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Updating records with attachment fields

Updating records with attachment fields
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I maintain a 9 year old database which I recently converted to Access 2007. While doing so, an attachment field was added to one of the tables.
My problem: I recently gathered some data in the attachment fields in the development copy of the database and wanted to transfer the additions to the production table. The update query came back with a message to the effect that you can't use an attachment field in an update query.
Has anyone else encountered this problem? If so, what is the workaround? VB or manual re-entry of the data
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Remove specific type of attachment from all records in table

Remove specific type of attachment from all records in table Icon
I have table call "empTable" and it has an Attachment field called "Attachment". Some of the records has empty Attachment field and some record has one attachment and some has two and the attachment types are jpeg and pdf.

I want to remove all the pdf from all the records in this table automatically with VBA or something,

Updating Records in MS Access

Updating Records in MS Access Icon
Table of Contents:
Updating Records in MS Access;
Form and Data Access Page based update;
Updating data using the Update action query;
Updating the column using ADO.

Add Attachment to form

Add Attachment to form Icon
I have a linked table called "dbo_problems", and a form called "Problem Records Details". I have created a table called "Attachments". The"Attachments" table contains the following fields: ID, Problem_ID,

ID is Primary Key (DataType=AutoNumber)
Problem_ID is (DataType=Number) (Indexed Yes No Duplicates)

The form "Problem Records Details" has an Unbound object called Attachment. I have tried the following as the control source:

1) SELECT [Attachment] FROM [Attachments] WHERE [Problem_ID]=Forms![Problem Records Details]![ID];
Only the attachments where Problem_ID of the attachments table equals the ID of the record displayed on the "Problem Records Details" form.

Exporting Attachments per record

Exporting Attachments per record Icon
I've started migrating it to a custom backend that stores files externally (not using the attachment field so virtually removing the DB limitation concerns I had).

It's a split back end database that has around 1800 records.

Is there any way whatsoever to extract those attachment files from the Attachment field to an external source? I'd rather not have to go through an individually back up 2 - 3 files per record for 1800 records.

Optimistically, this is how it would work:

There is a field called NUMBERONE that is the main entry for the DB (all of it hinges on that; it will never be duplicated).

Each NUMBERONE has an attachment field (2007) that contains anywhere from 0 to 4 attachments.

I would like to be able to run something that will make a folder NUMBERONE and put all the attachments in it.

attachment printing

attachment printing Icon
What I want to do is have a button to print the attachment when pressed. if I double click on the attachment the popup window allows you to some thing but not print the attachment unless you open it and then print it,

Attachments (fields)

Attachments (fields) Icon
I would like to create an attachment field in a table that I can use in a form. When I try to create a attachment field I am going to datasheet tab/ data type & formating/ data type clickon the drop down list and no option for attachment in design or data sheet view is their a setting or something I need to setup?

How do I make an attachment name appear while working in a form (Access 2007)?

How do I make an attachment name appear while working in a form (Access 2007)? Icon
i have created a form to describe digital photographs (JPGs) attached to my database. Along with the attachment image, I've also added a field that displays attachment name.

However, this field is not populated until I close and reopen the database.

How can I have the form display the attachment name as soon as the attachment is added?

How to: Work With Attachments In DAO

How to: Work With Attachments In DAO Icon
In DAO, Attachment fields function just like other multi-valued fields. The field that contains the attachment contains a recordset that is a child to the table's recordset. Learn how to load and save attachments in a recordset.

Attachment icon on main form

Attachment icon on main form Icon
From the main continuous form, users can double click a record that will open a single form for that record. This single form also has a subform with fields that allow users to click a button to add a file path link to an attachment. There is also another button to be able to open that attachment.

I would like to add a field on the main form that will show an attachment icon (like a paper clip) if any of these fields in the single forms’s subform are not empty.

Do not repeat pictures

Do not repeat pictures Icon
I have a form with a field named pictures (attachment type). I have about 100 records that will use the same attachment (picture) on it.

How do I reference this ONE picture with the 100 records without having to upload the same picture one by one on each record?