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Switchboard at startup

Switchboard at startup
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I have the startup options set to display the Switchboard at startup. Unfortunately, the switchboard doesn't display at startup on some PCs. It either works or it doesn't. If it works on a particular PC, it works every time. The converse is also true. On the PCs where it doesn't work, the menu choices at the top of the screen are also limited to File/Window/
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Programmatically change default switchboard at startup?

Programmatically change default switchboard at startup? Icon
I'm a first-time poster after finding many helpful answers on this forum.

I'm looking for a way to programmatically change the Default Switchboard via vb code.

My idea is, I want an autoexec macro to do a quick lookup to see which switchboard a user should get, then set that switchboard as default, then open that switchboard form.

Right now what I do is I have a separate copy of my front-end database for each different switchboard, which I think is kind of sloppy and can cause confusion. I'd much rather have just one front end that selected the correct switchboard at startup time

Question on startup priority

Question on startup priority Icon
I read that when Access opens it first processes the startup options, THEN it will look for the AUTOEXEC macro to run.

My question is. because it processes the startup options first, and I have my switchboard form to open on startup, will code in my switchboard form's OnOpen event execute before the autoexec macro would be executed

Password protect switchboard startup bypass

Password protect switchboard startup bypass Icon
I have an access 2010 database all complete with a user friendly switchboard form that open upon clicking an icon. But I don't want any users to press the SHIFT key and enter and alter any design settings. Is there anything I can do so that upon SHIFT [Enter] press, the user encounters a password request to proceed further, and cancel/wrong password to open the switchboard as a normal startup

Access 2003 database with password and switchboard

Access 2003 database with password and switchboard Icon
I'm having problem with Access 2003 database which has tables, forms, reports, macros and automatic switchboard from startup as a menu where users can select the needed action they want to do.

In the beginning .mdb opened directly to the switchboard but we prefer to protect the database with password from Tools -security. So nowadays it asks password before opening the switchboard.

Now we want to set different user group levels as admin, add/change, add/read and limited read. But we cannot reset the main password at all because there is no Tools menu as the switchboard is hiding menu items.
There is only File, Edit, Insert, Records, How we can reset/remove the password?

Modifying Access 2007 Switchboard form

Modifying Access 2007 Switchboard form Icon
I have a Switchboard form which runs on startup and have chosen to 'Hide Navigation Pane fo'r the current database. I would like a 'for advanced users' button on the Switchboard form toclose the form, leaving the database open, and re-display the navigation Pane?

Switchboard OptionLabel7 problems

Switchboard OptionLabel7 problems Icon
I recently inherited a database that seemed to be designed by an expert VB coder. After carefully picking through the code for about 2 days I realized the person had just used the Switchboard function.

I made a few small changes in the switchboard (through the switchboard wizard), and everything appeared to be fine. Except the Switchboard refuses to acknowledge OptionLabel7.

No matter what switchboard form, OptionLabel7 does not function. Changing what variables that are attached to that option doesn't help.

I assume the problem is somewhere in OptionLabel7 itself, since nothing in the Switchboard manager makes a difference. How can I troubleshoot this? All of the properties for OptionLabel7match the other 6 (functioning) options.

Problems with switchboard size

Problems with switchboard size Icon
I used the Switchboard Manager in Access 2003 to create a switchboard. I also created a button on one of my form to exit back to the switchboard. When you return to the switchboard, it is no longer small, but expanded to the entire screen.

I've played around with it, but haven't found any obvious tweak to make it stay the same size.

Switchboard name changing in 2007

Switchboard name changing in 2007 Icon
I have a switchboard that has 3 sub switchboards in an access 2007 database. The default switchboard displays the wrong name. The others do not. In switchboard manager, the correct name is displayed

Switchboard Examples

Switchboard Examples Icon
Would anyone be willing to share their switchboard designs? I don't want to use the actual switchboard manager but create a form and use it as my switchboard. I'm having a hard time getting a good start and making it look organized

Display in form view from switchboard

Display in form view from switchboard Icon
I am working with a pre-existing database that launches forms from a switchboard. I believe the switchboard was made via the wizard.

Some of the forms launch in datasheet view through the switchboard even though they have form views available.

I've tried adding the acNormal parameter to the form-opening part of the switchboard code, but have not been successful.