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#Type! error in form control

#Type! error in form control
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Does anyone know what the #Type! error is referencing? I haven't found much on the forum about this error.

I'm trying to use an expression in a text box, but it's putting the error "#Type!" in the text box. Both parts of the expression are in the form's data source (which is a query).

The expression in the text box is:
=[PROJECT_NAME] & " (" & [DATE_START] & ")"

The same error is produced even with this expression:
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Active X form control

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I have used microsoft active x form control text box in my Form. While opening the same it gives me error

"The expression MouseMove you entered as the event property setting produced the following error: There was an error loading an ActiveX control on one of your forms or reports".

However when I create a test form and insert a new text box com, it does't give me any error.

can anybody plz help me, I need to finalize my project

How do I insert an attachment using a form?

How do I insert an attachment using a form? Icon
I have an DB (2003) and I have a table with a column of type OLE Object.

I have a user form, and on this form I want to have a field where the user can attach documents (mainly word docs, but possibly excel, images).

What type of control do I use to add this field on the form?

I have the form, and am working on the code to store the input to various tables. but I'm not sure which control type I should use.

Basically it would be nice to have a button they click, and get a browse window to locate their file, then attach it

How to calculate a percentage on form

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I am attempting to calculate a percentage on an Access form with the expression builder using the information from the following query results. Please see below. What I need to do is determine the error capture rate for each error type. For example, for Coding (highlighted in yellow) the formula would be (35) / (35+6) = 85.36% Anotherwards, (Error Type "Items Failed") / (Error Type "Items Failed" + Error Type "Fin Err

Requery of sub-report returns #Type error on calculated control (Access 2010)

Requery of sub-report returns #Type error on calculated control (Access 2010) Icon
I have a main form with a sub-report (rptAccount) that contains two further sub-reports (rptPayments, rptBalance). On the rptAccount I have a calculated field txtTotal: =[rptPayments].[Report]![txtSumTotal]-[rptBalance].[Report]![txtSumTotal].

This field calculates just fine at first. But in my main form I need to trigger a requery of the sub-report afterrecords are changed.

The requery runs, and the altered records show up correctly in the two sub-sub-reports. However, the calculated field txtTotal in the first sub-report (rptAccount) now returns a #Type error. No matter what I requery, this is always the result.

I requery all of the sub-reports individually, even the txtTotal control itself in any imaginable order. I always get the #Type error.

Help with error 13 type mismatch

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I am getting a Type Mismatch error with the following code. This is called when there is a discrepancy in calculations.

1) MsgBox "Total trip miles = " & lngTripMiles & vbCrLf & _"and the leg miles total " & _ DSum("LegMiles", "qryCalculateTripLegs"), , "Trip calculation error[/indent]"
I'm also getting a Type Mismatch error with the following SQL. I've searched and everything I can find seems that I have my quotes correct. I even tried replacing the form control reference with a variable, which evaluated correctly, but still did not work.

How to trap and change the default data type validation error?

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I've been teaching myself Access programming and am new to this forum. I have looked here and elsewhere for a problem but have not found a solution, hoping someone here can help.

In a form control, I am doing a number of data checks and generating appropriate error messages, using VB in the "on exit" event. The field I am checking is declared as data type number in the underlying table. If the user mistakenly enters text, Access generates an error "The value you entered isn't valid for this field." I want to change that default error message. I have learned how to change other default error messages, but I can't figure out how to trap and change this one. Note -- I don't want to check for the error in the form, because there are a dozen or so controls in the form where I need to do this check

Error in loading ActiveX Control

Error in loading ActiveX Control Icon
One of my form displayes snapshot report. It was working smoothly before.

But since I reformat my laptop, it doesnt work and always display below error at certain codelines behind the form that load snaphop report

Error in loading ActiveX Control

Can somebody let me which activex control I need to register and how?

Errors: 2950 AND 2109

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I have created a macro to go to a control on a form on click of a button. The control is definitely on the form, visible and enabled and referring to a field within the table but I sometimes get an error.

The error number comes up 2950 which generates a run time error 2109 stating no field named in current record.

As the field is in the table that the form is bound to I have no idea what the problem is and it only comes up with the error occasionally. How can I prevent the error from ever coming up?

label error

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Why is there an error when you put a label on a form without associating it with a control?

I don't think the error does anything other than just annoy me with a little green arrow in the corner of the label, but is there a reason I should associate a label with a control? Can you have more than one label associated with a control?

Forwarding error message

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I have this database that will be used at a site away from my location and it would be very helpful to me to know if someone who is using it has run into an error.

What I want to do is to have the db send myself an e-mail with the error message and the form and control that was being used when the error happened.

I already have the e-mail code working, but.How can I find out what the error is? how can I find out what form is open? and How can I find out what control caused the problem?

I suspect the these are simple lines of code but I do not know where to look at?