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Updating records with attachment fields

Updating records with attachment fields
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I maintain a 9 year old database which I recently converted to Access 2007. While doing so, an attachment field was added to one of the tables.
My problem: I recently gathered some data in the attachment fields in the development copy of the database and wanted to transfer the additions to the production table. The update query came back with a message to the effect that you can't use an attachment field in an update query.
Has anyone else encountered this problem? If so, what is the workaround? VB or manual re-entry of the data
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Adding one attachment to many records

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I was wondering if it is possible to add one attachment to multiple records. I don't think there will be many attachments within the database and most of them will be word documents. However there could potentially be 20 records all with the same attachment so it would be good to just attach a file once but to multiple records.

Remove specific type of attachment from all records in table

Remove specific type of attachment from all records in table Icon
I have table call "empTable" and it has an Attachment field called "Attachment". Some of the records has empty Attachment field and some record has one attachment and some has two and the attachment types are jpeg and pdf.

I want to remove all the pdf from all the records in this table automatically with VBA or something,

attachment fields

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Previously using Access 2003 now using 2007 for the first time - was using a text field for paths to images for displaying on forms, now I see there are attachment fields that seem to be for images. Question is how do I convert the text field into an attachment? Or should I even be trying

Add multiple records with one field

Add multiple records with one field Icon
Please find attached my form, the "Slide" field is of type attachment. This field usually has min 5 attachments, is there a way that a record can be made for each attachment added, the Start and End Date will be the same for every attachment.

Can someone please help, it takes a long time to add each attachment seperately.

Manage attachments

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I have a form in which the fields are enabled or disabled based on user permissions. If a user has only 'Read' permission then all the fields are disabled else the fields are enabled. Now I also have an attachment field in my form. If I disable the attachment field, then the user is unable to view the attachments. I want the users with 'Read' permission to view the attachments but not manipulate it. Like, a user with 'Read' permission must not be able to 'Add' or 'Remove' an attachment, but he must be able to 'Open' the attachment and 'Save' the attachment.

P.S: I have used the default 'attachment' which comes with MS-Access, that is I have added a field with the datatype 'attachment' and made my textbox a bound field in the form

Updating Records in MS Access

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Table of Contents:
Updating Records in MS Access;
Form and Data Access Page based update;
Updating data using the Update action query;
Updating the column using ADO.

Concatenating fields from matching records

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I have a bill of materials problem I need some direction on. I have a query that yields a list of components used in an assembly. Each instance of a component has its own unique reference designator (see first attachment). Now, I want to create a new query from the existing one which groups / concatenates the reference designators together for matching part numbers (see second attachment).

Attachment data type and VBA

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I'm trying to create one record from another one. One field is attachment data type. I just create a normal query (INSERT INTO) but it' not working (impossible with multiple value field). Do you have a suggestion about inserting or updating an attachment datatype field (with or without VBA

Add Attachment to form

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I have a linked table called "dbo_problems", and a form called "Problem Records Details". I have created a table called "Attachments". The"Attachments" table contains the following fields: ID, Problem_ID,

ID is Primary Key (DataType=AutoNumber)
Problem_ID is (DataType=Number) (Indexed Yes No Duplicates)

The form "Problem Records Details" has an Unbound object called Attachment. I have tried the following as the control source:

1) SELECT [Attachment] FROM [Attachments] WHERE [Problem_ID]=Forms![Problem Records Details]![ID];
Only the attachments where Problem_ID of the attachments table equals the ID of the record displayed on the "Problem Records Details" form.

Adding attachment to exisiting records

Adding attachment to exisiting records Icon
I will like to add an attachment to an existing records using form. How to I do it?

The user will select the userid from a combo box.
Then attach a file and finally will a click of a command button, the file will be attached to the record associated with the userid