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Sum Not Working

Sum Not Working
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I have had some basic training on access 2003 the rest is self taught.
I used this forum last year to help generate a stock figure on a report from a form/subform.
I have now created forms to make entering the stock transactions easier for users but the stock figure on the report now generates a figure for each individual form entry
(Stock form/subform is still OK)
Stock transactions for 30/04/10 will give a Total for Stock Item 1
Stock transactions for 01/05/10 will give another Total for Stock Item 1
Instead of 1 Total for all seperate date entries
Expression on both form and report (Query)is
Stock Total = Sum(nz([Qty-Rec,d])+nz([Qty-Return])-nz([Qty-Issued
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Totals and Sum not working.

Totals and Sum not working. Icon
This currently affects all my objects, from table up to forms. My problem is that I cannot make the Totals row on the datasheet view to work, nor can I make the form footer sum to work.

Usually, I just sum a field at the footer of the subform with a textbox with a value of =Sum([Field]). Then I call that particular textbox on my mainform with =SubFormName.Form!ControlName. I have several of this controls already working. Each one assigned to a different subform, all of them working.

But when I did the same thing to another subform, I get a #Error in my totals textbox on the footer of my subform, it won't work anymore. So I checked and re-checked my syntax, they are all correct.

To check, I pressed the "Totals Row" feature of access 2010 in datasheet view, but could not make the sum value appear. however, the average, min, max, variance, deviation, etc. are all WORKING except for the "SUM."

Calculated field : sum function not working

Calculated field : sum function not working Icon
I am using XP-Pro and access 2003. I have used the sum function before but for some reason it will not work. I put the following in a text field on a form. Sum= ([name of column]) but now I get an error that you can see on the attachment

VBA code to sum highlighted

VBA code to sum highlighted Icon
Working in Access 2003. In a tbl or in a qry I must sum or count the highlighted fields like in the attached clip (count=3 Sum=24) .

Sum function on report not working

Sum function on report not working Icon
I have a report created where the page uses a query as the back end, all works well. I need to add a text box with the summed up values; however, I keep getting the #error for the result of my sum function.

I am trying to Sum up one field called SCHDQTY. On the textbox I am trying to put the total into, I have this as the control source:


and I get the #Error message when I go into preview view

How do I sum multiple sums?

How do I sum multiple sums? Icon
I've been searching and trying this for quite a while, but can't quite get a sum of all my sums.

I have a report with about 15 subreports, they all contain different cost fields, ie one is ActualCost, another is DiscountedCost, etc. Each cost field is summed in each subreports footer I.e. "=Sum(ActualCost)"

How can I get a Grand total of all the sums from all the subreports? and I don't want that to screw up the formula.

I've tried things like =Sum(ActualCost) (DiscountedCost) and =Sum(ActualCost) Sum(DiscountedCost) But nothing like that is working for me, it just asks for an input and the diplays the random number I type or Error.

Calculating overtime in report footer

Calculating overtime in report footer Icon
I currently use the following formula in a text box in the employee footer on my report to calculate the amount paid to each employee is paid:

=([On Std Hours Sum] [Off Std Hours Sum] IIf([On Std Hours Sum] [Off Std
Hours Sum]40,0.5*([On Std Hours Sum] [On Std Hours Sum]-40),0))*[Current Pay Rate]

I should note that the [On Std Hours Sum] and [Off Std Hours Sum] are both sums (if you didn't already catch that!) Now, I need a sum of that formula in the report footer but as you know you can't sum a sum. I attempted to use the totals function inside the query that I have based this report on to sum the On and Off Std Hours but it only shows the last entry for each employee. Any ideas on how I can sum the above code properly?

How do I show 0 instead of #Num! errors on my report

How do I show 0 instead of #Num! errors on my report Icon
report building, I have basically self taught myself and need some help with showing zero's instead of those ugly errors. #Num! and #Div/0!

The calculations from the three boxes on my report that are bringing up this error are below.

=(Sum([New Appt])/2)/(Sum([Contact]))

=Sum([Number of Sales])/(Sum([Appt1]/2)+Sum([Appt2])/2)

=(Sum([Sale/ renewal/ review])*100)/(Sum([number of sales

SUM each individual column

SUM each individual column Icon
I am trying to get the total in each column but it doesn't seem to be working?

The SUM of 004 should be 3808 but it comes up as 82844?
The SUM of 008 should be 88 etc.

Then the numbers seem to be adding? As the result in each column is getting bigger and bigger

This is my SQL:


This is the Result:

Sub totals in a report

Sub totals in a report Icon
I want to arrange my data so that it is sorted by month, What is the Formula to make it sort by month, and the correct formula to put in design view in the detail or footer for the subtotals and totals?


SUBTOTAL =(Subtotal[SQ FT]) =(Subtotal[Sum])


SUBTOTAL =(Subtotal[SQ FT]) =(Subtotal[Sum])

GRAND TOTAL =(Sum[SQ FT]) =Sum[Sum])

Sum(Round) gives incorrect value.

Sum(Round) gives incorrect value. Icon
I have along list of values of which I need to sum together. The issue I have is, with the list (sorry in advance):

I use SUM(Round(value,6)) and get the result "1.19371179607697E-12". What I expect, and what has been worked out in Excell / calculator is zero. I believe that Access 97 has some mathematical issues with decimal sums? Is there a way to get the desired result?

The field type on the value is (Double, Fixed, 6dcp). I was working on this yesterday with 1dcp and was fine with smaller values