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Zoom In and Out

Zoom In and Out
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Public Function DisplayImage(ctlImageControl As Control, strImagePath As Variant) As String

Dim strResult As String
Dim strDatabasePath As String
Dim intSlashLocation As Integer

With ctlImageControl
If IsNull(strImagePath) Then
.Visible = False
strResult = "No image name specified."
If InStr(1, strImagePath, "\") = 0 Then
' Path is relative
strDatabasePath = CurrentProject.FullName
intSlashLocation = InStrRev(strDatabasePath, "\", Len(strDatabasePath))
strDatabasePath = Left(strDatabasePath, intSlashLocation)
strImagePath = strDatabasePath & strImagePath
End If
.Visible = True
.Picture = strImagePath
strResult = "Image found and displayed."
End If
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