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Access 2010 Working with Tables

Access 2010 Working with Tables
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While there are four types of database objects in Access 2010, tables are arguably the most important. Even when you're using forms, queries, and reports, you're still working with tables, since that's where all your data is stored. Tables are at the heart of any database, so it's important to understand how to use them.
In this lesson, you will learn how to open tables, create and edit records, and modify the appearance of your table to make it easier to view and work with.
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Question on removing permissions from tables after 97-->2010 conversion

Question on removing permissions from tables after 97-->2010 conversion Icon
Our organization has several 97 access databases scattered throughout and are getting updated to 2010. The update has gone fairly well, however, as we go through these individual databases, the users ask that we provide them with changes that have not been implemented since the DBs were new.

The business does not have a full time DBA, and has contracted work like that in the past, but I would prefer not to call on such a person for what appears to be simple changes (adding records to tables, etc.).

and I foolishlymentioned that I have some experience with Access, so I have been tasked with all Access problems.

Herein lies the problem: Currently I am working on converting a table and find that the DBA who built these DBs not only hid the nav pane, but apparently has locked the tables for editing as well.

I can get the tables to show with F11 fine, but I need to get around those permissions set on the tables. I am unsure exactly how to go about it with 2010 not having permissions (from what I understand).

report filter not working in Access 2010 SP1

report filter not working in Access 2010 SP1 Icon
Windows auto installed Office 2010 SP 1 and now my Access 2010 reports no longer work. It is a Access 2003 mdb file running in Access 2010. It was working fine till SP 1 was installed.

DoCmd.OpenReport strReportName, acViewPreview, , strSQL

the report opens fine, but no longer filters like it used to. (In my case I am filtering dates, using the # characters.)

Access 2010 adp bugs

Access 2010 adp bugs Icon
I had a working adp that started life in Access 2003, was successfully upgraded to Access 2007, and has now been "upgraded" to Access 2010. A number of issues have arisen, all of which seem like Access 2010 bugs to me.

The Access 2007 version and the Access 2010 version are both connecting to the same SQL Server 2008 database. The issues only exist in Access 2010.

* A form which used Me.OrderBy to sort the recordsource crashed Access 2010 after working fine in Access 2003 and 2007.
* Settings for a form's InputParameters which worked fine in Access 2003 and 2007 now crashed Access 2010.
* Access 2010 incorrectly decided that a foreign key id field in a form "cannot be updated because it is an autonumber". In this particular case, the problem does NOT occur if the record source is "Select P.* From dbo.Payment P", which is the table containing an actorID foreign key.

Not able to build an ADP in MS Access 2010

Not able to build an ADP in MS Access 2010 Icon
I have a ADP project in MS Access 2003,I have migrated this application to MS Access 2010. After doing few code changes it is working fine in MS Access 2010, but we are facing issue in building the MS Access 2010 ADP.

I am able to import the Forms,Modules and On selecting the run macros to Initialise the Database in MS Access 2010(while building ADP),it is giving runtime error'29060'"file not found".

linked table refresh in 2010 not working in 2000

linked table refresh in 2010 not working in 2000 Icon
for any ideas . I have an access db that links to a Pervasive database. I administer the database in 2010 version but one of my user is still on 2000 (he wont change so thats not an option). I had to change the ODBC for a small group of tables. The links are working on my end but not his - he gets an ODBC error

Office 2010 ODBC linking question

Office 2010 ODBC linking question Icon
Just got Ofc2010 & Windows7 machine. Had to setup ODBC connections to an Oracle DB again with a later version of Oracle. Had to re-LINK all my Access tables to the Oracle DB tables. All going well so far, but my queries using the linked tables are still not working.

Access 2010 User Levels

Access 2010 User Levels Icon
However I have managed to build a database for a small business I am working for. The issue is once I complete the database there will be 4 people accessing it on a daily basis but Only 2 of us will be able to access of the tables.

How can I create a login or security to only allow certain users to see certain parts of the database? I have read afew tutorials on this, but there does not seem to be too much information with Access 2010 unless it's providing read only and admin edit options.

Access 2010 stopped working

Access 2010 stopped working Icon
I'm running Access 2010 on Win7 x64. I use it very rarely, but it has worked in the past. "Microsoft Access has stopped working" and given the option to close the program or search online for a solution (which yields nothing).

Failing that, is it possible touninstall/reinstall just Access? It's part of my Office 2010 Pro installation and doesn't show up by itself in the uninstall programs dialog.

Access 2010 database 1 of 12 tables locked after converting to Access 2010

Access 2010 database 1 of 12 tables locked after converting to Access 2010 Icon
Unable to add records or edit one table of an Access database with 12 tables after converting to Access 2010

The Table in question has 24670 records and is in the centre of the structure. It records the base data by reference to a date and uses the other tables for the common data.

All other functions of the database work providing reports,

It is as if this one table has been locked in some way.

The database had no problems under Access 2007 and new records could be added to the table in question

Access 2003 to 2010

Access 2003 to 2010 Icon
We are moving to Office 2010 and have found that some of our Access databases do not work as they used to. This particular database has a form, which is used for data entry, and has two subforms as part of the data entry form.

Each part of the form is entered into a different table. There is an auto number field to tie the three tables together. One of the tables links to the main form in a one-to-many format for transactions.

The other table is linked one-to-one. It is the one-to-one subform that is not working in 2010.

During data entry the information can be entered in the main form and the subforms with no problems. The problem is that the subform does not display the information after moving to another record.

The data is in the tables correctly. but the form does not display the information from the one-to-one table.