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Vlookup function in access

Vlookup function in access
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I have table with customers and orders. I want to fill automaticaly fields like Name, address, etc. when I fill customer number in form new order. In excel I use for this Vlook up function but I dont know how to do it in access.
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convert vlookup to access

convert vlookup to access Icon
I have an Excel formula that I need to convert to Access 2007:

=IF(F8="Active",IF(AND(C8<>"None",C8<>"COM"),VLOOK UP(N8,AQ6:AV11,L8+1,FALSE ),IF(C8="COM",VLOOKUP(J8,AX7:AY11,2,),"Error")),"N ull")

The vlookup looks to this:

The cell references like C8,N8 are values in the first column of the vlookup fields. This is for a ratings table.

It took me a while to figure out vlookup and it's real cool, but not in Access. I know I would have to use VBA to reproduce this, but umh not brainy enough

How to use vlookup to find your criteria?

How to use vlookup to find your criteria? Icon
I need want to use the vlookup function in Access 2010 when creating a query. I am doing this as an expression in design view of my query.

to first, ask what state I am looking for (I have put this in the criteria box of the field "[State]"), then search anothertable (I have it created already, it is a list of the states) for that state and plug the cell with the name of that state into this new query cell.

How can you do this?

Simple VLookup function in Access

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I would like to know how to write a query to run a simple vlookup functions between these two:

Tabel1 : has 200,000 rows of data. Has the fields to be looked up- "Serial_Number" and "Ship_Date"

Table2: has the field :"Serial_No"

I want table3 to Lookup Serial_No (tabel2) in the Serial_Number in table1 and return the corresponding row value of Ship_Date

When uses Vlookup

When uses Vlookup Icon
I have imported lots of data into multiple tables in Access. For each line item, I have a Sale Date. Our Sales Dates need to be organized by a predetermined Week Number and Period Number. I have an excel file with a list of each date for the year with what Week it falls in, as well as what Period. How can I add this to Access for a new column with all my data, and then when new data comes in each data, it assigns it automatically.

Would I use Vlookup?

FYI- there is no way I can export this data into excel and use vlookup and reimport, I have over 1 million rows of data.

Query to work as a Vlookup function

Query to work as a Vlookup function Icon
One table with following fields:
System, Component, Anomaly number, Status, Priority.

I have a form with first two fields as system and component. You can select each with from drop down menus.

I would like to create more fields in this form, where I can choose system and component and display anomaly numbers associated to them and their respective status and priority.

I can do this in excel using VLOOKUP. Tried using DLOOKUP in access but cannot get it to work.

Please help. Also, I am newbie using Access, so keep that in mind if you find my question to be very basic

Query with Vlookup formula

Query with Vlookup formula Icon
I am new with access and I would like to make a question to see if it is possible to create a query that contains the a formula similar to the vlookup formula in excel.
I have to create a data base with three different tables that include different information from the same people, so then I would like to create a query to see if the same people is included effectively in the others tables or not. If I have to do this excel I would use the vlookup, however I need to do this in acess because based on this information there will be several actions to take from that point.

Excel VLookup vs Access IIF statement

Excel VLookup vs Access IIF statement Icon
I have an excel formula that I used a VLookup to calculate the Fiscal Year(FY) of a signed document. I changed it to an IIF statement for Access but the Query won't accept it as an expression because of it's size. Is there another way to accomplish this?

understanding excel for access purposes

understanding excel for access purposes Icon
I need to make a form in access related to the records from excel. I need the operations to be exactly the same from excel so I could convert the calculations in ms access. but I don't know what this means? =(IF(ISNA(VLOOKUP(G12,$AI$9:$AJ$10, 2, 0)),0,VLOOKUP(G12,$AI$9:$AJ$10, 2, 0))) it's from one of the calculations in excel. I just want to understand what the logic is about. any help would do


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and I suspect that there is a very simple answer to my problem:

I receive about a dozen reports from different companies, all of them in their own format. Up until now, I have been using excel's vlookup function to convert their codes unto my codes. For example, they might designate a value of RNWL which in our system is RWL.

I think I am supposed to be using the dlookup function - can't make it work, though. is there a simpler way to do it

Access equiv to the vLookup in a Query

Access equiv to the vLookup in a Query Icon
How do I perform a lookup in a query?

Essentially I am wanting to perform what in excel would be a vlookup function where I pull the information from one query and put it into another query using the date as the lookup criteria.

Eg: Query 1 has the information and Query 2 is where I want to put it.

Qry 1
Date Value
19 May 2010 996.00
21 June 2010 1101.01
31 August 2010 701.03

Now in Query 2 I want to perform the lookup so the result will look like this

Date Value
20 June 2010 996.00
21 June 2010 1101.01
22 June 2010 1101.01