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Strange Characters....

Strange Characters....
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I have a Ms Access Memo field, which I paste the contents of a word document into. When I paste it, the speech marks are represented by a line instead.
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How to query large table for matching beginning characters?

How to query large table for matching beginning characters? Icon
Trying to screen and find duplicate companies in a data base of over 18K records. Can't use specific characters (ex. all starting with ABC).can I ask to match 3 or 4 duplicate characters of records without specifying the characters themselves? Can these be a number of characters in the beginning, end, or in the middle of the word(s)? Can I ask to ignore characters in name sucha s - or / or space between multiple word names?

Counting Used Characters in a Microsoft Access Text Field

Counting Used Characters in a Microsoft Access Text Field Icon
You should be aware that, when in Microsoft Access, that a text field will hold a maximum of 255 characters. If you require more characters then you should be using the memo type data field.
There may be the time where you want to restrict your users to using only a certain amount of characters when using a text field. You can set the field size when designing the table and limit the amount of characters allowed, however it would be nice to inform the user of how many characters they have used when they are entering data.

Creating a Unique Employee ID

Creating a Unique Employee ID Icon
I am trying to create a unique Employee ID, but I am having a few issues.

The ID must contain 7 characters in the following Format.

* Characters 1-3 = "LTS"
* Characters 4-5 = Starts at "AA", then when 6-7 reaches 99 changes to "AB" and so on.
* Characters 6-7 = Starts at "00" or "10" (Doesn't matter), and rolls through to "99" before reseting to it's start point, as well as change characters 4-5 to the next in the sequence.

We already use this method but on paper and a looking to move to an electronic system,

Help with access expression

Help with access expression Icon
I was hoping someone could assist with the following expression in access that combines the Left function and Len function:

I have column called ID, which has about 700,000 records and each ID can be anywhere from 7 to 10 characters; however, I all IDs to have only 7 characters and this means removing characters that are greater than 7. For example, smith09 is fine, but smith09990 would need to reduced to smith09. Basically, I need an expression that will check every ID and, if ID 7 characters, use the left function to cut it to 7 characters.

There are over 700,000 records in this table:

Mid, Left, Right Functions

Mid, Left, Right Functions Icon
The records in my table field contains [first name], [last name] together and I can't remember how to separate them without defining the number of characters. What I would is to read any alpha characters before the comma (for first name) and alpha characters after the comma (for last name).

Account ID - Generator

Account ID - Generator Icon
Such as Students, and Courses and then create an Account Code by selecting the first 2 characters of the Course Name, the first 4 characters of thestudent's Last Name, the first 3 characters of the Student's First Name, and lastly the Course Date and creating an Account ID with that information ? Example (TN-SCHRHEA04032012)

Query to chunk out long text

Query to chunk out long text Icon
I have a table and one of the fields in it is a text field with content lengths of typically 100 characters long.

I need a query break up the records in this text field to a max of, say 30 characters.

This means that if a record is 100 characters long, the query will put the first 30 characters (preferably up to the last space before the 30th character), then the next 30 characters will be on the next record and then the remaining in the next record.

So in this case, 1 single record in the table results in 3 returned record in the query.

Joins with fix width field

Joins with fix width field Icon
I have a table from an data warehouse that I am trying to tie to an access database I created.
The fields I am trying to do the join in, it's kinda difficult. In the data warehouse, the field, say ID, represents 10 characters, including spaces. it's always 10, though.
The value could be 1234568, 123456, or 1234567890. If there are only 5 characters, the other 5 characters are blank spaces.
The table I am entering the data into, in my database, the values are not led off with blanks. We input 1234568, and it is only 7 characters.
How can I make the two fields recognize eachother based on the Right characters. I never know how many "actual"

Wildcard Characters in Access 2013

Wildcard Characters in Access 2013 Icon
You can use “wildcard characters” in Access to add an additional level of flexibility to your query criteria. Wildcard characters in Access represent unknown values. There are two main wildcard characters that you need to know: the asterisk “*” and the question mark “?.” The asterisk represents multiple unknown characters. For example, the criteria “N*” would find all “N” words like “Nebraska,” “Ned,” “Not,” “Never Ever,” etc.

permissible characters

permissible characters Icon
Exactly which characters may be used in names of a) tables, forms, reports,.? b)