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To change the cursor on an individual link, copy the code below, and change LINK TEXT to the text you want to use for your link, and change YOUR URL to the url you are linking to.
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Now a days mostly web browser supports customized cursors defined with CSS.

Although the cursors will not have the customized look in some browsers it usually doesn't ruin anything. These browsers will simply show the normal arrow-cursor which would be same case as if you refrained from customizing cursors at all.

CSS Custom Cursors

CSS Custom Cursors Icon
Learn how to create and use loads of custom cursors for your site and CSS lets you do it quite easily! The cursor CSS property accepts a series of cursors, and using a url() value allows you to set a custom CSS cursor...

So, Do you want to change the Cursor

So, Do you want to change the Cursor Icon
Cursors, some like the pointing finger, some like that I-beam-looking thing, and others try to lose the cursor altogether. Whatever your cup of tea, CSS version 2.0 is trying to help.

Custom CSS Cursors

Custom CSS Cursors Icon
Using CSS, you can change the default cursor icon associated with a particular element, even specifying your own cursor image (in IE6+) instead.

Change Cursors When Hovers over Links

Change Cursors When Hovers over Links Icon
With CSS you can change what the cursor looks like when it hovers over your links and other elements.

Cursor Types

Cursor Types Icon
The typical browser will display the mouse pointer over any blank part of a web page, the gloved hand over any item that is linked (click-able) and the edit cursor over any text or text field. Within CSS you can change those properties to have a variety of different cursors display on your page.

Changing the Cursor with CSS for Better User Experience

Changing the Cursor with CSS for Better User Experience Icon
CSS can control the appearance of a cursor. There are a ton of options available to us and we've covered them pretty thoroughly in the ol' Almanac here on CSS-Tricks. Still, it's easy to overlook cursors and their impact on the user experience of our sites. Remember when we learned ::selection was a thing and every site started using it to personalize the background color of text selections?