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Switchboard Forms in Microsoft Access

Switchboard Forms in Microsoft Access
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A switchboard is essentially a Microsoft Access form that allows you to facilitate navigation or perform tasks within your database application. This form is basically a customised menu that contains user-defined commands; using either buttons, labels, images or hyperlinks, that invoke actions that will automatically carry out tasks for you such as opening other forms, running queries or printing reports.
The form will typically contain various command (buttons), which your users can then click on to carry out the pre-defined actions that you have associated with these commands.
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Closing forms when return to the switchboard again

Closing forms when return to the switchboard again Icon
I have a switchboard form in my database and from here I move to other forms and then return to the switchboard after reviewing, how do I get the forms to close when I return to the switchboard again? I have read a few of the threads, yet still can't get my head around it at the moment.

Display in form view from switchboard

Display in form view from switchboard Icon
I am working with a pre-existing database that launches forms from a switchboard. I believe the switchboard was made via the wizard.

Some of the forms launch in datasheet view through the switchboard even though they have form views available.

I've tried adding the acNormal parameter to the form-opening part of the switchboard code, but have not been successful.

What is switchboard

What is switchboard Icon
A Switchboard is a type of form that displays a menu of items that a user can click on to launch data entry forms, reports, queries and other actions in the database. A switchboard is typically created after all of the forms and reports for a database application have been completed. It can be used to guide the user to an appropriate set of forms and reports.
Note that starting with Access 2010, Switchboards are not available by default (you will need to add this to the ribbon bar manually using the Options). Access 2010 now makes use of the Navigation Forms

Forms do not operate properly when accessed through switchboard

Forms do not operate properly when accessed through switchboard Icon
When I access a form from the switchboard, I am unable to create multiple records or scroll through records. It stays on the 1st record. However, if I go to the form without using theswitchboard, it scrolls through the records just fine.How do I correct this? Is this a relationship linking issue? If so, how do I link the forms to the switchboard?

Microsoft Access 97 Switchboard -- Regaining Design Toolbars

Microsoft Access 97 Switchboard -- Regaining Design Toolbars Icon
I've managed to turn off the tool bars when recently creating a new switchboard menu that opens upon start up. I would not only like to improve the design of the switchboard menu, but also modify some of the button options.

I no longer have a toolbar option that allows me to modify the switchboard menu. How can I get this back?

Why are my records not displaying in the Switchboard

Why are my records not displaying in the Switchboard Icon
I've got some Forms and Filters that are opened via a Switchboard when selected. They all work just fine when I open them individually (outside of the Switchboard). The Forms which only have links to reports, open their respective Reports and display the data without issue.

BUT the Forms and Filters which display live data (and allow for the adding/deleting of records) from the Queries show NO data at all WHEN BEING OPENED FROM INSIDE THE SWITCHBOARD. Isthere a setting I am forgetting to turn on or alter?

Delete/remove the switchboard

Delete/remove the switchboard Icon
In Microsoft Access 2003/XP/2000/97, I have a switchboard but I want to remove it. How can I delete the switchboard from the database? To delete a switchboard, you need to make sure that you manually delete two objects from your database.

Hiding Microsoft Access Database Forms

Hiding Microsoft Access Database Forms Icon
I have a Microsoft Access form with four command buttons that display specific forms using the DoCmd.OpenForm action. I want to hide the main database switchboard form whenever one of the four buttons is clicked on and then restore the main form when the user closes the form opened by the command button.

Problems with switchboard size

Problems with switchboard size Icon
I used the Switchboard Manager in Access 2003 to create a switchboard. I also created a button on one of my form to exit back to the switchboard. When you return to the switchboard, it is no longer small, but expanded to the entire screen.

I've played around with it, but haven't found any obvious tweak to make it stay the same size.

should i hide a form or make it modal

should i hide a form or make it modal Icon
I develop apps for a company and up until now I have been using modal forms to keep the most resent form open on top I have recently learnt how to hide the access window and keep the forms visible using popup quite neat to be honest.

My reasoning behind this is staff here use many apps but when I present them with an app that is built using ms access they think they cannot use it as for some reason in their heads it is harder to click a button using a ms access app than to click a button using a non ms access app. (PS if you hadn’t caught on my staff are incompetent and need to be shot several times in the back of the head.) So hiding the ms access window and using the popup property allows me to trick them in to believing it is just as easy I.e. I don’t tell them it is a ms access app.

In doing this now that there is no container to hold the forms that open one another depending on their function and I am wondering which would be a better practice in using Multiple.

1. Would the better practice be to show and hide forms as they open and close? I.e. the switchboard opens another form then I hide the switchboard and when that form closes I show the switchboard again.
2. Or would the better practice be not to hide any forms and just use modal property as I have been doing up until now?