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Using Update Query with Attachment Field

Using Update Query with Attachment Field
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Creating a database to store information on clients and the documents we keep on each client. I made a big mistake and set the database up with tables for each document type with their attachments and the information we input on the document.

I had a bunch of tables connected to the client information table in 1-1 relationships so I went to combine it in one big table.

[sidenote: I read that this was horrible database design to have it spread out in tables with 1-1 relationships plus it's keeping me from inputting the information in one form because the client itself has to be inputted before I can input the documents since the document tables pull from the client name which isn't established whenI try to put it in at once.

If I'm really not that in the red with having multiple 1-1 tables then I'd love it if someone could help me make a form that would let me put in the clientinformation and the documents at once with out running into the issue of the form not knowing to create new records in the document tables with the name of the client automatically in there]That's where I'm hitting my issue;

I've been using an update query to move over the text/date/number information from the documents tables to the new master table but it won't let me transfer the attachments I've attached because it's considered a multi-value field.

We've already populated the thing and so it would really suck to have to go through by hand and re-attach the thousands of documents.
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Updating records with attachment fields

Updating records with attachment fields Icon
I maintain a 9 year old database which I recently converted to Access 2007. While doing so, an attachment field was added to one of the tables.
My problem: I recently gathered some data in the attachment fields in the development copy of the database and wanted to transfer the additions to the production table. The update query came back with a message to the effect that you can't use an attachment field in an update query.
Has anyone else encountered this problem? If so, what is the workaround? VB or manual re-entry of the data

Add an attachment to form

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I am trying to add an attachment to a subform. I update the control source to say "Attachment" in the properties section which matches the name of the field in the table where it's pulling from.

When I open in form view and right-click on the text box (for attachment) the manage attachments selection is greyed out. If I go to the table I can open the attachment.

Any idea why this isnt working in the form

how to use select * from where tblFileImport.bulletin_imp.FileData Like

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I don't know how to do this search. I have bellow this query based on 2 tables where the second table has an attachment field. The searching should be based on the content of the attachment,for ex: if the files(that are stored in the attachment field) contain a word like "tracking" then I want to pull the attachments and their data.

How do I make an attachment name appear while working in a form (Access 2007)?

How do I make an attachment name appear while working in a form (Access 2007)? Icon
i have created a form to describe digital photographs (JPGs) attached to my database. Along with the attachment image, I've also added a field that displays attachment name.

However, this field is not populated until I close and reopen the database.

How can I have the form display the attachment name as soon as the attachment is added?

Remove specific type of attachment from all records in table

Remove specific type of attachment from all records in table Icon
I have table call "empTable" and it has an Attachment field called "Attachment". Some of the records has empty Attachment field and some record has one attachment and some has two and the attachment types are jpeg and pdf.

I want to remove all the pdf from all the records in this table automatically with VBA or something,

Attachment control on form

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Can the attachment control store the attachment on a hard drive and not embed in Access? I created a db with this feature and now the db size is reaching 2 GIG . It is the attachments. If I remove the attachment field in the table it shrinks to 55mb.

I thought the attachments was just a link to where the picture reside but apparently it is embedding the picture.

Change Image with a combobox

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I have a query which links two tables, its a Group By query. In one of the tables which links to this query is a attachment field(for Images). I have a form which I have based on the query and details of this forms get updated with a combobox.

How can I link the attachment file from Table 1 on to this form and I want the images to change as the records are changed.

Attachments (fields)

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I would like to create an attachment field in a table that I can use in a form. When I try to create a attachment field I am going to datasheet tab/ data type & formating/ data type clickon the drop down list and no option for attachment in design or data sheet view is their a setting or something I need to setup?

How do I use a query to "add" two text fields together?

How do I use a query to "add" two text fields together? Icon
I'm trying to update multiple record all at once using an update query. My problem is that I don't want to erase the text that is already in the field. I'm using a Notes field on a pop-up form and the Update query updates the notes field in the table with what I typed into the notes field on the form for all of the records matching a given criteria.

For example, if the fieldalready has "ABC" and I want to update the field of multiple records to have "DEF", then the field will be "ABCDEF" after the update is run.

I looked at the crosstab query, but that looks like it is for numbers and not text. The append query does whole records not just certain fields. butI thought I would ask before I wrote off the possibility.

Exporting Attachments per record

Exporting Attachments per record Icon
I've started migrating it to a custom backend that stores files externally (not using the attachment field so virtually removing the DB limitation concerns I had).

It's a split back end database that has around 1800 records.

Is there any way whatsoever to extract those attachment files from the Attachment field to an external source? I'd rather not have to go through an individually back up 2 - 3 files per record for 1800 records.

Optimistically, this is how it would work:

There is a field called NUMBERONE that is the main entry for the DB (all of it hinges on that; it will never be duplicated).

Each NUMBERONE has an attachment field (2007) that contains anywhere from 0 to 4 attachments.

I would like to be able to run something that will make a folder NUMBERONE and put all the attachments in it.