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VBA code to search form field properties

VBA code to search form field properties
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Not the database but the field properties on the form. I previously had some code to do this (search forms) but I don't know where it is .


I want to search all forms in the database for a Text Box field that is a date and change the Property Sheet Show Date Picker field from For dates to Never.
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VBA code for my unbound Search form.

VBA code for my unbound Search form. Icon
I have a search form, which is now unbound from my table, and by that I mean I have gone and set the form's Record Source to remain blank. I have also gone and set the Control Source ofeach text box and combo box to also remain blank.

I did this because when I would search for a record by a particular field, by Document Number for example, the data I typed into the text box, or selected in the combo box, would then bestored as a new record in my table, which I did not want.

So, by doing this my Search button no longer works.

Now, do I need to write a VBA code consisting of information that will let me search by each field? For instance, in my code do I need to include information that will let me search by theDocument Number, and/or File Type, and/or Revision, and/or Project, and/or Manufacturer, and so forth?

I have been searching all day for example VBA codes for searching, but have not been successful.

Access Search box via VBA

Access Search box via VBA Icon
I successfully created a form and a search box within Access using a VBA code. I am tasked with performing another search but now each unique identifier has multiple data associated with them that I need identified in my search form. Does anyone know how I can update the code to show these changes

Code to change form properties

Code to change form properties Icon
I am learning vba and have some code to change to change the allow additions / allow deletions properties on a form, but can't get it to change the properties on the form (which I have set to no for both on the form - hoping to get them to change to yes, so I can then change other properties with code).

Private Sub Form_Load()

strFormAdd = Me.AllowAdditions
strFormDel = Me.AllowDeletions

End Sub

I have tried it in a few other form_ places but it still doesn't work. Please can somebody give me the right code to make this work and area to put it

VBA search code

VBA search code Icon
Having a little trouble with some VBA code designed to grab a number from a form (MRN) then use this data to find the corresponding data in a table making a small change to that record (changing a checkbox to true).

The table opens but only the first record is updated. The code works well as a standard VBA search code on another form.

Building Dynamic Queries

Building Dynamic Queries Icon
I was able to design my first Access 2007 database with a form and add button. I am able to fill out the form and clicke the add button and it writes the data to the table.

Now I want to be able to retrieve the data I just entered by using three possible selection criteria: data from, city, and customer id. One must be entered for the search, but any combination can be use.

I designed another form with a search button. The format of the three selection criteria fields are textbox and combo boxes.

Do I go to the properties of the search button and add vba code for it, through the event on click procedure,

I am somewhat familiar with programming languages like Coldfusion and SQL, but I am not sure how to dynamically plug in the form value into the SQL search criteria.

Is it like Excel VBA, something like.Where tblName.City =, or something like that ?

program find button to search whole table

program find button to search whole table Icon
Is there away that I can use VBA code to tell the Find Button on my form to search the whole table rather than having to select the individual field I would like to search?


If I wanted to search for an employee but their name does not exist (typo, etc.), yet I have their ID number. I can just enter their ID number and not have to change the search to now look in the ID field of the table. I can just type the Id number and the whole table will be searched for that number

Calling a form that is not open from VBA in Access 2000

Calling a form that is not open from VBA in Access 2000 Icon
I'm trying to call a form and get/set properties from VBA code in Access 2000. The code runs fine when the form is open, but when the form is not open in the db, I get the following error:

"Microsoft Office Access can't find the form 'ContactForm' referred to in a macro expression or Visual Basic code."

'ContactForm' is the name of the form I'm trying to get/set the properties on.

Here's the code I'm running:

Search Form VBA

Search Form VBA Icon
I am creating a Search Form and when I am testing it out, this error code keeps coming up (see Capture). Also attached is the code that I have in there as well (see Capture1).

Advanced Triggers

Advanced Triggers Icon
Learning objectives: How do I run VBA code using a macro? How do I use the value in one field to automatically suggest a value for a different field? How do I change the table or query a form is bound to once the form is already created? What is the After Update event? How is it used? How do I provide a search capability for my forms? How do I create an unbound combo box? Can I implement the search capability using Visual Basic? (pdf file, install Acrobat Reader to read this tutorial.)

Set value to another form's field

Set value to another form's field Icon
I am writing VBA on Microsoft access
Do anyone know how can I set a value of a form's field by using VBA?
For example, I am writing the VBA code on form A and want to set value to a field in form B (because I haven't learnt how to pass value between forms)

How can I write VBA to open a new form with value set to a particular field?

Can anyone help me? I have been doing this for 4hr and still can't find the solution.