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SQL question - Cross Tab query

SQL question - Cross Tab query
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I have a Cross Tab query that works fine. The SQL for this query ends with.

PIVOT tblData.Region

I've noticed that the column headings in my query result always show the Regions in alpha order (eg: East, MidWest, North1, North2, SouthEast). I've also noticed that I can 'force' the column order by using something like.

PIVOT tblData.Region IN(North1, North2, MidWest, SouthEast, East)

But, this later method presupposes that I know all of the Regions in advance. it won't be in the 'IN' function.

Here is my question - what techniques are available to manipulate the order of columns for the pivotfield? (for example, suppose I want to show all the values (unspecified) in the pivotfield in DESC alpha order. Or, assuming the Regions all have an autonumber RegID in tblReg, how can I get the column headings to display in this order?)
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