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Unable to remove link to table

Unable to remove link to table
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A colleague who's 'had a bit of Access training' kindly removed all links from the front end, for reasona that escape me, and I'm putting them back in. However, I have a link to one table that I can't seem to get rid of.

It used to have a proper name but now just says 'a', so I have no idea to which table it's linked.

If I try to open it, look at it in design view, etc. I get an 'Invalid Argument' message.

If I try to delete the link, I get an 'Invalid use of null' message.

Renaming it still works, but that's about it.

I've tried compacting and repairing the front end but that achieved nothing. It may be causing no harm, but I'd like to get rid of the link.
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DoCmd.TransferDatabase acLink,.

I link a table to my database. But how to remove such links from the database with VBA?

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I am trying to create a history table that keeps track of all transactions ever processed. The transaction is created from data from a table of tenants and the payment amount entered on the form.

I append this data to the transactions table. The problem I am encountering is I am unable to delete a tenant from the tenants table because of its relation to the transactions table. I do not want to remove the tenants transactions. I want the table to be a history of transactions.

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Is there a way in Access to have a linked table but not have the link open all the time I.e. just to relink/refresh from the source when I decide

I know I could just import the table but its a big table!

The reason I ask is that an excel workbook also uses a connection to this file (a Dbase file) and when I am running queries in Access that use the linked table in excel it says the link isopened exclusively by another user I.e me!

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Does anyone know how to "unlink" a table after linking it to a SharePoint list in MS Access 2010? I created an Access 2010 database and then linked the tables in it to a SharePoint site using the SharePoint button under Database Tools on the menu ribbon. All that worked perfectly. However, now I need to unlink the tables without deleting them.

When I use the More Options > Delete List menu option on the right-click menu of one of the linked tables, a message appears that says "You are about to delete the list and all its data from the SharePoint Site. Do you want to continue?". That sounds like what I want it to do (remove the list from SharePoint but keep the table in Access). But when I proceed, not only does it remove the list, it also deletes the table in MS Access!

Is there no way to break the link between an Access Table and a SharePoint list once established

How to upload images in a form

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I've an employee information table and its form. Every record contains different images.

I've found that people are suggesting to store images on hard drive, not on the database directly. They suggest to store the image link in a text field. I'm agree with them.

But what I didn't find is how end user will upload a new image? Or, remove an existing one?
I want 2 command buttons right below those images that will enable end user to add/remove an image from form of that employee/new employee. When someone will click on the add image, a browser window will appear and he'she will be able to select the image.

Access will save it's link itself. While deleting, access will delete its link too and display no photo image.

I've programming experience in C (but not in VB).
How can I do that?

Error while trying to add delete link button.

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I am trying to add a button that will delete a link containing the image link into a table.

I am getting a debug error when a click on it.

Run-time error '2110':

Microsoft Office Access can't move focus to the control Link.

Private Sub cmdDeleteImage_Click()

Me![Link].Enabled = True
Me![Link].SetFocus <-----error is here at first.
Me![Link].Locked = False
Me![Link].Text = ""
Forms![Employee Table].Form.Requery
Me![Link].Locked = True
Me![Link].Enabled = False

Using Linked Table Manager --Can't get it work

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I have used a split Access97 DB for years, with no problems. In preparing for some computer moves, an office person moved the backend of the database and broke the link. We have been unable to get the link re-established. When bringing up the linked table manager, the front end file does not show as a file option--only one DB that I do not need to link to. I have both saved to a USB flash drive for now. When trying to open the front end, it gives the error message that the path is invalid, which of course it is. The front end is password protected, but we know the password, so that is no problem. I have changed PCs over the years and have upgraded the PC that the DB resides on, with no problems until now.

What am I probably doing wrong? Why will not the front end show in the Linked Table Manager? What should I do next? This is a very important database to the office

Have a form completely unbound and dont know how to link to table

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I have created a form using the DesignWizard, but have not created it from a table. I basically made all of the text boxes, combo boxes, etc.

from the Control Wizard. I have spent a long time creating this form - and have used quite a bit of code to create pop-up calendars, hint text, etc. so starting over is really not an option.

I did not realise that creating an unbound form was going to be such a nightmare!

My problem is - I am obviously unable to create new records or save any input data as the form is not linked/bound to a table. I was told I would need to create headings in a table and link each individual text box, combo box etc.