control over Text Decoration Icon
You're probably aware of this property. For instance, most default browser styles include underlined links by way of text-decoration: underline; - which you can remove with text-decoration: none;. But you may not be aware that there is more you can do with this property, as well as various sub-properties offering more fine-grained control.

CSS Text Decoration Example

CSS Text Decoration Example Icon
The aim of this example is to show the usage of text-decoration property. This is a very commonly used property to decorate text mainly with lines. It may also be used to style links in your own way using underline value. All modern browsers support text-decoration property and you may use it without having to write extra lines of code like -webkit, -moz or -o. As we will see, you can add two or more values to this property and still get things going well and have a customized styling that you want.

Styling links with CSS

Styling links with CSS Icon
Learn how to add interesting CSS styles to HTML links, including visited and rolled-over links. Discover how to change colours and add images to links.

CSS and Links

CSS and Links Icon
Applying CSS to your links allows you to do all sorts of nice roll-over effects and advanced text highlighting. You will also be able to have many sets of links on a single page, all with different formatting.

Limitations on Styling Visited Links

Limitations on Styling Visited Links Icon
Links can be styled any which way you like to provide unique site navigation. These styles can be extended to pseudo states like :hover to create dynamic transitions. However, there are significant restrictions on styling links that the user has previously visited, limitations that are often unexpected and exasperating, especially for designers and developers who don’t understand the reasons why.

Remove Underlines from Links

Remove Underlines from Links Icon
Adobe Dreamweaver Tutorial: Make your links look nice without those underlines.