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Unwanted parameter message

Unwanted parameter message
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I created a report that has a parameter for each month so it only pulls up records for the month entered. The report works fine but when I go to print it, it asks for the parameter again twice. How can I get rid of that?
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Unwanted parameter value pop-up

Unwanted parameter value pop-up Icon
I dont really know what is going on here.

I am trying to open a form and now it keeps asking me for a parameter value:
Service.[Service_ID]. The thing is I have no idea where, in the code, Access is looking for this value.

It seems to be doing this prior to the onset of my form load& before any form events happen (e.g., when I walk through the code, the parameter popup appears before any of these events are kicked off: Open Load Resize Activate Current). Prior to any these aformentioned events kicking off, I make attempts to open a form like so:

DoCmd.OpenForm "00160_Clone_Service_Level_Contacts", acNormal, , , acFormAdd, , strArgs

As soon as I step through the DoCmd.OpenForm line, a message box pops up asking for the parameter value, shown previously: Service.[Service_ID].
So, its looking for Service_ID from the service table, but the form is unbound. So when does it check for this value? And how can I stop it from doing this

Unwanted header in subreport

Unwanted header in subreport Icon
When I print or print-preview a report with a subreport, a completely unwanted header appears and overwrites the first line of each subreport. It cannot be seen in report view. In appearance it is like a watermark: that is, it is faint while the actual data is in a normal font. The text is the name of the subreport, in this case, Feedback Message subreport. What do I need to do to get rid of this message

Parameter Queries in Crosstab Query

Parameter Queries in Crosstab Query Icon
I created a parameter query, and then I created a crosstab query based on the first parameter query. I keep getting an error message that says: "The Microsoft Office Access database engine does not recognize '[start date]' as a valid field name or expression."

In more detail:
I created a query where I have a pop up parameter box that asks for the start date and another asking for the end date. The parameter is written in the criteria as follows:

Between [start date mm/dd/y] and [end date mm/dd/y]

When I run the query, the parameter query works beautifully.

So then, I ran a crosstab query based on the (first) parameter query hoping that it would pull the parameter query forward, but it didn't, I got the error message instead.

No data for result

No data for result Icon
I have two form base on query. where I one has a parameter another has two parameter


but if I set the code for two parameter values the mean second form it works but it gives another message that like form open action was canceled.

Displaying a message box when a form is blank

Displaying a message box when a form is blank Icon
I have a parameter query that opens a report. I have a parameter query that opens a form. I am aware of the On No Data property available for providing a message box when a teacher enters a class into a parameter query and the report is empty.

Is there such a procedure for providing a message box when the teacher enters a class into a parameter query and the form is empty?

I would like to display a message box that informs the teacher that the class does not exist rather than load a blank form.

Parameter value from a Form into a Report

Parameter value from a Form into a Report Icon
I have a form that open a report once I enter the parameter value for the query. Now I want include the parameter value into the report; but when I insert a textbox with=Report![Report_name]![Field_Name] the report start a loop, and give me an error.

How I can put the parameter value directly from the form, without dealing with the message box report asking me the parameter value again?

The result should display: "Old account with more than [Parameter_value(from the form, not the query)] days"

Note: The form closed once it display the report.

message box comes up twice when using parameter query

message box comes up twice when using parameter query Icon
I have a parameter query which works fine. I have a form which shows the results which works fine.when I open the form the message box comes up and I type in what I want to see.this works fine! My problem is: I then create a list on the form to be able to show the results, and then select one of the results which is then opened in another form.This also works fine except once I create the list box, the message box which has the parameter comes up twice! If I then delete the list box off the form, the message box only comes up once.very odd! Any ideas why this happens and what I have to do to get rid of it?

Unwanted Parameter Dialogue Box

Unwanted Parameter Dialogue Box Icon
I've been having a hard time figuring out why my query always shows up a parameter dialogue box with this query design:

Build Date______ Weeks Left: DateDiff("w",Now(),[Build Date]) ______ Priority: IIf([Weeks Left]>7,"Low",IIf([Weeks Left]>3,"Medium","High"))

These are the different columns in my query design, and every time I run it, it always ask for a Weeks Left Parameter Value. Although if I just click OK on the box, the query will still show the correct output. The dialogue box just annoys me a lot though. I checked the spellings and they are all the same. Anyone can help me out

Passing Parameters to a Query Without Parameter Prompts

Passing Parameters to a Query Without Parameter Prompts Icon
I have a query that requires a parameter to work. I need to pass a form field (entered by the user) to the query as the parameter, but I don't want the parameter box to pop-up asking the user for input when the button is clicked to run the parameter.

I tried using DoCmd.RunSQL, but, if I understand correctly, this can't be used for a select statement. I used it with updating and inserting with no problems.

I'm trying to use qdf.Parameters() now, but I still get the popup. Is there a way to pass parameter without the parameter prompts?

Parameter Query - No Null Record Msg

Parameter Query -  No Null Record Msg Icon
I've designed a form based on a parameter query that works nicely however I've discovered that if a user enters a response that is not contained in the control source, Access displays a blank datasheet instead of a Null message. How can I get Access to display something telling the user that the data they entered does not exist and returns them back to the parameter box?