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Transfer data from form to another form

Transfer data from form to another form
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I Created a combo box with ID N0 what I want if I click the ID N0 this one transfer the information to man form instead of typing one by one your help please if you have demo just post the link here...
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BarCode Input

BarCode Input Icon
I have a form that I want us a Bar Code Scanner as its input device. I have no problem scanning data into a text field when the cursor is in the text field. But, what I want to do is to have my application be aware of when a barcode scan is entered. For example, I have a main menu for with no text boxes for data input. What I want the user to be able to do is scan a Work Ticket Document and based on the data input automatically transfer to another form.

How can I capture data input from a scanner without displaying it into an actual text box. If a barcode with certain text in it is scanned, I want the form to transfer control to another form for further processing.

Or, must I enter the text into a hidden field for the purposes of capturing the data first and then using the Timer Event ot process it? I use the Form_KeyPress Event to see if that would capture the data input, but it does not do that. What event would capture data input from a barcode device without having to display it on a form?

Transfer multiple textbox data to table on click

Transfer multiple textbox data to table on click Icon
I have multiple textbox in my form Textbox1 to Texbox10.I need to transfer this data into Table1 with Fieldname Data1 to Data10.

Data transfer from Forms to tables.

Data transfer from Forms to tables. Icon
How is the data which is input into a form stored in the relevant tables?

I have a feeling it's by using macros but I'm unsure.

If it is would it simply be the case of recording the copy and paste of data from the form to the table?

Attachment in MS Access_07

Attachment in MS Access_07 Icon
I want to add attachment in form field and then when clicked I want to transfer this data/attachement in the form to the table in different database.
How can I do this?

How do I transfer figures from an unbound form to two (related) tables?

How do I transfer figures from an unbound form to two (related) tables? Icon
I have an unbound form which acts as a fast quotation form. The form opens showing a product (tyres) selected from the previous form.
The quote form allows the user to add valves and balancing (two more products) to the quote. The quantity of these is usually, but not always the same as the 'main' product (tyre), and equally the price is variable.

Once accepted I need to transfer the figures on the quote form to my Quote and Quote Details tables. I can do this for the tyre, but how can I get the valves and balancing products alsoadded? In short, I need to add three records to my tables on the click of a button.

Fill Word form fields with Access data?

Fill Word form fields with Access data? Icon
Access reports provide a flexible and easy-to-use tool for sharing data, but sometimes, it's the wrong tool. For instance, you may find that you can't exactly reproduce an existing paper form in Access, whereas you can in Word. Now, you might not care what the report (paper form) looks like, but perhaps management does. When this is the case, you may find it necessary to transfer Access data to Word forms. The good news is that Word and Access play well together.

Capture form name to use in separate sub-form

Capture form name to use in separate sub-form Icon
I have a sub-form which is used in several forms. The sub-form has a field which I double-click to open another form containing data for selection.

I want to be able to double click the data in the 2nd form and copy that data into the field on the original sub-form.

I.e. Form 1 has sub-form 2, with field 3. Double-clicking field 3 opens Form 2. I want to double click a field in Form 2, and place it in Form 1-sub-form 2, field 3.

The sub-form name remains static, but Form 1 would vary.

Login form, to form

Login form, to form Icon
I have a login form setup in a database that basically uses a table to check for username and password. I would like to be able to use that login information to automatically open a form, that also pulls with it the users login name, and then store the login name to each record the user enters.

I am hung up on how to get the login information to transfer over to the form. Here is the code that controls the login process;


All I need is the username. And then I need it to autopopulate a field in a form.

Do not save data from the main form to the table associated with the sub form

Do not save data from the main form to the table associated with the sub form Icon
I have a main form and a sub form. There are 3 fields in the main form. The sub form is associated with a table (this sub form is bound to a table)
When I select the data from the 3 combo boxes in the main form and close the form without entering data in any of the fields in the sub form, these 3 fields are getting saved in the table associated with the sub form.

I don't want that. If data is entered in at least one of the controls in the sub form, the data in the 3 fields of the main form along with the data in the sub form should be saved in the table. How do I accomplish this?

Mysql data transfer

Mysql data transfer Icon
I am needing to transfer data onto a Mysql database. So main features are to be able to migrate large amounts of contacts and data every day. The migration should be done manually.