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VBA to clear or reset text fields from a click of a command button

VBA to clear or reset text fields from a click of a command button
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Is it possible to add vba code to a command button that when clicked the event will clear existing data or reset data, so when the user is on the form, the previous data entereddoesn't display? if so how can this be done?
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how to clear highlighted fields with a command button

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I have multiple fields in a form that use a macro event to highlight the backcolor of the field when the data is changed. I would like to be able to clear the highlighted fields with the click of a button.

I have a command button programed to save the record and would like it to clear the highlights for me as well. What is the best way to accomplish this goal?

Resetting a form having "Required" fields

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I have a form which has 4 fields set as "Required". When I try to dirty the form and then try to reset it using a button, it does clear all the fields, but when I try to close the form, it gives me the error that the "xyz" field is required. I want to keep those fields set as required, but yet would like to have a reset button that can clear the fields for the user if they have made a mistake during data entry.

Second problem is that on the same form, I have a subform. The Reset button is in the header section of the main form. By clicking this button, I would also like the subform to be reset. The reset button includes code for the subform to reset, but it also has the same problem error. There are required fields on it. How can I reset a form and provide the primary key fields and the required key fields Null values when they can't have Null values

Command button click event

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I have a very simple form, couple of text boxes and a Command Button. On Click event of command button I want to clear all my text boxes but when I click nothing happens.

Private Sub CmdReset_Click()
MsgBox "Clear", vbOKOnly
TxtVendorName.Value = ""
TxtDesc.Value = ""
TxtOrderDay.Value = ""
TxtDeliveryDay.Value = ""

Search and Clear button

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so heres the deal. First off bear with me! I have only been working in access and with VB for about a week now. So I am very new at this. What I am trying to do is create a search button and a clear button on a page. I have the fields created in the table and all the information for these fields entered. I have the page created and all the buttons positioned. I am just missing out on the functionality of this. (The main part of it) LOL All I want to do is type in a word into a text box click on a command button and it will display the first record in the table. Then if I click again it will display the second closes to the search. I am at a loss here I have tried many things all resulting in the same result. nothing that is functionable! Any ideas, suggestions, websites, anything will be much appreciated! If addition info is needed let me know

Write Vba code on a command button to edit records?

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I've created a command button were I would like to edit records.the records or text fields are set are set to prevent a user from accidentally over writing existing data through a typo etc. I've locked the text fields; however, I would like the user to click on the command button to edit the data.

how to clear a validation of text box in VBA

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I created a added data form with input text box.

I set a validation rule in there. such <1000.

However, even I remove all number in text box, but I still got validation message and much enter quality number (<1000) before closed form. I set a reset button with codes as Me.SALECODE = Null and Me.Refresh

Reset button does not work. I still got validation message when I move into other text box even there are no any number in first validation text box.

Clearing specific cells with command button

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Is it possible, on the click of a button, to clear the contents of a particular cell(s) in a table?

I have a data entry form. On the click of a button I want to be able to purge all of the information in the underlying table except the clients ID and Name etc.

I dont want the whole record to be deleted, just clear the individual cells

Save & Clear Button + Disable Enter

Save & Clear Button + Disable Enter Icon
I have one command button in my form. I want my button to

1. SAVE the data upon click of button and CLEAR all fields for new data entry

2. I noticed that when I press the ENTER it will do same action as clicking my button. I tried the "on Enter event" and create a Message Box when Enter is pressed. it works, but when I press Enter again. it will proceed with the data transfer. I want to DISABLE the Enter command to transfer the data. I want the user to use the Button Only to transfer the record

Creating reset button to clear text box in search form

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I already built reset button with this code but it is not working.

Private Sub clearbtn_Click()
Me!qproject1 = " "
Me!qdoc1 = " "
Me!qvolume1 = " "
Me!qbox1 = " "

End Sub

Search field will not clear

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I have a form with several unbound search fields and code that I got from a gracious helper that creates SQL search phrase from those unbound fields. The filterOn works when I click the cmd_Search and I get exactly what I want as a search result. BUT when I place a cmd_Clear_Search_Terms and click to blank out the 3 search fields it does not work. Some fix I tried blanked out the fields but if I re-click on the cmd_Search btn then the query brings up whatever the last search brought up. The first time that I click on cmd_Search with no terms in the unbound boxes I have a msgbox that popsup a "no criteria" message just like it should. Why do you think that by trying to clear out the terms that I get the same results.

It's like whatever I do I can't get the search fields to blank out and the cmd_Search btn to reset, but get the earlier search term results.

Any one have any time to drop a hint to a struggling amateur